Friday, July 1, 2011

Announcements and Juicy Necklace at Cars 2

Very simple outfit today as there are lot of announcements...
1. I am ecstatic as I have won my first blog giveaway from the lovely Freesia Blog. I can't wait to style this adorable tee. Loving that back detail too...

2. Natasha from Required2beInspired has featured me in her post today as part of her 'My Five' publication.  
Click HERE to see the post!
Natasha was one of the first fellow fashion blogging mommy's I met and became friends with and the only one that continued to blog like myself and has evolved so much. If have not read her blog be sure to check it out. She is also super talented and has amazing DIY projects.

3. Linking up with Katy from Modly Chic on the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday. Today's topic is "Personal uniform or outfit formula"
1.    What’s your go-to outfit formula?
Mostly I dress very different from one day to the next and use my elborate outfit spreadsheet to pick my outfits for the day. But I would say my 'go to outfit' for a SAHM is adding something that is unusual and unexpected and would pop against a normally classic outfit combination. A bright colored scarf, or a statement necklace or a fun hat with a simple top and jeans.

2.    How did you come about this formula?
When I first started blogging the goal was to stop wearing yoga pants or sweat pant sets. So I started slow by switching to tops and jeans at least then added one item that was out of my comfort zone intially to kick it up a notch!

3.    Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your life?
My only formula is about the shoes. For a very active day with the kids I chose outfits that go with converses. For a normal day with the kids I pick outfits that go with flat boots, ballet flats or flat sandals. For a night out with the girls I go for extreme platforms and high heels. For a date night I like to wear screaming stillethos or high heel boots.
4.    Has it morphed over the years?
Yes, but more out of changes in my life....
Before kids I was a total career woman and my 'go to outfit' was classic business suits with trendy shoes and acessories on the weekdays and very comfy and casual clothes on the weekends. If going out with friends I always opted for jeans since I couldn't wear them during them during the week.

5.    Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe?

I actually am more attracted to blogger who do not follow a formula but dress very differently from one post to the next like myself. They would be the same ladies I linked up to and photographed in my post last Friday under question #5. Click here to see them again...

Click HERE to see others' posts!

Now...Today's Outfit:

Inspiration came from Bon Bon Girls blog's March post... 
I actually bought the adorable orange slice necklace from this post! 
I already had the tissue thin yellow tee with a very subtle but cool graphic...

Starting with my daughter I got ton of comments on this necklace today. Even though it is small it totally stands out!

These are the Dolce Vita for Target shoes. The gold pair I had was very old and totally not in style. I switched them for this pair. They are actually quite comfy with cushioned wedged soles.

These are the very thin wide legged jeans I purchased in Turkey last summer. 
Top & Shoes - Target
Jeans - from Turkey

Today's Activities: It was our big day with my mommy friends to take our older boys (age 4) to see the new Cars 2 movie! We have been planning this for a month now. We all made arrangements to leave our younger ones at home with relatives as they wouldn't be able to sit through this movie. You could tell the level of relaxation and at ease from each and every one of us right away. It is really amazing how much easier it is with just one child. Like being on vacation. We were able to hold a conversation in full sentences, enjoy hot beverages and even shop! First took the boys to the disney store. The store is built for kids to touch, play and explore. The staff is very friendly. They have a huge screen in the middle where kids can pick clips/songs they want to watch. There are tables and chairs for coloring. And for girls there are magic mirrors that show different princesses based on the wand you touch the mirror with. Very fun store indeed. We each had our kids pick one cars2 toy and most of us got a tee as well. Took turns looking after each other's kid so each mommy could do a quick shopping errand as well. We then went to see the movie. Had all the boys sit next to each other and we sit in the row behind. Surprisingly they did quite well. Popcorn and candy had a lot to do with that. Towards the end we did have to change seats so we can be next to our boys and explain the movie a bit. The story line was definitley way over their had but they liked it anyway. 
Afterwards we all had lunch together at the food court and the boys played with their new cars toys. It was a fun morning. 
My mom and step dad had taken my daughter to the beach. They brought her back and my husband who was home from work early swam with both kids in our pool as I conducted yet a secondary phone interview and had to send documentation for this position I am going after.

At the Disney Store in front of that big screen I mentioned...

Realized if we have them sit facing the screen chances of them looking towards the camera is much higher...

At the movie theater...

With my little 'man'

Thursday, June 30, 2011

ShopBob Inspiration

This outfit was somewhat inspired by the following ad in shopbob website...
I guess the inspiration part was the peachy red bottoms with a sleeveless top... Also made me remember this top that is so very old and I almost gave it away but kept it for some reason...
These shorts fit great and are very good quality. You really can't beat Forever 21 for $14. I always order one size up with their short shorts and mini skirts so I can pull them down more and use a belt to synch to gain a bit more length.
I felt the thick woven belt anchors the outfit. After again a few trials of different necklaces settled on this $4 owl charm I seem to use sooo much...
I always get lots of comments and compliments when I wear these clogs. They sure are cute. I had bought them on clearance from Anthropology couple years ago.

The hat was added more out of necessity than looks but it works... I wish the fit was tighter though cause even the slightest wind blows it off.

Shoes - Anthropologie
Everything Else - Forever 21! :)

Today's Activities: Another super fun day with the kids today. The preschool activity was meeting at another longer distance spray park. This area/park was surrounded by beautiful lakes. The spray area was actually smaller than the last one we had been to but had more water pressure and kids just like going to new places. In the afternoon I had my interview with the consultant firm which went great but it will a looong process so not even worth thinking about it until it gets seriuos. Afterwards since it was my night to go out I just directly went to meet my bf for happy hour and then a movie. We saw 'Bad Teacher', it wasn't great but entertaining enough...

Here are some cool shots from the spray park...

Buckets were a big hit...

Water shoes were a good call as this was concerete ground...

My friend looked so cute holding her daughter's princess umbrella as a sun shade!

Before the water fun they did pledge of allegiance and the morning circle time...

Sequins and Orange

Blogger was down last night right!? I couldn't post this NOR could I comment on anyone else's blog. Which Sucked and now I am even more behind but will try to catch-up...
Wednesday's outfit was inspired by J Crew's Summer catalog:

I loved this tan and orange combo... 

My top has slightly more bling but paired with shorts and a classic khaki jacket it worked just fine even at preschool with kids!

Got this ring at H&M and it goes perfect with my new nails!

 The lizard skin sandals were a great compliment to this outfit...

I bought these orange shorts 3 years ago before we went on a vacation to Acapulco with my husband and son who was then 10 months old! I felt the bright color was perfect and have been wearing a lot since.

Orange Shorts - Forever 21
Sequin Cream Tank - Charlotte Russe
Khaki Blazer - Thrifted Gap
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Ring - H&M

Wednesday  Activities: Mellow day of preschool in the morning followed by swimming at home in the afternoon with my parents. Then my sister and her bf came to dinner. Had a nice time with everyone. I even had a call from a head hunter on a prospective job. Of course the call came right when the kids had woken up and I don't even know what I said between screaming and crying for 'cars' swim suit and kung fu panda roll-ups. Hoping to schedule a face to face talk without such crazy distractions so I can be more coherent!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Orange Tassels at the Nature Center

Had to pick a moderately casual outfit today given our activity. This was inspired by a girl I saw at the thread show. She was wearing long denim shorts like this with a white tee and black vest. I thought that would be a perfect backdrop for these crazy orange tassel earrings.

The crop vest is my mom's. Although it is thick leather since it is small can be worn during summer...

These earrings were a thread show purchase. They are made out of leather. Aren't they cool? Click here to buy them online. Of course the online price is much higher than what I paid at the Thread Show. Which is the beauty of that show where sellers sell their stuff directly at practically cost prices.

Added the all black watch and the silk string evil eye bracelet for additional accessories...

Converses were perfect to make the outfit funky and also for my visit to the nature center today...

 My new nails... Yesterday my Dr appt ended early and my mom and step-dad had the kids so I got my nails done. Finally got them to do the two tone nails like I wanted. Last time they messed up and couldn't get it done. I love this pink and orange combination. This is the new gel polish where it lasts close to 2 weeks.

Leather Vest - Mom's
White Tee - Target
Denim Shorts - lei 
Hat - old (?)
Shoes - Converse

Today's Activities: Another super fun day with the preschool visiting a Nature Center quite south of San Diego. This city constantly amazes me as to how much more stuff there is to do with kids that we don't even know about. This place was about 25 miles south (just minutes away from the border to Mexico). It is a huge nature center and a preserve. The school had arranged for a discussion and song time that included meeting an owl and making an owl craft. Then we had free time to walk around the area which was very cool.
Long and exhausting day though. It is a lot of fun to let the kids experience new things and play and run around with their friends and explore but it is also exhausting keeping track of all of them, making sure they do not get into trouble in addition to the many potty breaks, hand washes, constant demands of food.
Realized when we got back that I had not sit down for 3.5 hours straight and was dead tired. Napped a little while they did and felt a bit better. In the afternoon my dad joined us for some play time at the indoor play area.
Hoping to catch up a little tonight. Last night my bf came over to watch back to back new episodes of True Blood and I had no on-line time.

Kids checking out the snakes and frogs at the nature center...

They had all sorts of fish tanks with the most beautiful fish AND glass sculptures in them. It was an amazing combination and what a great idea!
See the black and white eels around and coming from the vases above? They blend it perfectly!

 This was also very pretty with ruin like pieces made out of glass and tiny bright blue fish!
 Kids listening to the discussion and learning an owl song!
Climbing to see the Bald Eagle and the Falcon....

Pretty Trails... My boy (in yellow green tee with his buddies)