Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sands of Time

This outfit came better than I thought it would. It always happens. The outfits you think that are going to be great sometimes turn out duds and the ones you have low expectations from turn out pretty good.
So, these are actually quite the flared leg pants. I read a tip in a magazine the other day that you half fold the leg in then fold up to create a capri harem pant look. Totally works right?

I actually had an inspiration photo for this look from last year but forgot to take a photo but as you can imagine from my previous inspirations that it was very similar, but in a different color scheme. I tried on a few different scarfs and settled on the trusty Ed Hardy one. I love wearing this scarf cause it is so soft (same material as a cotton t-shirt).
These are the brown wood platforms I got from F21 for the summer. I have them paired with almost 80% of the outfits in my list when I want to add heels.

The cross shoulder bag is from H&M I totally think I can use as my wallet/purse and it is actually roomier than my juicy one. If the warm weather continues I will have to retire my animal print juicy one until fall. I might switch between this and my old coach navy blue one.

So, once again I couldn't wear the hills to the morning park b-day party in a sandy playground. So I switched to the sneaker wedges. But then realized the red sling back flats I wore yesterday to the mall had left their mark on the back of my ankles so switched to orange flip flops. This all happened within 5 minutes since leaving the house for me involves literally 5 trips to and back from the house to the car that I can immediately tell if my shoes are going to work or not!

Denim Vest, Pants, Brown wood platform heels - Forever 21
Tee - twilight (yes the movie) from Nordstrom Rack
Scarf - Ed Hardy from TJ Maxx
Bracelets & Anklet - ruche and from turkey
Purse - H&M
Sunglasses - Channel

Today's Activities: It was my turn to spend time with my daughter while my husband took my son. Of course first I had to meet yet another contractor for the backyard. This went really well since I had to hold my daughter the entire time we were talking and she constantly asked in Turkish who this guy was and what was he saying. It was so distracting and cute at the same time. At least she spoke a language he didn't understand.
Afterwards we went to her gym class. It has been 3 weeks since I attended her class and I was amazed how much she has learned. She was doing head stands, flips, side way walks on the balance beam and my favorite the table stand. It was just so cute. I wish I could stop and take pictures or better yet video tape. Priceless. My husband had fun too. My son has been collecting change around the house into a small container all week long. He counts it everyday (of course this involves dropping all the coins all around the floor and all of us looking for them) and saved it all for today to buy a DVD from Best Buy. So that is where they went after daddy took him to get his haircut. We all met at our friend's kid's b-day party in the park. Wow, all this before noon!
Afternoon was lower key where we went to my parent's house who are back from their cruise. The kids insisted on lentils so my mom had to cook instead of our plans for take out. My daughter must have eatent two bowls. The picky kid does like one thing that is healthy.

I wasn't the only one posing today. This pose was my daughter's idea. I actually wanted her to stand straight so I could get her outfit but she was giving me these cute and funny poses.
Had to do a close-up of her sandals. Mom got these 7 brand cuties from Marshalls. They are just to die for..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bay of Play

Wearing an outfit from my spring list today! The weather is warmer so I needed an outfit that had open toed shoes and those are all in my spring/summer list. 
This Ed Hardy tunic is a TJ Maxx find a few months ago. Wearing it for the first time. I am such a sucker for Ed Hardy. Just love the crazy wild designs and the vibrant colors. I have a few outfits designed around this tunic.
Also wearing the semi-new cashmere shrug from Charlotte Russe. Found this on the clearance rack for $10 for 100% cashmere and it is very light weight. Love the chartuse color. 

These heels are one of my most coveted pair of shoes. I have worn them just a few times since starting this blog since they are dressy and not kid friendly. But I just love these. The body is linen, the trim is red patent and the cork wedge heel is hand stitched with flowers.  Just a piece of art. Found it years and years ago from Victoria’s Secret Catalog.  I am sure you know but Victoria’s Secret has an amazing collection of shoes of very good brands as well as their own Colin Stuart brand. I realize there are ton of online stores that carry much bigger collections but there is something to be said about looking at a printed catalog versus computer screen.   

Since these heels would definitely not be the right choice for a day at Sea World with two kids I switched to flip flops. And Ironically picked another pair of Betsey Johnson’s. Had to take their photo by themselves since they have such a cute design inside the slippers.

I also realized I need to re-acquaint myself with my collection of flip flops. I have moved them to a separate shoe hanger downstairs in the coat closet as they do not fit in my closet with my shoes. Since I always pick the shoes that goes with the outfit upstairs as I get dressed flip flops are usually forgatton. There are some cute ones though.
p.s. in the afternoon I switched to red pointy toe sling backs! 

Have you guys heard of this shoe challenge by ShoeperWoman blog? I am so interested in it. It started back in February and runs until Feb 2012. I don’t mind joining in late as long as she lets me. But this challenge will first force me through the emberassing exercise of counting every pair of shoes and boots and flip flops I own. I am afraid as to what that number will come out to. Really really afraid. I am also daunted by the task of how long it will take me to count. That tells you something.

But then the challenge is you have to wear every pair of shoe you own at least once with a full outfit during the year. Anything you do not wear you have to get rid of. I think that is a great idea.

Tunic top – Ed hardy (from TJ Maxx)
Cashmere Shrug – Charlotte Russe
Capri pants – Forever 21
Wedges & Flip flips – Betsey Johnson

TODAY’s ACTIVITIES: Got ready early with kids dressed and snacks packed to meet my friend at Sea World today. Since the weather was going to be warm we packed swim suits and towels as well. We have been a member for almost 4 years and have never had the kids try out the sprinkler play area within Sea World’s bay of play. So my son was sooo excited. Him and my daughter kept chanting ‘we are going to get wet’ all the way there.

We first visited the sharks and ate a whole bucket of pop corn. Then had them try the water play. The water was freezing so it took them a while to warm up to it but they were having a blast. My friend’s youngest was not interested but her oldest and my two just went nuts. Once they had enough and started getting cold we got them dressed and continued the fun.

There was no break for me today cause as soon as they went down for a nap I started meeting different contractors one after another for the backyard bidding project. Had to leave as soon as the kids were up and the last contractor had left. We finally got our disgusting car washed. The outside was just dirty but the inside gets sooo dirty with the kids. Even though I throw away all the trash there are crums and tiny bits of food everywhere. The car wash people hate me as I empty all the contents of our car incluing the car seats and have them vacuum then put it all back. But it gets it clean.
After car wash since I had no one to babysit I had to take the kids with me to my Dr appointment. And this did not go so smoothly. Between bouncing balls and almost falls lets just say by the time my husband came from work to the Dr's office to pick them up I was about to loose it. So I didn't care that I had to wait another 35 minutes after they left. I just enjoyed my pure bliss of quiet.
After the appt I finally go to go to the mall to check out H&Ms new collection.
Will do a separate post on that tomorrow!

 My friend took my outfit photos this morning before we left. We occupied the kids by having them sit on my front porch swing!

The kids at Sea World with their bucket of pop corn.All the pass holder mommies keep these buckets and drink cups as refills are only $1-$2 afterwards. I have a huge bag of cups that belong all the different parks in SD for that purpose!
P.S. notice my daughter is wearing 2 neclaces, sunglasses and a bracelet on each ankle! This was all her own doing. She cried actually for me to take off the crocs so she can put on the anklets!

Starting the sprinkle fun... 

My daughter actually listened and said 'cheese' ! 

Now they are all soaked! 

Friend Friday Post - GRATITUDE

Today's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF) post is about Gratitude
Katy (Modly Chic) announced this is the official one-year anniversary of  FBFF!
So she wanted to do something about gratitude.

1. When it comes to be personally – I owe a lot of who I am to:
I am a complete proof of 'it takes a village to raise a kid' concept. I have a very close family and I feel every member of my family played a special role in helping become who I am today.
The strongest influence when it comes to confidence, strength, independence and love of fashion is of course my Mother. She is also my best friend, my sole confidant and my biggest fan no matter what I do. She is also my number one shopping buddy. We can spend hours shopping and never buying anything and having a blast. Speaking another language no one understands also helps. She is the one who taught me to take care of my skin and my body and also love my body. I come from a country (Turkey) where curves are desired and for a stick figure that was tough. My mom gave me the confidence to show my best traits and feel good about it and the difference was mind blowing. I have never turned back to that self concious shy girl who hid under baggy clothes again!

2. When it comes to be professionally – I owe a lot of who I am to:
Partially to my Grandpa who due to my constant questionning gave me so many tips and advice on leadership.
But the largest contributor would be my old boss. He was my friend and my mentor. He thought me how to flex my management style from person to person. Taught me to not expect perfection from everyone or expect everyone to do things my way. And so many countless other things that are just not that interesting in the world of fashion. (My industry is finance so very conservative and boring).

3. When it comes to the art of blogging, I’m grateful to these people for helping me through some rough spots:
My family and my close friends. They gave me the support I needed to start something so off the wall. They became my first followers and gave me constructive feedback. They now accept me in my crazy outfits and tell all their friends about my blog. And to my husband for allowing me to sit on the couch beside him with my (pink) laptop every night and listenning to my blogging anecdotes and pretending to care or understand!
And to my two little kids who now accept mommy's photo shoots as part of our morning routine and know when to get out of the shot and when to pose.

4. One blogging challenge I’m grateful happened because it made me stronger was
Finding the time is always and will always be my biggest blogging challange. From picking out the outfits to putting them on to taking photos to posting and finally to reading the blogs of other supporters and blogs I love. But somehow I do. Somedays I let it go, somedays I barely do a post and that is about it. And somedays I read here and there and catch-up.
It has made me stronger because this is something I do for msyelf. Not for my family or kids but simply for me. I do it cause I love it and cause I want to. Makes me feel good!

5. To my readers, I’d like to say…
This is the questions I have been waiting for...I always felt when famous people thank their fans as somewhat of a fake or forced gesture. But now I get it. I am not saying I am famous by any means but the fact that when you write something to the big black hole of world wide web can be so daunting and having readers, followers and people that comment makes all the difference. I get such a thrill from getting and reading every comment. I get giddy when a new follower signs up. I love when new people stumble upon my blog and like it. My readers and the relationships I have built through blogging are most important part of this whole experience.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday

As I was sitting and reading a few blogs this morning (as this is my nice and slow morning) I saw that
Kori from Blonde Episodes was participating in a Pink and Green Thursday event hosted by Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover.

 I hadn't picked what I was going to wear yet and when I saw one of the photos in Kori's post (seebelow) I was immediately inspired for today's outfit.

I could have worn a button up as well but I might go shopping tonight to check out H&Ms new collection and I wanted a top that is easy to take off and on so a white tee is what I went with.

Notice my purple and green nails I did the other night. They are already coming off of course... 

I wanted to add a green accessory on top to pull the shoes. This is part of a long necklace set I got from a street fair in Turkey last year. I doubled it up for this look. It is made out of silk and crochet balls.

These plastic green ballet flats were a $9 purchase from the summer town bazaar again in Turkey. Although they felt quite tight this morning for some reason. Might switch to my green beaded flip flops instead...
I think this is the first time I am wearing my 'summer fedora' which was an early spring purchase from F21.

I do love the combination of sugar pink and grass green... 
No workers today in the yard hence my photo shoot in the rubble! 

White tee - Target
Pink Cardi - Victoria's Secret
Jeans - Rock Revival
Flats & Necklace - from Turkey
Hat - Forever 21

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'Pink and Green Thursday' click HERE!

Today's Activities: We are in a bit of a construction dilemma. The pool company we were ready to go with started flaking in their communication and made a few mistakes and never apologized so we feel very uncomfortable signing with them. But, of course the demo is done now and we need the pool people to start asap. So, I lined up another company to come and provide a full bid this morning. Will decide this afternoon and hopefully have one of them start on Friday. This week is going to be busy with getting other bids from electricians and sprinkler/landscape people. We need everyone lined up and done before they pour the new concrete.

The plans for today is swim class followed by lunch and naps at home. Meeting a landscaper in the afternoon at home to get a bid. Then hoping to either exercise or do something with the kids then hitting the mall to check out H&M. We'll see how it all pans out.
Posting early to take advantage of the down time I have right now...

Here is the demo'd concerete look... 

Trying to walk in the dirt... 

So yucky and dusty... 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Red Coat

This was a last minute decision outfit today. To tell you the truth I am not at all crazy about it but like I always say you can't love your outfit everyday. The inspiration to button up a coat like a top came from the following photo in the Anthropologie catalog back in Fall. 

I thought a fuller skirt would look cool undernath. And tights since it is cold.

Figured the animal print flats would add some interest. If I had time or cared enough I could have tried different shoes to see if looked better, but just didn't care today. I also switched to ugg boots in the afternoon cause it is really cold!

Not sure when I will be doing photos outside again... With the backyard remodel, that part is outof the question but also the front is now out of commission with workers all around and I feel weird taking my own photos with bunch of construction guys probably thinking I am crazy. So the indoor photos for a while... 

My son is so excited because some desperate mother put coins in one of the easter eggs he collected yesterday. He thinks this 13 cents of his is enough to buy himself a DVD from Best Buy. I gave him more change and put it all inside this heart shaped box. He will go this weekend with his dad. It is all he talks about and he constantly counts the money.

Red Peacoat - Thrifted Forever 21
Denim a-line skirt - Charlotte Russe
Olive striped top - Forever 21
Animal print ballet flats - Enzo

Today's Activities: I thought I was being prepared after freezing at the park yesterday by dressing all of us in warmer clothes but today was even colder and I froze to death at the park. The kids kept on their thick jacket/sweater on even with all that running. The sun never came. You have to understand in San Diego that is just very very unusual. And we are expecting weather in the 80s this weekend apparently. That is how it fluctuates. Anyway, today, the indoor class met at a park as a field trip so we can do the egg hunt outdoors. Kids enjoyed playing at the park and the egg hunt.
We will be heading to the indoor play place in the afternoon as my daughter is signed up for a princess tea party. Photos of that will have to be tomorrow.

 Enjoying a healthy snack before the egg hunt and the candy...

The sock bunnies kids made as part of their art project today. So cute!

Waiting for the egg hunt to start. Teacher gave them egg crates so they collect exacly a dozen eggs!

Notice Trev hugging (or choking) Juliet...

Yum, yum, enjoying the treats in the eggs...Total sugar rush, nice right before lunch and nap!

Tried tiny side braids on my daughter's hair today. Her hair is long enough now to experiment some new hair styles. I am excited. Of course, not so easy to do with a constantly moving head but I will try...