Saturday, February 16, 2013

Over sideways and under

 My outfit yesterday. Had a fun date night last night so never logged in....

The inspiration was from this photo I think I saved from a blog. I usually save blog name so I can credit back but this one didn't have it. I am sorry if this was your photo. Please let me know and I will add the credit...

I like combo's that put playful tee's under blazers. And this one had the camo capri's that I don't wear very often...
I first added my high heel purple platforms but just looked too much. These dark purple wedges were better and they were the ones I kept on the whole day...

Blazer Jacket - Newport News
Tee - Marni for H&M
Capri's - Victoria's Secret
Wedges - Zappos
Necklace - LOFT

My son was off school yesterday and the good thing is we already had a group playdate planned at a playground with potluck lunch and a mini birthday celebration.
I forgot though this group has all boys so my daughter felt a bit lonely but she is pretty good at entertaining her self...
In the afternoon my husband came home early so we can fit in our P90X workout before going on our date. It was legs and back yesterday and quite a workout. Of course we barely finished in time so I didn't really get to doll up before our date. My dad stayed with the kids while we had a nice dinner at our old favorite restaurant than fit in a last minute movie. Saw 'Side Effects' It was interesting in the beginning than got a bit too slow and although not predictable the plot wasn't as exciting. I also just finished the 'gone girl' book for my book club and it was ironic the theme was similar.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

when did you last let your heart decide?

Today's outfit was loosely inspired on this photo in the Nov 2010 issue of Cosmo. Yes it is that old!

 I had originally planned to match more by layering a sequin tank over a tee but this top in a single layer was fine. Then I added my animal print booties but it just seemed too much so went with the fashion sneakers instead....

Blazer and Top - H&M
Pants - Gap
Sneakers - Steve Madden
Necklace - Shoe dazzle
Bracelets - Bauble Bar

Went to celebrate Valentine's at my son's class while my mom went with my daughter to her class celebrations....
I spent couple hours at a local coffee shop by my son's school in the morning until the teacher needed me. It was interesting being there. I realized how much I enjoy being alone actually. I think so much better in a crowded room with strangers. It was so nice to not have to talk to anyone for couple hours straight. So nice. I used to spend hours at coffee shops during college years studying. This reminded me of that. :)

 Look how cute. They were our valentines....
 I love the one of them not looking cause they look like a garden of hearts! They seem so much older compared to my daughter but I realize how still young they are. 

 Mini chocolate fondue for each one of them...

And at home we met my mom and daughter. Mom bought them matching heart sunglasses.
I had found this 'nancy fancy' dress at a discount store for my daughter yesterday. And my mom is wearing her red kikaPaprika dress....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If I only had a heart

 Falling behind again as this was my outfit yesterday...

Inspired by 'November Grey' blog post from a while back....

I decided to really go blue with electric blue jeans instead of a dark rinse. And used my studded blazer for some interest and therefore went with silver accessories...

Blazer, Jeans, necklace - Forever 21
Silk blouse - vintage
Boots - Via Spiga
Belt - LOFT

Busy with work and kids' valentines activities. Lots of valentines to write and prepare with them. My daughter is actually super into it and worked really hard on her cards. My son not so much but finally got him to finish. They both have their parties tomorrow so Thursday actual Valentine's day will be quiet. And my hubby and I plan to go out Friday night. :)
We are also going strong with P90X videos. Tuesdays are tough as they are 'playodynamics' which is 'jump training'. It is brutal. But already from last week to this week we both feel stronger and less out of breath. Haven't seen any changes on my body yet but I know that takes at least a week or two and we are just on the cusp of week 2. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Tonight's outfit for my Dad's surprise retirement party we hosted at my house...
I actually had an inspiration photo for this outfit but forgot to photograph it. Take my word for it it was very similar. :)

I was originally going to wear this with my white linen flared pants but just didn't feel like dealing with the tight feeling all night and the kika pants feel like sweat pants and yet look very dressy right?

I love the back detail of this jacket... 

Loving my new super chunky rolo strand from Bauble bar.
The ruched front top is just perfect to camouflage not so perfect tummy area....

Coat/Jacket - 'Maggie' by kikaPaprika 
Top - 'Julia' by kikaPaprika
Pants - bootcut tencel pants by kikaPaprika
Necklace - Bauble bar
Belt - Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes - Sam Edelman

We had a busy day. First of we moved our nightly exercise to the morning since we were hosting a party tonight. So right off the bat my poor already sore body was even pushed more by P90X's kenpo X which is kickboxing. I have done much harsher kickboxing at the gym but this follows daily other hard routines so it was hurting. Then we decorated the house for my Dad's party with my SIL. Then it was a huge costco shopping with the kids and thank goodness at the end my mom came to take them so  we were able to put everything away and prep in peace. 4 loads of laundry and prepping we got ready for my Dad's party. Majority of the guests arrived and my brother went to pick up my dad so we can control his arrival. The catered food took a lot longer to set-up than I anticipated. My Dad was beyond words surprised. He loved seeing all his tennis and work buddies and family and friends.
The food was a hit and so was my perfect margaritas...