Friday, December 30, 2011

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Today's inspiration was from the lovely E of 'District of Chic' Blog:
This gave me the idea of wearing the white leatherette jacket with black pants and a scarf.
I had two floral scarves to consider and wanted to wear this new rose colored hat. This scarf was perfect with the hat but it disappeared against a grey top so went with this sage colored top which also brings out the sage in the scarf!
 I realize the style of the hat is more suited with dresses or pleated skirts but I really wanted to wear it.

I like the colors of the scarf... Blue, red, pink and sage...

Jacket, Scarf, Hat, Shoes - Forever 21
Top - Banana Republic
Pants - Target (mossimo)

Had a nice park playdate with a group of mommy friends I haven't seen in quite a while. I like to keep in touch with all my friends and since I am a good organizer I can plan get togethers that keep us in touch periodically. It was great seeing everyone and seeing how much our kids have grown. One of them already has a third baby and the other is expecting her 3rd so they are in a whole other category of challanges than us which deserved our respect and sympathy.
We took the kids' scooters again and this place had a super large fenced sidewalk that circled a field so it was perfect for riding. I thought I was going to be hot in the layers but the weather ramiend sunny but chilly and I never took anything off.

In the afternoon we stayed home and I managed to take down all the xmas decorations and box them up. Now all that is left is our fake tree and the outside lights to put away. I even made new labels for all 6 bins that store our xmas decorations! I know crazy right?
But with our remodeled garage there is a place for each bin.
I also chose and added the photos I want for our xmas album and vacation frames from snapfish.
Very productive day indeed.

Tomorrow is the big hair coloring day!!! So stay tuned. Lets see if I chicken out or go with the very drastic Ombre color with bleach blond top and dark tips! What do you guys think?

Here are some classic ombre photos:

I can't find any photos where  it is light on top and dark on the bottom....


  1. I love your blog title, I definitely agree with that 100%!! I think your outfit here is quite pretty :) that scarf of yours have beautiful details on it, so lovely!

    Mmm I like the hair coloring tips you have there! I've been thinking to do the same later ~ :) I hope to see yours soon!

    Jo Bao ♥

  2. Love the white jacket & shoes :) Hope you have a spectacular NYE & New Year's!

  3. Love ombre hair :)

    Hope you have a great time tonight and happy 2012!!


  4. excited about the new hairrr! and i love that scarf. happy nye.

  5. I agree why fit in?? You do a great job being amazingly individual!

    Have the happiest New Year!!

  6. fabulous outfit! xoxo

    really enjoying your lovely Blog!

    happy new years 2012! x

  7. You are TOO cute in that the look..and love the inspiration shot..E is a super chic lady.
    Happy New Year to you and your gorg fam:)


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