Saturday, August 13, 2011


Another inspiration from the lovely Bee of Atlantic Pacific today...

This coat of hers reminded me of the kimono top I had ordered couple months ago. And since my top is shorter than her coat I went longer on the pants...

I decided to add these pink embroidered flats under to compliment the pink scarf...

Added the pastel and silver colored accessories...

Kimono Top - Tilly's
Halter Top - Tart 
Pants - Forever 21
Scarf - do not remember
Shoes - I can't read the brand name but these were from TJ Maxx I think...

Here are some cute photos with my son during the outfit photo shoot:

Today's Activities:
We had about 6 different events going on that we had to figure out which ones to go to and how.
The good thing is my son's dance class got cancelled. My mom offerred to take my daughter to her dance class and then do a re-union picnic of her NICU days from the hospital.
My husband ran out to run errands for the big family b-day party for me tomorrow and I took my son to his friend's b-day party. We were invited to two different parties but only had 1.5 hours so picked the one that was starting earlier and closer to home.
They did a cool digging for treasures game:
 He was so excited with the treasure he dug up:

After the b-day party we came home to meet up with my husband wen to the Del Mar horse races with our friends. Both families left our youngest ones with grandparents so it was much easier with just the older boys.
Race track is located in the beautiful coastal town of Del Mar:
 This is the winner's circle area where we took the boys to see the horses before they race...

Our friends have box seats and were gracious to take us.

My new thing is now taking photos of the drinks... 
The husband's beers...

The girls' Margarita Shakers...

Del Mar races are always a venue for high fashion and fun hats...Here are some beautiful ladies I stopped to take a photo of:

This lady had an interesting hat of feathers... The photo did not really come out...

Tried to do a few more outfit shots in the boxed seats:

This is when the boys are watching the horses in the winner's circle:

After a while the horses were not of interest we turned on a movie for them and pop corn of course!

My girlfriend and I:

Lost bets...My husband did win couple good bets and my son and I won very little but enough to buy him the cars lego set he has been talking about non-stop...

Gucci Color Block

 You all have seen the gucci ad all over the magazines during spring summer issues:

This H&M belt has the same style but it bunches up when you tie it tight...

The gold wedges has also gold specs in the cork wedge too...

 My sister had bought me these shorts with a complimenting blouse, earrings and flip flops from Ann Taylor (she used to work there) on my first Mother's day!
 When it got hot I ditched the cardi and I also wore my flat gold sandals with the kids...

Cardigan - Gap
Tee - Target
Shorts - Ann Taylor
Belt - H&M
Wedges - Dolce Vita for Target
Flats - Dolce Vita (zappos)

Today's Activities: Took the kids to this tiny 'Firehouse Museum' for the first time. Met up with 2 other mommies and their kids there. Kids loved the fact that they were allowed to climb one of the old trucks. It was a cool place.
We then ventured out for lunch. This is close to downtown area so the sidewalks have more people than our beach neighborhoods and kids being our crazy kids running like they own the sidewalk kept bumping into people.
We were afraid restaurants would exercise their 'right to refuse service to anyone' when they saw our crowd. We found a pizza place that was very good and settled in there.
In the afternoon when to my mom and stepdad's to visit and have dinner.

I love spiral staircases!

A bit scary!