Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

Although I am not crazy about my slouching pose here I do like the way my outfit came out yesterday (Friday). It was one of those warm spring days but I wasn't quite ready to bare it all so this was perfect with knee high socks and a summer dress topped with a cardi...

The preppy striped cardigan over floral is my version of mixing patterns. These high platform booties are from F21 and they are clunky but actually not bad in the comfor dept. I truly wore them all day today.

To pick that subtle pink in the floral dress's print I wore my pink charm bracelet.
This bangle set is from shop ruche and I love the colors and combination.

Cropped these from full body shots that weren't all that great...

Summer Dress - Super super super old. The tag reads 'eye candy'
Cardigan & Booties - Forever 21
Socks - TJ Maxx
Necklae - Betsey Johnson

FRIDAY's ACTIVITIES: Went to the indoor play place with the kids in the morning. Tried to rest when they napped but I think these antibiotics I am taking are wiring me up cause since coming home from the hospital I am having a real tough time sleeping even though I am dead tired. After naps we drove north to a friend's house for a playdate. I first dropped off my kids though at her house and went to Target to pick up couple things for my brother and SIL. We then had the kids hang out and had dinner there after our husbands joined us. It is so nice to have friends with kids the same age. It also helps our parenting styles are the same. Makes getting together that much easier. We had a great time and so did the kids. Before leaving, we cleaned them up as much as we can and put them in PJs so they would just go to bed when we got home. My husband took them home and I drove over to my brother and SIL's house to help out with the little nephew. It takes a lot of planning and coordinationg but this is the only way I can manage it all and still help. Tomorrow is our 6 yr anniversary and my mom and stepdad are taking the kids for the day and night as a gift.

My son insisted I take his picture with his new 'where the wild things are' bag from the $1 bins at Target. He also selected a 'max' purse and bowl to go with it. He gets drawn to books like this and has favorites for a long time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friend Friday

Today's Friend Friday topic is Rules of Engagement...

1. Guest posts are a good way to gain new exposure. What do you think is the appropriate way to go about securing a guest spot?
I have not done this yet but if I was to I would reach out to blogs I follow and have built relationships with and have similar followers to post on my blog. As far as being a guest poster on someone else's blog I would respond to emails of blogs again that I know requesting guest posts.
2. Leaving comments is essential to growing your blog. But how can you leave a comment without coming across as ‘Follow Me. Follow Me!’?
I simply leave my comment regarding their post or blog content and sign with my blog url without saying anything else.
If it is a blogger I feel we have a lot in common. I might include in my comment how we are very smilar and invite them to check out my blog and again leave the link.
But, I never write 'please follow me'. They will follow if they like me anyway.
Even if I decide to follow a new blog I would comment saying 'I am a new follower now' but even then I do not ask them to follow me in return.

3. We’ve all gotten a mass email at one time or another asking for blog exposure, a link exchange, etc… But the mass emails don’t work. How do you make your email stand out from the crowd?
I do not do mass emails to create exposure only to ask a question or announce something I know others would find useful. Nor do I ever ask for a link exchange. Again, I beleive people should follow you and link to you if they like you not because you are following them.
4. In interacting with other bloggers where do you draw the line between seeking support and begging for exposure?
I am contemplating doing my first challange and I think that is the one time I would ask my network for support and to join in. I have not really pushed anyone to market my blog.

5. What’s one rule of engagement error you made and how have you remedied that?
I don't think I have made one yet. At least not that I know of. Please let me know if you think I did. :)

To see how the others answered these same questions please see ModlyChic link...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nude Heels

This is what I wore yesterday. I am kind of combining today and yesterday into one post cause that is all I have the energy for at this point. The inspiration photo below actually inspired me to create 3 different combo's that included pants, shirt, sweater and a bib necklace. This is one of them... 
Photo is from JCrew's fall catalog. I seem to always get a lot of ideas from JCrew's looks.

The brown capri's are a recent purchase from Forever 21 for spring and so is this lightweight light grey crop sweater. I use them both in so so many combo's in my spring/summer list. 

The silk flower bib necklace went great with these colors and complimented blush/nude heels.

The shirt under the sweater has super cute details. I always forget to take photos of this stuff if you can't see them in the outfit. The shirt has lace inserts that are very pretty. 
I truly love these nude heels. After trying on so many pairs I feel these really match my skin tone and give that 'barely there' look I wanted. Of course they are totally unrealistic for my crazy day with the kids so comes out the rugged flat boots instead: 

Crop Sweater, Capri Pants - Forever 21
Blouse - Guess
Necklace - Charlotte Russe
Nude Heels or the Rugged Boots both from - Steve Madden

Wed & Thu Activities: It has been quiet busy. We ditched preschool on Wednesday so we can run errands and get caught up. After naps family friend came to take over the kids so I can go to my brother and SIL's house to help out. Anytime I miss a post, know that I am probably hanging out with this dude: 

After coming home close to midnight only to wake up to my daughter total blow out diaper the day (which is now Thursday - today) took on... We had to get everyone ready and dressed, lunches packed and out of the house by 9 AM. It was preschool field trip day to Legoland. This is the one park we do not have passes too and the preschool got a great deal so it was perfect. We hung out with different friends at different times. Managed to get my daughter to nap in the stroller for a little while but not enough for her to feel rested. My son at the end of the day was exhaused and so was I. I realize the 'nap time' is not just down time for the kids but for me too. And when we skip nap time I feel so much more tired. I guess walking and standing all day long while pushing a double stroller and running after kids in 85 degree heat might also have soemthing to do with my tiredness. We got home literally 15 minutes before the contractor I had scheduled to give a bid on the backyard arrived. Just as he left my hero my dad showed up. I immediately tasked him with giving the kids a much much needed early bath while I cooked dinner. I even sneaked in a shower myself and a load of laundry. Will be going to bed early tonight (if you call 11:30 PM early) as I am about the collapse. Hope I can catch up more tomorrow...

Legoland's new Star Wars sand Sculpture... 

Please notice how my son is sitting next to me in the back while my daughter is in the front by herself and she raised her hands everytime the plane went up...
And also notice that was my outfit today. I had a very cute argyle sweater on top in the morning. The reason I didn't take photos: 1. had no time, 2. I have already worn this outfit last year...

Check out our shoes. Total coincidence. My son's high top converses have grinch on the sides...

And here is my crazy monkey... 

The tutu's never stop her... 

Taking a snack break with friend Nanami... 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Originally, I wasn't going to 'dress' on Tuesday since I was behind from Monday but decided to wear a combo from the list I wasn't that excited about to reduce the outfits on the list. The inspiration was the Ann Taylor LOFT add the fall issues:

Anything with flats is always motivating for me to re-create since it works for my life with kids.
My attept to pose like the model but I look totally silly... 

This black top is a simple LS cotton top from Gap. Great layering and lounging piece. 

The simple chain necklace was enough to give the look... 

The jeans are actually denim leggings. They do have a waist button so can go either way...And you know how I feel about my boots. I had to literally pull them up every single shot. They never stay over the knee for me. 

Boyfriend Jacket - Newport News Catalog
Black top - Gap
Denim leggings - ELLE from Kohl's
Necklace - Charlotte Russe
Boots - Steve Madden
Wallet purse (something I use everyday) - Juicy Couture

TUESDAY's ACTIVITIES:  We went to the outdoor preschool class. It was at a very nice park and kids didn't want to leave even after 3 hours.  I 'tried' to nap when they napped but I think these drugs I am taking are making me wired instead of drowsy so couldn't sleep and had many phone calls to make anyway. Kids fell a sleep so late and I had to wake them up since we had their dentist appointments at 4 PM. We were still late. This was my daughter's first dentist visit (my son's 3rd). My son is so good now, he even went to get his xrays taken with the nurse by himself without me! They clean and check kids' teeth in one public room so other kids can see how there is nothing to be afraid of. If a kids is afraid or crying they immediately move them to a private exam room. So only good examples are in public. This method really helped. I had my son go first so my daughter could see and she was perfect the whole time. Nice visit.
Then we had this marathon run of leaving our car in a loading zone of a hospital running inside to their breastfeeding store to pick up something for my SIL. Managed to get out without a ticket.
Then went to Target and completely lost track of time until my hsuband called and asked where I was since it was 10 till 7 PM! We were buying bunch of stuff my brother and SIL need plus some stuff for us. They have the cutest and I mean cutest sandals for little girls by the way. You ahve to check it out.
After a quick dinner and a very quick shower/bath they were in bed.
Unfortunately my daughter was up from 3:30 AM until 5:30 AM so not good. She had no reason. Just does this like every 2 months. Just to keep us on our toes I guess...

Here is my daughter in the dentist chair 

She is being so good while her teeth get polished... 

Such a pretty shot...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meeting George

I really liked this outfit I wore on Monday. Wanted to make a strong comeback after spending 3 days in a hospital gown. I made friends with my nurses and they were checking out my blog and kept kidding about how I should style the gown. :)

My inspiraiton for this outfit came from the following chictopia post: 

So, if you look closely you can totally tell how the right side of my face is still very puffy compared to left. It gets better everyday though.  I love the colors of brown and black with the mustard cords. The thing with the color 'mustard' is it looks cool whatever you pair it with. I am adding more and more mustard to my closet lately it seems... 

The black silk shirt I wore under the vest is very old and I think from my mom's closet.

 Black on black doesn't show, but added the black leather fringe necklace just for texture.  These boots are from F21 and they look so cool, don't they? They were more bought for summer to wear under dresses but worked here as well...
The triple chain covered black belt is a purchase from Turkey. Looks cool with the boots...

I cut off the rest of my face because close-up the puffiness was way too visible and not good... But here is my what I call 'floppy fedora'. Just looks cool with everything...

Hat, Pants, Boots - Forever 21
Silk blouse - vintage
Faux Fur vest - Kenar (from Marshall's)
Necklace - Bebe


Before I forget there is a cute new challange hosted by the lovely ladies at Two Birds called 'Inspiration Monday' It is on Monday, April 4th. The inspiration photo can be seen in this link. I will be participating if you want to join in...

Back to Activites...
MONDAY's ACTIVITIES: Took the kids to Preschool. Was going to nap during their nap but remembered I had scheduled a contractor to come and bid on our backyard so couldn't sleep. My mom came in the afternoon so I can finally go meet my nephew. They had already been discharged that day so went to visit them at their home. Finally convinced them that I wasn't there to 'visit' but to 'help' and they let me. It was so amazing to meet and hold him. He is the cutest (and the blondest) newborn. After helping them unpack and get settled and break their new pump I also showed how to take shifts. Stayed until close to 1 AM. Hence the no blog post...
Since the visit was to help them didn't even take that many photos. I took one when his grammie was holding him:

On my way home I had to get gas at 1 AM and my are the prices going up... Anyone with higher prices? 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Eventful Thursday

This was my outfit on Thursday, March 24th. Oh, the day that started all normal and regular like any other day. Amazing how everything unraveled after that so quickly... But the inspiration had come from the following chictopia post

Yes, I know her sweatshirt looks cooler cropped and the black and white loafers go better.  

The only 'crop' sweatshirt I had that was similar is my super cute girl swinging in the snow print one. It does the job I think.  

I went beyond the child proof fence around the pool to get the other side of my yard to take these photos 

Attempts at a 'walking' photo... 

Leather Jacket - Wet Seal
Sweatshirt - Forever 21
Cargo Pants - JCrew
Loafers - Via Spiga
Belt - Ralph Lauren

Well as I told my story in this post you know how we went from a normal Thursday afternoon to everything happenning all at once.

Naval Hospital where it all started on Thursday around 1 PM... 

Giving love and support to my SIL with my brother and father... I switched the leather jacket for the big and baggy black cardigan I had barrowed from my mom the other day before heading to the hospital. Knowing we would be there for hours I wanted something comfy...

And Here is me after I sat on an entire bar of choclate which melted right into my bottom! SIL was still in labor so not risking going home to change... Lovely right? Remind you of something? What is worse was this was the outfit I was stuck in for 17 hours after getting hospitilized myself....

And my ear rapidly growing in size, turning red in color and starting to hurt like there is no tomorrow...
I check into the ER of a close by hospital and the black writings are  where they marked the swelling to observe its progress. When it kept passing those lines I got hospitlized!

Now I am in the hospital. My lovely nurse over-writes the 'no kids under the age of 16' rule and allows my kids to visit on Saturday. My daughter requests milk like she is at a restaurant and nurse bring her one. My son is lining up her princess set on my bed rail... 

My nephew was born on Friday morning (5 hours after I left for ER). He is so adorable... 

My brother: The Proud Dad 

My Dad: Proud Grandpa 

It fills me with joy to see these but kills me that I am only seeing him in photos. Hopefully I am getting discharged tonight and can see him tomorrow...