Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Life is a Party

 Yesterday's casual outfit was inspired by a 'favorite look' from J Crew's website this month...

I love how by adding a structured blazer you can make a very casual tee and legging and sneaker outfit somewhat chic. I also added the animal print baseball cap cause my hair needed a hat. :)

Jacket - Gap (thrifted)
Tee - Old Navy
Leggings and Cap - Forever 21
Sneakers - Superga

It is Christmas brake for both kids so we made quick plans for a playdate. But first it was swim practice for my son. Took my dad this time since it is very warm during the day and usually his practices are at night after school this was a perfect time for him to watch without freezing. After his 45 minute practice we came home and met my friend to do lunch at the house. Then we went to a playground park that is in front of a bay beach and met another friend there as well. So 3 mommies, 6 kids we stayed there for 4 hours and let the kids enjoy the summer like weather in December. But my goodness when it hits 4 PM that temp starts dropping soooo fast. We came home for a cozy dinner and had a nice fire and caught up on TV shows with my friend.

Monday, December 30, 2013

You never can tell

 Yesterday's casual but turned out to be very chic looking  outfit was inspired by Victoria's Secret Catalog look:
 I wanted an outfit that would be comfortable majority of the day when I was home but then chic when I went out. And this worked out great. Funny how adding a cool jacket, hat and booties can make a sweat pant and tee look so cool….

Jacket - Thrifted
Tee - Kika Paprika
Sweat Pants - Forever 21
Hat - Asos
Calf Hair Booties - Steve Madden

The kids were at my mom's so we had a totally relaxing morning after sleeping in as much as I could which was like 8 AM. We even got to finish some of the shows we were behind then my hubby left to watch the Chargers game with my dad and I had the whole house to do laundry and watch TV while working on my annual album on snapfish. It is taking me forever cause I waited until end of December to start and each month is about 10-12 pages. I am only up to July by now….

The kids had a blast at my mom and step dad's though. My daughter had asked for a zipline for christmas for their back yard and they installed it for them…

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Every turn a surprise

Yesterday's interesting combo was inspired by J Crew's 'looks we love' segment from Oct 2013:
 I hate that they make their photos non savable so I have to print them out…

I liked that this combo combined interesting colors of white, mint, burgundy and silver metallic!

Hat, Sweater, Purse - Forever 21
Scarf - Costco
Skirt - Zara
Oxfords - Shoedazzle

We had a fun morning with the kids taking them to the Science Center museum. My son was acting all crazy jumping from one exhibition to the other not having the focus to listen to what each did. They never wanted to leave.
When we came home though I just passed out. I was so tired for some reason and had to lay down.
My husband went to play tennis then we dropped off the kids at my mom and step dad's and went out for a dinner and a movie. Yes a movie again! Saw the Hobbit finally. It was OK. But very very slow and dragged and we were having a hard time staying awake.

Blue teeth from the icee he drank:

Outfit put together herself. She has been into monochromic colors lately. 
Either all white or all pastel blush pink in this instance:

 You make planes out of coffee filters and pipe cleaners and try to get them to fly more than a minute in the tube...

 They did a music show with these drones every half hour...

On the way home after finishing her ice cream sandwich she falls a sleep….

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cherry Bomb

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by this Chictopia Post:

A simple combo with pops of red…
 Yes, I was on the phone during this shoot. I had to do a few photos very quickly before leaving and I was talking to my Dad so did both at the same time. :)

Jacket, Tee - Forever 21
Scarf, Shoes - From Turkey
Jeans - H&M
Purse - 2651 (or something like that. I can never remember)

We spent the morning (well more me while the kids played) cleaning up the house and putting away all the Christmas decorations, gift wrapping supplies and gifts. It was a daunting tax but I like to do it before New Year's cause I am even more tired by that time plus we don't spend NYE at home.
My friends and family would tell you how I am a bit of an organizer. Ok, not a bit but a lot to the point of  being a disorder. So I get this great high from cleaning up and organizing stuff. When we finished, showered and dressed I took the kids out for lunch. My son insisted we try a new place so went to a non chain local fish taco restaurant. We had fresh fish bowls that was delicious. Then stopped at the library which was closed to drop off books/movies we are done with and headed to the rec center for the kids to burn some energy. My daughter immediately made friends and my son found a schoolmate to play two touch (a ball game he is obsessed with). After couple hours of play we came home and they played with Daddy who was early and I rested my irritated eyes then left to meet my friends for happy hour and a movie. Seeing so many movies this month but it is always the case close the Oscars we like to see all the big name movies. Tonight was 'Wolf of Wall Street'. It was excellent. Super long movie but fast paced and engaging so it doesn't drag.