Saturday, April 21, 2012

Take me out to the Ball Game

 Today's outfit to a baseball game to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday!

The inspiration came from this old photo I saved I think from a Fossil Ad: 

Sweater, Pants, ring - Forever 21
Blouse - Lucky
Boots - Steve Madden
Earrings - Thread Show

Had a busy morning of gym classes and a surprise baby shower. In the afternoon my in-laws came over from Los Angeles for the weekend. We left the kids with them and went to the Padres game to join a big crowd my SIL gathered to surprise my brother for his big 3-0 birthday!
It was a rooftop area with free drinks and food and a great view...

HAPPY 30th to My Brother!

The boys are having fun with my little nephew!

It was free hat day! With my little sister:

The crowd can drink!

With my Dad!

And with hubby!

Night Owl

 Friday night's work party outfit was pairing the new espresso 'Annie' top with the pencil skirt. Then I decided it needed color and added a coral tank under...

This is actually a blouse top but you can wear it like a jacket...

Top - 'Annie' in espresso from Kika Paprika
Tank - 'Shane' in aqua from Kika Paprika
Skirt - 'Simone' in camel from Kika Paprika
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Boots - Forever 21

Preschool in the morning which was packed since we did a class photo. The class ended a bit early so a group of us went to Rubio's for lunch. The mommies joked if only we could escape to the other side of the restaurant to eat in peace and get a beer while our kids did crazy things.
I cooked dinner and did a quick load of laundry while the kids napped. My mom's friend hosted a Kika party for me at my house. I like it when they host at my house cause I don't have to pack everything and load and unload and no need to leave 1.5 hour in advance either. The hosts like it too cause they don't have to worry about cleaning up their house.
We had such a fun time dressing up her friends. They loved the clothes and everything looked great...

Friday, April 20, 2012

When the music's over

 Last night's fun outfit for a family gathering to celebrate birthdays at our house!
The inspiration was from this Chictopia post:

I love this little tulle mini skirt so much but it is hard to work it into outfits given my age, so this combo was perfect...

This shaggy animal print shrug jacket was on clearance from Forever 21

Last year (or was it the year before that) my ultimate search for the right 'nude' heels have paid off. The hue matches my skin tone pretty nicely!

Shrug, necklace, skirt - Forever 21
Silver tank - Charlotte Russe
Heels - Steve Madden
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

Given our crazy week/day my friend and I cancelled our plans to take the kids to the movies and I went to the indoor play area to work. My inbox was filled with un answered emails and it took me hours to get through to them.
Kids had fun games and activities while we were there and it was quiet with just the right amount of kids so blissful.
 They made 'ice skates' out of paper plates! and my daughter's ripped right away...

Dancing away...

Son in light green tee and daughter in a flapper dress costume...

Then it was bubble fun!

In the afternoon, my parents took the kids to Karate class while I did costco shopping and picked up pizza for dinner for the party.
We had a fun evening with all the family celebrating b-days...
 Celebrating my cousin's b-day...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who Wants It More?

 Tonight's work outfit was inspired by a polyvore set:
 Don't you just love polyvore? I can search for something specific like 'military jacket coat' in sets and find bunch of sets for inspiration ideas...

I truly love this coat. Although I wish mine was the 'poppy' red color I am finding the classic navy is definitely easy to create combinations with...
 The sides and under the arms is soft cotton so your movement is not restricted and it feels so comfy...

Added the asos collar like necklace for the 'edgy' effect...

In this combo:
Jacket - 'Joey' in navy from Kika Paprika
Capri Leggings - in poppy from Kika Paprika
top  - Forever 21
Booties - Juicy Couture
Necklace/collar - Asos

Then I realized I didn't like the way the top was too short and the color was off from the leggings since it was not a kika top. I would have liked to add their classic tanks but I don't have them in this color or size so added this print tank. Even though it is large on me under the jacket it worked OK and added a bit of color and print...

At my house ready for the open house...

My mom was dressed in her beautiful Aqua 'Joey' and white 'yoga pants'....

Morning was pre-school and finally my daughter managed to sit through the required circle times and qualified to get a backpack filled with a toy and a book. I have been punishing her with 'no backpack' if she doesn't sit during circle time. Finally it sunk in but she doesn't really listen while sitting so hoping that is going to come next.
I prepared the house and cooked and did a load of laundry while the kids rested and prepared for my open house. My husband was nice enough to show up quite early from work and took the kids out to the park and to dinner! My mom came to keep me company and help with the open house.
We had a light turnout but everyone that came is willing to host a party for me so I am very happy.
I love this job because it pushes me to get in touch with people I haven't seen or have never met in person and makes me even more social. Meeting new people and catching up with old friends is just so refreshing. I truly enjoy it.

Here was my casual outfit during the day:

The inspiration was from Sept 2011 issue of People Style Watch:

Boyfriend Blazer - Newport News
Tee - Stylemint
Cargo pants - Bebe
Boots - Steve Madden