Friday, December 30, 2011

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Today's inspiration was from the lovely E of 'District of Chic' Blog:
This gave me the idea of wearing the white leatherette jacket with black pants and a scarf.
I had two floral scarves to consider and wanted to wear this new rose colored hat. This scarf was perfect with the hat but it disappeared against a grey top so went with this sage colored top which also brings out the sage in the scarf!
 I realize the style of the hat is more suited with dresses or pleated skirts but I really wanted to wear it.

I like the colors of the scarf... Blue, red, pink and sage...

Jacket, Scarf, Hat, Shoes - Forever 21
Top - Banana Republic
Pants - Target (mossimo)

Had a nice park playdate with a group of mommy friends I haven't seen in quite a while. I like to keep in touch with all my friends and since I am a good organizer I can plan get togethers that keep us in touch periodically. It was great seeing everyone and seeing how much our kids have grown. One of them already has a third baby and the other is expecting her 3rd so they are in a whole other category of challanges than us which deserved our respect and sympathy.
We took the kids' scooters again and this place had a super large fenced sidewalk that circled a field so it was perfect for riding. I thought I was going to be hot in the layers but the weather ramiend sunny but chilly and I never took anything off.

In the afternoon we stayed home and I managed to take down all the xmas decorations and box them up. Now all that is left is our fake tree and the outside lights to put away. I even made new labels for all 6 bins that store our xmas decorations! I know crazy right?
But with our remodeled garage there is a place for each bin.
I also chose and added the photos I want for our xmas album and vacation frames from snapfish.
Very productive day indeed.

Tomorrow is the big hair coloring day!!! So stay tuned. Lets see if I chicken out or go with the very drastic Ombre color with bleach blond top and dark tips! What do you guys think?

Here are some classic ombre photos:

I can't find any photos where  it is light on top and dark on the bottom....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still They Ride

 Today's simple and casual inspiration came from the People Style Watch September 2011 Issue:
We didn't have any major plans in the morning so wanted an outfit that would be comfy that would not want me to change into something else when we are home...
 I wanted to wear my pastel colored plaid blouse that has more colors in it but it was too crop and didn't look right over leggins. This was much better to give that slouchy look I was going for...

 Cream and gold charms...

These are super old but again show no wear cause I do not wear them often. I do like their back tie detail though...

This was right before I got in the car and the kids were already in it so had to unlock and ended up holding the keys during the photo shoot. I love my coach leather owl key chain!
Plaid Blouse, Leggings, necklaces, beret - Forever 21
Tee - Closet
Boots, socks - TJ Maxx

We didn't have morning plans so went to the indoor play area. After naps we met another friend with her daughter who is couple years older than my son at the mall. My son's new scooter arrived in the mail today from Amazon. And the endless fight over my daughter's scooter has ended. I got the same brand (kick board) but one size up for him. We packed the scooters and their helmets for the mall. There is a large empty area next to the play area for them to ride. They had such a great time and broke out a lot of sweat. We'll be taking them to the park playdate tomorrow too. I am so happy  my son finally is into something with wheels since he has still show no interest in a bike!
They had a great time playing then going into the jumpy and then we stayed for dinner at the food court before coming home for baths and bed time.
 Yes, she is wearing an 'ariel' dress over her clothes. She insisted on this and sometimes there is no reasoning with her...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sneakers and Leather

Today's outfit was inspired by this super cool Chictopia Post:
 I just loved the idea of wearing leather pants with sneakers. And sneaker outfit was what I needed today since I anticipated walking and long periods of standing at the Parade we went to... Plus it was super chilly in the morning and the trench coat was perfect...

The weather warmed up approx 15-20 degrees it seemed so the trench came off!

 I got this essential hot pink v-neck from F21... It is a good layering piece when I want to incorporate this color...

 I wore the other Alex & Chloe for F21 necklace I had bought backwards so the rhinestones do not show as they were too much sparkle for the outfit with sneakers. These black rhinestone hoop earrings are also new. Although they were quite heavy and took them off half day to give my ears a break.

If I had photoshop I would have loved to blurred the background crowd so I stood out. That would have made a cool photo...

With my little princess...
Trench Coat - Andrew Marc
Hat - Thrifted
Sweater & Accessories - Forever 21
Shirt - from Turkey
Pants - Vintage (from Mom)
Sneakers - Rocket Dog

Woke up early and prepared snacks and lunch and the kids and met my dad to drive together to our big annual balloon parade by the harbor downtown San Diego... We go every year. Usually we meet up with my friend so the kids can play but her kids were sick so we were solo.
Got lucky with parking and finding a spot to stand so it worked out.
This evening I plan to meet the girls to see the movie 'War Horse'. We were going to see 'young adult' but heard it had mediocre reviews so changed our mind...

In her new red cowboy boots from my mom!!!

With my Dad...

 In her cat eye sunglasses from Legoland!