Saturday, November 2, 2013

Winking Bunny

This casual combo for today was inspired by an old post from the Carrie Fabulous blog:
 I didn't pack a hat and decided to go with this fun graphic tee I won from a blog giveaway instead of a solid one.  These bermuda shorts are super old hence sit mid waist not low waist and that made them so comfortable….

 These sandals are 5 years old and pretty worn out but I can't seem to get rid of them as they are so comfortable and the neutral color go with everything. Great for travel when I try to downsize the pairs of shoes I pack.

Shirt - win from a blog giveaway
Shorts - very old (l.e.i.)
Necklace - Handmade
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

Much better peaceful morning as we wake up from our 2nd night stay at the Indian Wells resort.
My in-law's were nice to offer to babysit the kids in the morning so I can go watch my hubby's 10 AM tennis match. This tournament has a very fast format so in two hours you get to watch two doubles matches, two singles and two mixed doubles.
Got to take them some photos too…

 Strategizing with his teammate….

And while we were here the kids were having a blast with Grandparents at a local Children's Museum:

 Pretend pizza making….

Team Tennis

This was somewhat inspired by the March 2012 issue of In Style Magazine:

I focused on the combo in the corder with yellow shorts and a floral sleeveless top

Tried to take photos before we left the resort but the sun was not ideal and by the time we had the opportunity again it was dark but oh well….

Top - Anthropologie
Shorts - J Crew
Sandals, Purse - Shoedazzle

The kids who went to bed at 10:30 PM last night woke up around 5 am all excited to be in a new place!
We were the crankiest family by far given our lack of sleep and trying to keep them quiet until the rest of the civilization woke up at 8 AM.
My husband took them for a walk to explore the resort as soon as the clock hit 8 AM and they played tennis at the courts and killed time. Trying to do some school work was another disaster buy my in-laws joined at this point and came to the rescue by taking that on in their room.
Once it warmed up I took them to the pool and they played for a while. It is nice because there was no one there but I also wished there were at least one other family with kids to keep them company but there weren't. We had lunch together then my in laws left with my hubby for this first day of tennis matches at the tournament.
We came back to the room and after snacks and trying to entertain two very cranky and unreasonable kids I decided to attempt the unthinkable: A NAP!
Amazingly I laid between them in our bed and draw the thick black out curtains and faked these deep breathes and got them to fall a sleep. I couldn't sleep too afraid to even turn but was able to rest my eyes and enjoy the peace and quiet for an hour.
They were so much better when we woke up and we started working on a rainbow loom spiderman project but then I had to get ready to join my hubby at a reception while my in-laws took the kids.
Nice night….
At the reception Billie Jean King was there as the person who started this league and also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the match she won 'battle of the sexes'…

Here are the kids at the resort pool:

And here are a few from the reception:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Laced In on Halloween

Today's combo was inspired by one of Victoria's Secret Fall 2013 looks:
 I am embracing my skinny legs and getting more used to wearing straight leggins… The fact that these ones have leather panels and zipper details make them look less like tights on me...

The lace panel front (and back) sweatshirt was a great Nordstrom Rack find...

Sweatshirt - Nordstrom Rack
Leggings - Forever 21
Booties - Steve Madden

It was a busy day starting with taking my daughter to the ballet with a quick stop at the mall so she can select her prize for finishing her preschool workbook at the disney store, then back at home where I started packing the whole family in warp speed but didn't finish in time and we had to leave for my son's Halloween parade and celebration at his school. It was fun seeing all the kids in costumes. We saw a few costume themes in the older grades that we couldn't identify. A  lot of funky box heads which looks like it is from a video game may be. And these oddly tight (or inflated) 'morphsuits' in colors like white, black an d bright red where it covered their faces too. And a lot of funky geeky or suit costumes. May be from Glee? Not sure. You can tell we are still in the little kid culture and not up to speed with what the bigger kids are into.

 He is Luke Skywalker from Star Wars and she is 'Abby Abominable' from Monster High…

With his 1st grade teacher:

After the celebration came home so I can finish packing and we can get on the road. Of course literally 5 minutes after we got on the highway my daughter declared he had to go to the bathroom so we had to stop. Then an hour later they were hungry. So as a result we didn't get into Palm Dessert until 7 PM. Thanks to a friend we were able to locate a neighborhood to go trick or treating. We had to dress them in the car very quickly and of course the only parking spot was in front of this house with a vicious dog parking our ears off from the very close by fence. It was quite an adventure being a different city and neighborhood. We really enjoyed it cause the houses were so gorgeous and so different. They had these huge courtyards where we felt like we were intruding into their home before we could find the front door. And from what we can see the insides were so cool with dark colored walls and terra cotta tiled floors. Amazingly found 10 or so home in this retirement community and the kids were happy.
When we checked into our time share by 8 PM they were wired up again from being a in a new place but got them to bed eventually…