Friday, July 4, 2014

White Petals

 Here is my outfit the day before the trip to Big Bear to spend July 4th with friends….

The inspiration was from J Crew:
Rose and taupe make a nice combo and I scored this similar sweater from J Crew's recent sale:

 The new blonde hair. Will get better in couple of weeks when I go back to re-tone and add some dimension color… 
And I got the back cut again… Felt the shoulder length hair was getting boring and harder to style...

Sweater - J Crew
Necklace - Marni for H&M
Shorts - Forever 21
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

Spent the day packing and cleaning up the house then running errands of returns and last minute shopping and heading back to Big Bear for a fun weekend to spend July 4th.
Our usual group of four families. So that is 8 Adults, 8 kids…
Can't wait to share the photos when I get back. Especially the photos of the four of us in our hand made matching tank tops….

HAVE A GREAT 4TH OF JULY if you are in the U.S.A…

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wave crusher

 Well, not really getting dressed these days as we spend a lot of time on the beach enjoying our gorgeous city. It was overcast and somewhat chilly at the coast today so this gauze cover-up which is normally too hot to wear was perfect for today's weather...

Cover-up - J Crew
Belt, Hat - Forever 21

I left the house very early and dropped off the kids at my mom's to go to my infusion appointment followed by my hair appointment which took a lot longer than expected cause I decided to go a lot lighter and that takes many steps and she was already booked so it was a bit chaotic. My parents saved the day by taking the kids to the beach as I had planned and I met them there.
Even though it was cloudy and most of the kids were cold mine and a few others were not phased and truly enjoyed swimming in the waves after my step dad warmed up with a hearty frisbee game.

I was amazed and how good my son can swim in the waves. Even my daughter who got pummeled by them were having a blast. I did put my friend's vest on her though at the end cause she wanted to go as far out as my son and that was freaking me out a bit. I had full intention of going in my self but my hair dresser told me to not get the hair wet for a few days for the blonde to settle in.
Will have to show the hair tomorrow…

After the beach went to my daughter's Dr appointment which is by the Children's hospital that houses a huge Mc Donald's so that became our dinner before coming home for a much needed shower for the kids and 45 minutes of book reading. My son is so into Harry Potter right now. :)

 Of course he is the only one that goes in with nothing. No rash guard, no boogie board, no floaties.
His preschool girlfriends anchored with their boards. They were out there for ever.

 Mommy camp above and he came in to warm up for a bit and a snack. Never embarrassed to cuddle with mommy! :)

And I pose with my gorgeous Mommy! :)

The little princess insisted on going out as well and since I can't wet the hair I put on floaties on her to conquer the waves herself….

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Fab Four

Another pool/beach day outfit… Believe it or not I do have a swim suit underneath it all. I leave pretty early in the morning and do errands etc before going to our pool or beach outings so I have to have something on that looks like a real outfit. And of course looking chic never fails to make me feel good. 

Under the sweater:

Sweater - Zara
T-shirt - At the airport from Hawaii 
Shorts - J Crew
Flip flops - Havainas
Sunglasses - Ray ban
Hat - Forever 21
Necklace - Target

We had our Monday playdate at my friend's house as a pool playdate. This is the same group of friends we are going to spend 4th of July with at their cabin in Big Bear. One thing lead to another and all of a sudden completely un planned we were working on this project of self painting american flag tank tops for all 4 of us to wear. The project got more involved under the leadership of two very talented DIY mom's and sure enough 5 hours later we had 4 amazing tank tops!
We have been calling ourselves the 'Fab 4' for quite sometime now and decided to put that in the back of the tanks. My friend came up with an amazing design on the fly and the other suggested the stars and doing it in two colors. Many many steps. Lots of tracing and cutting and ironing and taping and drying time….

Tank fronts:

Four sets of '4s' were traced and four sets of 'Fab' was traced and layered upon separately and sprayed in two colors in two different steps….

The Backs:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Madwoman in the Volvo

 What I wore Sunday night to our book club meeting….
Inspiration from Anthropologie:

I liked the monotone color layering of different textures. 
So instead of cream I went with blush tones. Lace shorts and metallic sweater and tulle and lace hem of the peplum top create the perfect effect.
On top layered a cream bib necklace with a pearl 'obsessed' necklace….

These are the sandals my sister got me for being her matron of honor and I wore them during her wedding. The low heel which I complained about at the time is actually quite practical and comfy.

Sweater - H&M
Top - Charlotte Russe
Shorts, necklaces - Forever 21
Sandals - Nine West
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

After my son's swim meet my parents took my daughter with them and my hubby took my son to a laser tag/circuit racing birthday party so all of a sudden I was free. After cleaning up at the house I went to the mall to do a return and check out some end of season sales.
Met up with my sister for an afternoon drink and snack before picking up my daughter and coming back home.
Then got changed and went out for our book club meeting.

The book this month was:

It had gotten some great reviews and was portrayed as a book every woman that is 40 something would relate to. Except some of us felt you really needed to be in your late 40s, early 50s to relate to what the author was going thru. And although there were a lot of parts we laughed out loud it was also depressing to find out what we had to look forward to as we got older.
I am 80% done with the book so still need to finish it. The fact that the book does not call me to curl up with it is a tell tale sign that I am not that into it I guess….