Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shanghai Nights

 Last night's outfit was inspired by a look book in Baublebar's website…….

I liked the idea of animal print baseball cap, with shiny add-on's…

Hat, Jacket, Jeans - Forever 21
Top - J Crew
Metallic Heels - BCBG
Earrings - Cookie Lee

We started the morning with watching my son's class lead the school pledge in the morning…

Singing 'I am proud to be American' as a class after the pledge...

Followed by my daughter's pre school class where they celebrated all the February birthdays including hers.

Then my cousin came over and together we picked up my son and headed to my friend's house for a dinner and a playdate. When the husbands came after dinner we left the kids with them and went to the movies! :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Secrets, Betrayals and Grief

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by People Style Watch magazine October 2013 issue...

 Can you believe I had the jacket out for the photo shoot then totally forgot to put it on!

Sweater - very old and I do not even remember….
Skirt - Anthropologie (ancient old)
Booties - find from kika fashion show couple seasons ago….
Jewelry - Mostly from Cookie Lee

Went to ballet in the morning then hit the grocery store and attempted to bake these 'hot cross buns' that were mentioned so much in the last book we read (A Husband's Secret). They are apparently common in England and Australia (where the book takes place) during Easter weekend on a good Friday for breakfast…  I am not a baker so it was an experiment working with yeast. Takes a long time cause the main dough had to rise for 2 hours then you form the buns and wait another 40 minutes for them rise again before baking. They did turn out pretty good.
We then picked up my son hit the library for homework and returning books then to the rec center for them to play and a tennis class. When we got home I cooked dinner as quickly as possible for my starving son who can never eat enough and is growing inches I think everyday from all the food and exercise. Then packed up all the things I was taking and got out of there the minute my husband came home. Just as I was getting into my car I heard my friend who lives up the street call out my name so we carpooled together to the book club meeting.
Another great night of potluck dinner, margaritas and great discussion on the book.

Next book for March is going to be:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The fairest one of all

 Wednesday's outfit was inspired by the H&M ad in Sept 2013 issue of Vogue:

So I have kept my bandana's from the 80's. Among the 7 colors I had black was not one of them, so I went with burgundy….
 I was going to wear my leather pants but didn't want to risk them all day so went with my coated jeans that have the same look anyway...

These booties get so many comments every time I wear them...

Sweater, Jeans - Forever 21
Bandana - vintage
Booties - Shoedazzle
Purse - DKNY

I started the morning with my infusion appt but then went to the preschool so I can take over and release mom. My daughter got to present what she did with the class puppet ('Winnie')…

Then at home she is obsessed with watching Frozen music clips trying to memorize the songs. So she put on her 'Elsa' dress and I quickly did a hair for her. The photos came out so cute. She is growing up so fast….

In the afternoon we went to swimming and my sister joined us there to watch my son's swim practice. And then we came home to spend time with auntie and have dinner and showers and bed time…