Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 Outfit Day

Outfit 1:
Boyfriend jeans cuffes rolled up to calf length, black leather calf high square toe boots, flowery schiffon (anthropologie) top, burgandy shrug. All pieces I already owned. Like the sweetness of the flowery schiffon top offset by the rolled up jeans and rough looking boots. Chunky chain necklace and large onyx ring.

Activity: Babies'r'us to buy front seating car seat for my daughter who is turning 1, lunch out as family, taking kids to swim lesson.

Outfit 2:
Schiffon layered black BEBE skirt (owned it for years), purple tights, black ankle boots, white tee with grey design, black belt tied at hip, gray blazer suit jacket. Got the inspriation of this from a magazine. They showed it with purple skirt, black tights and brown boots. I swapped it up a bit based on pieces I already owned. I like the purple which is the unexpected item factor of the outfit.
I cut out inspiration photos like this one from magazines and keep them in my closet. Best is when you can match it up with pieces you already own.

Activity: Restaurant crawl (30th on 30th) at North park with the girls. Did not get to take too much advantage of the specials though. Had to leave pretty late after my daughter was in bed so a lot of restaurants had run out. But, it was still great hanging out with girls.
Will pay tomorrow I am sure when my son wakes us up again at 5 AM. Bought a clock for his room and tried to train him to not come to our room until 6 AM. Not sure if it will work.

Late Post: Interesting Combo

Had family and friends over for dinner so did not have time to post yesterday. My son is officially done with daycare.
Morning started funny with me trying to squeeze in a mini facial at 6 AM. However, as I reached for the light switch while I had just got into the running shower, I got electrocuted and let out a scream. My husband who had my toddler son in his arms comes rushing in. I tell him I am fine but my son who had just heard me scream and sees my face covered in my charcoal mask starts bawling thinking I hurt my face. So, hence spent the next 15 minutes explaining what is a mask and why you use it as I tried to shower!

Activities: Went to Disney on Ice with friend and son, take daughter to swim lesson, host 8 people for dinner at home...

Outfit: Brown khaki pants, sugar pink cardigan all buttoned up and worn like a sweater, red belt, with black boots and black purse. I saw this color combo of brown, pink with RED belt! on a cover of a magazine (i think it was Lucky) and thought what an interesting combo. And I own all these items. I got this very simple and small necklace at H&M for $4 it has orange, peach, pastel and hot pink colors. It goes with a lot of things including this outfit. Plus I put on my betsey pink heart cuff watch my mom got me to complete the look.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Casual Day

Casual day today running errands like crazy.
However, even casual can be fun and cute. Black capri leggings, hot pink dress like tunic from Victoria's Secret, dark green and black (zebra design) zip up hoodie from H& M and black short ugg boots. The focal point is matching the hot pink under the green/black hoodie. Safe way to go would have been a black top, but hot pink creates a pop of color and really brings out the green.
Oh, and as accessory Betsey Johnson silver charm necklace that has a monkey head, bone, and two hearts. The hearts are hot pink so goes great with the tunic dress top.

Activities: Dr. appointment, meeting a girlfriend for early lunch, nail appointment.

Later had to wear a pink tulle dress to match my baby daughter in tutu for her 1 year old photo shoot at JC Penney. The photos came out so cute. I had her in the puffiest tutu, pearl necklaces and custom handmade pink flower hair pin. Adorable. When they come out I will post the photo.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Outfits Today:
Outfit One:
Tie die skinny jeans, thigh high suede flat steve madden boots, victoria's secret black boucle sweater with a ruffly bottom.
Activity: Sighn up son for toddler class (while he is in daycare), Hair color, shopping, taking daughter to swim lesson.

Outfit Two:
Peach drop waist dress with gold sequined front (bought a long time ago from a fashion website), brown boyfriend cardigan, brown belt synched at the waist, cognag colored scrunchy boots, cognac colored leather chloe purse.
Activity: Dinner with girlfriends at a laid back steak house for restaurant week.

Normally whenever there is a date out with hubby, or girls (aka no kids) it means you can dust off those high heels sitting in boxes in my closet. However, I have been wanting to try this peach dress which also has been sitting in my closet collecting dust for quite sometime. It was an OK outfit. Not something I would buy but good for putting it together with the stuff already in my closet. Next outing with the girls though I want to wear something more risky.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last Week of Freedom Day 2

Well, since I ran about 4 errands right after my TKB (Turbo Kick boxing) class, I was in workout clothes half the day! Keep in mind it is my last week before I have both kids full time so I have the luxury of working out. :)
After shower, wore a casual and comfy outfit. Activity: Pick-up son and go to a lawyer appt. Not much to dress up for.

I feel every outfit assemble should have one item that catches attention. You can call it a focal point, or a pop of color. It is the one thing that makes people realize you put some thought into it. It is a small risk taking statement.

So my outfit: Brown banana republic LS cotton top, argyle chunky cardigan with fur trimmed hood, Cognac colored leather (hype) scrunchy boots. Interesting element: white skinny jeans.
Normally you would wear these itmes with a regular pair of jeans. But why wait for summer to wear white jeans? They go great with brown tones and bring out the white in the argyle sweater. It looks great and very cozy.

Tomorrow, getting my hair highlighted. Goal is going darker base with really blond stark highlights. We shall see... I read bold highlights are out and subtle ones are in but I have been waiting to be out of the professional work environment to do something funky with my hair. So going against the trend...

Monday, January 25, 2010


I am in the process of setting up my blog. My true start date will be this Friday (1/29). I will become a full time stay home mom starting that date. Of course I will rarely stay home. My kids and I love to be out and about doing activities.
I adore my kids and plan everything I do around them and for them. Even though it is a lot of work and exhausting at times, I absolutely love it. When you are running around with kids you rarely have time to think about yourself. By the time you dress everyone, tidy up the house, you simply put on the first and most comfortable thing in your closet and get out the door without even looking in the mirror most of the time. And then you get into this habit. You start to forget what is even in your closet. You stare at these beautiful sexy clothes, the designer high heels and wonder when and where did you wear them?
Well I want to change that. I have always loved fashion. I love reading fashion magazines, I absolutely love shopping with no real purpose. I adore putting together creative outfits. So, how on earth did I end up in sweats (at least they are Bebe or Juicy)? I want to get part of my old self back.

So, goal of this Blog:
Incorporating fashion into everyday motherhood activities. Inspire all mom's who love (or used to love) fashion to once again dress up.
Every night I will post what I wore that day for which activity and whether it worked or not. I will try to post photos sometimes and give tips on where to buy certain items at great deals.