Friday, March 27, 2015

Jewels by the Sea

Thursday's outfit was inspired by a recent J Crew Factory look on their website….

I actually bought the sweater on clearance and paired with my own striped (madewell) jeans…
And instead of heels added high top converses….

Sweater - J Crew Factory
Jeans - Madewell
Sneakers - Converse
Watch - from Turkey
Bracelets - Cookie Lee
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

Have been working on my daughter's class art project for the school fundraiser gala for the last two months now…
Finally finished the project …
It will be given to the surfboard maker to be lacquered still but this is after the painting was done…

This is a silhouette of San Diego skyline filled with kids' thumbprints each with their own unique color…

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Down in the Valley

 This spring outfit came out so great. I have been wanting to wear this dress for a while now. My parents got it for my birthday last summer from Turkey… I had many outfits for winter for this dress too but didn't come up in the rotation. It works great as a spring dress as well…
At times I added a tone on tone Jacket…

It was inspired by this photo in a recent (March 2015) issue of Glamour Magazine:

Dress - From a store called Mudo in Turkey
Jacket - vintage
Boots - Mia
Neclaces - Cookie Lee & Forever 21
Sunglasses - Amazon

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stay a while wait and see

 My outfit Tuesday… I didn't actually have an inspiration but a desire to create an outfit with this cute tee I got at the Bazaar in Turkey last summer…
Mom and I got hooked on this t-shirt guy that had the most adorable tee's, pretty high quality with amazing patterns and tunic lengths...

 Who thought just putting a polyvore like collage of an outfit on a tee would look cool….

Cute detail in the back as well….

Leather Jacket - Marc New York
Tee - from Turkey
Pants - J Crew
Hat - Asos
Booties - Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses - Amazon
Earrings - Thread Show

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Right words to say

A pintrest inspiration on Saturday:

I loved this combination  of blue and black layers. I went with a navy tank and navy blazer but kept the pants and boots black letting the oxford blue shirt pop….

Blazer, Pants - Forever 21
Shirt - H&M
Tank Top - Kika Paprika
Booties - Juicy Couture
Necklace - Vintage

It was a tough day. I have recently lost a dear friend. He was my Boss for over 8+ years at a company where we were so much more than just colleagues. Trying to explain the dynamic is almost impossible. We did everything together as a group and traveled so often which allowed all of us to become closer. We worked super hard and partied hard too.
My husband at the time became good friends with him too and we would usually turn work trips into vacations by adding weekends and having our better halves fly out to join. My other friend and I were his #2's and ran the whole office.

In order to say good-bye to our dear friend we held a get together at a bar we used to go so often.
It was amazing to have this big re-union. So many people flew in out of town.

I was very anxious as this group of people who I spent sooo much time together and were so close represented my pre-kid career woman life. They only knew the crazy ambitious young girl who was probably a too strict boss but partied hard when we went out and did shots and could drink anybody under the table.
Some didn't even know I now had kids and couldn't believe. They couldn't picture me as a mom, driving a mini van and staying home.

On the same token, my friends now couldn't understand how much loosing this friend means to me and how close I was to him and all the other people I worked with. They don't know the me that was then and can't fathom how I was.

Only my closest and oldest girlfriends knew both sides of me and of course were there to support and hold my hand as I re-hashed a lot of closed doors as part of this re-union.

Here is my friend that I lost (can you see how young I was?):
 Always life of the party, the most generous big personality guy I know. He has thought me everything about the industry we worked in and managing but also how to play craps, how to order drinks and how to party in general….

HERE IS SATURDAY's Re-Union in his Memory:

The couple on my side flew in from PA and stayed with us one night…
My friend on the other side lives in San Diego 

Him and I were the #2's in the office than became the head guys when our boss moved to London to run a division there.

With our old assistant in the middle and my friend's wife….

We know this is how you would have liked to say good-bye….