Who is Wearing Kika?

Meet: Aimee
A San Diego native, mother of three and an ex teacher Aimee has been rocking Kika clothes for two season now as they fit great to her everyday life style of a busy stay home mom...
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Meet Preema!
Originally from India, Preema exudes class in everything she wears and does. Mother of a 5 year old son who was previously in health education, this smart lady speaks 4 languages and understands 2 others!  
Preema loves the Kika clothes as they are 'totally out of box for me'!
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Meet: Arzu!
This gorgeous lady from my native country Turkey is full of life and energy and these outfits truly matched her style!  She loves that the Kika clothes are made out of organic cotton and they styles are so comfortable yet flattering. The flexibility of the pieces are very attractive to her.....
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Meet: Sylvia!

This gorgeous stay at home mom of two (daughter 7 yrs, Son 4 yrs old) comes from the world of Marketing. Sylvia loves to travel and explore the city and enjoys spending time with her close knit family. Her Fashion motto is enjoying being stylish without a lot of fuss.
She loved that the Kika Paprika clothes are stylish and versatile. They can be easily dressed down or up and they are so soft and comfortable. 

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Meet Lori!
Lori is a teacher and vice Principal and also just started Mary Kay on the side. She leads a very busy life with her husband and her 29 year old daughter.
She enjoyed the deep hues of the Fall/Winter collection ofKika Paprika and their outside the box styles and effortless trendy looks...
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Meet Ruby!
Ruby is a wife, mother, business woman and friend. She keeps busy volunteering for her daughter 8 and son's 10 classrooms and driving them to dance, fencing and piano.  She is passionate about a healthy and clean lifestyle. 
"The organic and clean fabrics resonate and align with my choice to live a clean and healthy lifestyle, inside and out!  I feel like I am wearing a second skin but I look professional and fashion savvy. "
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Meet the Girls!
Meet my sister and her two friends: Crystal and Samantha....

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Meet Buket

This gorgeous young woman now who I will always think as the little tomboy who lived in skorts and high top converses is my 10 years junior little sister.  Buket loves fashion like me and our mom and creates amazing outfit combinations herself. She tends get more obsessive about things like creating a project out of finding the perfect peep toe pumps but we always get each other. 
She is now newly married but getting ready for her second big wedding this summer (don't ask!) and living happily every after with her new hubby, their doggie daughter Molly. 
She has moved up fast in her education career therefore loves the versatility of the Kika clothes that work for both work and her young going out life style. 
She also loves the trendy colors they come up with every season and how you can order what you like in any color you like...

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Meet Crystal

Crystal is classic 20 something who is starting her adult life. Graduated from college in 2009 and is just starting her career as a financial analyst. This gorgeous blonde is a newly wed just 3 months ago. 
She has a very conservative dressy workplace where men wear ties and no jeans are allowed even on casual Fridays!
Here is what she has to say about kika Paprika clothes: "I love the kika dresses and tops because I can add a dressier slack or skirt and make it appropriate for my office. I love the dresses because they are comfortable, don't wrinkle, are machine washable and the color has maintained it's richness with multiple washes. I typically add a dressy cardigan or colorful scarf to dress up the cotton and make it office appropriate'

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Meet Samantha
Samantha is another young professional who is newly employed at UCSD as an Administrative Coordinator. She is true San Diego native but loves to travel and stay active. Friends and family are the most important things in her life...
What she loves about Kika clothes is how effortless they are. 
In her own words: 
'They are stylish, functional and comfortable. It is so rare that you can find a clothing line that has that combination of style and comfort. I also love that the clothes are made in the U.S.A."

To see her post on December 10 2012, click HERE!

Meet Elisa

I met Elisa couple years ago when she joined our co-op pre-school with her now 4 year old son. Our son's were friends immediately and we just clicked just as fast as well. She is exactly the type of person I am drawn to. Open and direct, smart and fun. 
Before becoming an active stay at home mom like myself, Orange County native Elisa worked for 10+ years as a Physical Therapist.
What Elisa thinks about Kika:
"I loved Kika clothes because they are so soft and comfortable, and also cute and stylish.  I had a blast modeling the clothes and I felt quiet fabulous"

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Meet Veda
Veda has been part of the mommy group I joined when our older sons were just 3 months old. Since then besides the mommy group we have been taking our kids to the same co-op preschool for years together. Our kids will go to different elementary schools but we live in sister neighborhoods so they will go to the same middle and high school!
Veda grew up in Ohio, she is 1/2 Chinese, 1/4 Swedish, and 1/4 English! How cool is that? :)
Underneath her pure mom persona to her two sons Veda is a software developer used by chemists to design pharmaceutical drug molecules! 
Veda has been a big supporter and loves the kika clothes since I started selling them. She was part of the first ever presentation I did in my first season. She owns probably over 20 pieces and swears by their warmth and comfort.... I am so happy to be finally getting her to model them.
Here is what she had to say: 
'I love how the Kika clothes feel so soft and comfortable, how the designs are stylish and figure-flattering, the beautiful colors, and how the pieces can be combined in many ways -- they make it easy to look great.
I had sooo much fun dressing up and posing to model all the cool outfits that Daphne created!"

To see her post on March 11 2013, click HERE!

Meet Samantha

Samantha loves to try on new and different combinations and play with classics like black and white and bright colors. We had a blast during the photo shoot trying on different poses...
You will also see how we built outfits using one ore more pieces from the previous combination or switching up one garment or accessories....
When you build a wardrobe with kika clothes the possibilities are endless....

To see her post on March 18 2013, click HERE!

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