Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who is Wearing Kika? - Meet Wanda

This is going to be my final 'Who is Wearing Kika?' post of this season with a guest model...
I might do one final post for the season modeling some outfits myself but we'll see....

Wanda is a close friend of my mom's for many years. She is always full of life and ideas and constantly works to improve herself.
Reverend Dr. Wanda is a Spiritual Leader, Visionary, Author and Motivational Public Speaker.  

She love the Kika clothing for its ease of use and ability to interchange when traveling light to the many places she is booked to conduct workshops and Sunday Services.  Kika can be dressed up or used casually and always looks great.

Penny Jacket in bordeaux by kikaPaprika - $142
Bordeaux feather scarf - $32
Bootcut Pocket Pants - $75


Carrie Jacket in poppy by kikaPaprika - $90
Lil reversible tank in winter white - $40
Pants - $75


Stella top in Black by kikaPaprika - $84
Pants - $75
Scarf - $32


Julia top in bordeaux by kikaPaprika - $65
Pants - $75


Joey Jacket in turq by kikaPaprika - $175 (now on sale at 30% off if you buy 2 other items)
Julia top in white - $65
Leggings - $58


Kelly Jacket in eggplant by kikaPaprika - $89
Lil reversible tank in bordeaux fresco - $50
Pants - $75


Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Chill Factor

Today's faux fur vest outfit was inspired by this 2 year old Piperlime ad:

It is really really hard to look slim in a faux fur vest. And since this ruffle and tulle hem top is a tank top I had to also wear a long sleeve top which added a bit of a bulk but I think it was OK...

Vest - Kenza
Linen top - Charlotte Russe
Top - Target
Jeans, necklace - Forever 21
Boots - Madden Girl

Didn't have it in me today to trek to the annual balloon parade on the San Diego Bay that we go every year. So we stayed home for a while then took the kids to the mall to exchange some of the clothes I got my husband for the correct sizes and met my mom there. That seemed to have filled our day.
We are getting ready now for a big adventure that will start tomorrow afternoon!

Going to Big Bear to stay at our friend's 3 bedroom cabin. It will be 4 families, so 8 adults and 8 kids in a 3 bedroom 1 bath house for 2 nights! Should be interesting. We are somewhat treating it like camping packing beds and linens and towels etc... The kids are super excited to see snow and so are we.
My goals for tomorrow is finish packing up the whole family, run errands such as bank and post office, put away all the Christmas decorations and IF THERE IS TIME head to Target to see if Can find a last minute snow boots. As my husband pointed out among my 90+ pairs of shoe collection not a single pair of snow boots if you can believe it! I have ski boots and uggs but nothing to actually play in the snow. We'll see... Not packing any blog worthy outfits but will take some photos to share when we get back...

I will also schedule my last 'who is wearing Kika?' post while I am gone...

Oh, a quick share of the kids with their new electronics....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lavish Display

 My outfit on Christmas Day. Another loosely based on the Anthropologie catalog inspiration...
 I could have added my fur collar or snood to this outfit to match perfectly but I wanted my new necklace (gift from my hubby) to show....

 Isn't this gorgeous? I love, love, love it...

Shrug, tights and bracelet - Forever 21
Tank - H&M
Skirt - Romwe
Belt - Q
Necklace - J Crew
Wedges - Victoria's Secret

Our morning started so early with kids anxious to open their gifts. First from Santa then from everyone else. My husband cooked a big breakfast with eggs and bacon and sausage so we ate heartily in between. The gift opening frenzy was exhausting but fun. My son savored each gift while my daughter was more interested in opening one after another. Towards the end of the day actually she lost ability to comprehend what she even got.
Afterwards I debated taking a nap but instead put away everything and cleaned up and got ready to spend the rest of the day at my mom's with the family again.

It was nice not being the host and just sitting and enjoying everything. 

Family in Mickey PJs...

 With My Mom and Mother in Law

Gifts Galore under my parents' tree....

Opening gifts at Mom's...

With My step dad...

With my lil sis and brother in law...

Unusual photo opportunity with my Mom and Dad!

 My daughter in heaven with her Grandpa's....

 My Dad's Xmas gift. Limited edition Nannette Lepore Vogue sunglasses....

Hubby in his new Ben Sherman t-shirt and 7 Diamond shirt....

My son loved this funky monster/ robot building toy from grandparents...

 Little Nephew joins the party late....