Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sitting by the lake

 Yesterday's outfit to a work event at night. I have been waiting for warm weather to wear this combo.

 This a-line tunic tank (called 'Blaire') I think looks great with a chain belt...

Very cool back!

Tank - 'Blaire' in white by Kika Paprika
Leggings - 'Capri Leggings' in black by Kika Paprika
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Chain Belt - TJ Maxx
Zebra Wedges - Forever 21

Had another super fun day visiting a lake filled with ducks with a small and very cool spray grounds for the kids.
It was surprisingly relaxing for the mommies. Since the kids are old enough now we could actually stay under the shade by our picnic table and watch the kids come and go to the spray grounds. Then we sat by the lake as the kids climbed the rocks, fed the ducks and rolled on the grass hills.
They had a blast...

With my cousin:

Our picnic area... Everyone brought a blanket. I had chairs and another mommy had an umbrella...

Some of the mommies sitting by the lake watching the kids:

Look at these 2? Such a cute natural pose!
I feel like my daughter is holding her legs like I do above! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ocean Beach

 This was my outfit yesterday... Simple and sporty but bright...

Jacket, Shorts - Forever 21
Tee - Target
Sneakers - Converses

Had such a fun day with the kids. Our mommy summer camp agenda was meeting at a skateboard park and letting the kids experiment with their skateboards and scooters.
The park is in my old neighborhood which is a total surfer town. We ate at the famous hamberger house on the main street then let the kids run off their lunch at the beach before heading home!

My cousin and I wore such similar outfits out of total coincidence!

My daughter uses the skateboard like a surfboard!

This little guy on his no pedal two wheel bike with his skateboarding mom who was taking photos while skating were such a cute couple!

A good shot of a pro. Love the shadow!

Lunch at Hodad's:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Modern Romance

 Today's outfit I wore to a work party at night...

 The blue vest (called 'Roxy') as you know is one of my favorite pieces from the Kika Paprika line...

Vest - 'Roxy' in blue azure by Kika Paprika
Dress - 'Ava' in white by Kika Paprika
Necklace & Earrings - Target
Wedges - Guess

We took the kids to Legoland yesterday. Packed up swim suits and swim shoes so they can go into the spray park area which is the Pirate Reef. They were having a blast until this large bucket of water fell down creating this massive waterfall which spooked them all and that ended the water area fun.
After a hearty lunch I left with my other friend as we were already exhausted and since we have annual passes we didn't see the need to stay all day. Can you believe this though that they actually asked my friend to put a top on her 3 year old daughter? Our sons were only wearing shorts but because she was a 'girl' they couldn't have her topless! She is 3 for heaven's sake! We were so appalled.

 THEN I took my cousin to a Kika Party for young mommies who attend the super cool Stroller Strides program...