Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blue Note

 Today's outfit is very similar to yesterday's with the same top and shoes but different pants!

The inspiration was from People Style Watch's July 2013 issue:

Very matchy matchy I know but kind of nice....and bright....

Top, Pants - Forever 21
Heels - Seychells
Purse - Steve Madden
Bracelet - Stella & Dot

The kids let me sleep in a bit more but still not as much as I would have liked. The mornings are brutal for me. We watched a movie together though after a nice breakfast. Then my parents came to babysit my daughter and I took my son to a birthday party of his classmate. The party was at a cooking studio that was very quaint. Got to meet lots of new parents. The conversation was tough to start at first but eventually we were all talking to each other so that was nice. Also found out at least 5 of these families have younger kids that will be going to kindergarten next year with my daughter. So it is great to get to know them.
After the party we came home and the kids hung out with grandparents. My mom cooked up a storm and I got to take a mini nap while they swam in the pool.
When they left my dad and my aunt (my dad's sister) who is visiting from Turkey came over. The kids got into the holiday decorations and got out these easter eggs and created an easter egg hunt for them. Odd I know but they were so into it.
We had dinner and called it a night...
If only I can force myself to go to bed early!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Good Grief

Today's combo was inspired by March 2013 issue of In Style magazine. 
 It was actually a pretty simple combo. The silkiness of the fabric adds interest but it is really the scarf and the shoes that pop. Hence in the afternoon when I shed these items the outfit was just bare and incomplete. And that is the thing with accessories. You really can't do without them if you want to whole look. 

I absolutely adore these sandals and always get soooo many compliments everytime I wear them. And their heel is just such a wearable length. 

Top - Forever 21
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Pants - Gap
Sandals - Seychells (from Anthropologie)
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson
Bracelet - Stella & Dot

Went to my daughter's pre school then rushed home to meet this promotional carpet cleaner guy. He was selling this amazingly expansive ($1200) vacuum cleaner which of course I didn't buy and he cleaned our big family room area rug and my son's room rug for free. My daughter enjoyed this presentation and the foam while eating her lunch.
We picked up my son who was just in the grumpiest mood and came home. Rainbow loom perked him up. He made me look up this very 'advanced' pattern on their website video's and we did a pretty amazing bracelet for him. I keep forgetting to take photos of these.
Then of course I was late to my daughter's ballet school meeting. My mom babysat as I headed there. It was all about the Christmas performance nutcracker and what we have to commit to if we want our kid in the performance. My daughter is dying for this so I signed up but it is going to be major major commitment.
She is so funny of course she thought she could just become the 'sugar plum fairy' which is the top role. I tried to explain to her that she will have mini but very cute roles. We have to see how this goes. You will hear me complain a lot probably as I track across town twice a week plus more starting October. But seeing her on stage will be priceless I am sure.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I can show you the world

 Today's outfit was inspired by Redbook's July 2013 Issue: 

 Did this polish last night, but of course it was already coming off today....

Cashmere shrug - Charlotte Russe
T-shirt - TJ Maxx
Skirt - Anthropologie
Sandals - Luxury Rebel
Bag - Shoedazzle
Bracelets & Watch - Cookie Lee

The week is coming to an end and so am I. Without my husband this week it has been tough mornings and evenings. This morning was tough as well but we managed to get out and get my son to school in time. Then we were off to my daughter's ballet class. Since we arrived so early, I had time stroll with her and show her the lilly pads and the koi pond. She loved it.
After her class we came to the library for story time and craft and checking in out books for the week.
Due to library the kids read approx 2-3 new books every day. During our parenting class they thought us we should always read to our kids at one level below their reading/comprehension level to expand their knowledge of vocabulary and topics which is what I target.  I keep 1-2 new books in the car too everyday so when we are waiting to pick up my son I can read to my daughter or during my daughter's soccer I can read to my son. I hope they adopt this habit when they are older. That to pass time you can always read. No ipads, iphones, dvd players or video games. Just good old fashion paper book. Now when ever we are waiting somewhere my daughter asks if I have a book with me.

After the library we rushed home to work on my daughter's pre-school art project and to meet the repair guy for the microwave and the oven. Thank goodness it was a fuse issue which still cost but not nearly as much as our other appliance malfunctions. And they are now working yeay!
I made snacks and packed all the gear we need and we headed to pick up my son then met a friend at the park for a playdate and to catch-up since the kids are in different school. They go to a private school so I am anxious to compare our curriculum to theirs.
The kids just got dirtier and dirtier there and we headed to soccer practice while I did homework with my son. You can imagine we were all exhausted and our dinner plans turned out to be a big mistake by hitting traffic so it was a late night but we managed.
I did miss out on a cool fashion event tonight but I made the responsible decision and turned down my mom's generous offer to not go herself and to babysit. Weeknights are just too hectic.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Are u a good witch or a bad witch?

 This was my outfit on Tuesday morning. My inspiration was from the Victoria's Secret summer catalog:

I liked this all green outfit with brown touches. I didn't have a dark green scarf though so added my soft muted colored Ed Hardy scarf instead...

 These wrap around bracelets have become my staples. They are so easy to wear with the kids as they are soft and do not clunk and so easy to put on with snaps.

Scarf - Ed Hardy
Tank - Target
Pants - Bebe
Belt - Limited
Heels - Forever 21
Bracelets - Bauble Bar, Cookie Lee and from Turkey

The days are busy and loaded with my husband out of town and me towing two kids back and forth from school to activities to running errands and dealing with our broken appliances.
Had a parent night at my son's school last night while my sis and brother in law came to babysit. I wasn't feeling great though so I actually shed this whole outfit and put on a comfy jeans and a hoodie.
Today I tried to motivate my son for the run club in the morning so put on gym clothes and stayed that way the whole day.
Have you guys heard of 'Rainbow loom' bracelets? Made out of mini rubber bands? Apparently popular among at least elementary school kids. One boy in my son's class made him one and another boy said his older sister is going to make him one too. My son barely acknowledged these poor kids in front of me but may be he talks to them when I am not there cause they were so friendly to him. So today we went to MIchael's and had to get the $17 set for him to make his own. And of course none of the michael's coupons apply to this brand. What a shocker. After many tries we figured out the basic model. The good thing is he can make them on this own. We'll see if we can figure out the more complicated patterns.
He is going to make some for his friends now.
It made me remember the friendship bracelets I used to make in high school so I told them I will make them one if I can actually remember how after all these years....