Friday, October 22, 2010

Purple Tights

FIRST, I am so happy that one of my fellow mommy bloggers, Natasha from Required to be Inspired has featured me in her blog. Please check it out. She also has a great blog and frequently posts DIY projects that are phenomenal plus an etsy shop to boot.

Now, moving on to the outfit... Don't you love it? Well, I do. Something about wearing purple tights and a sheer blouse and comfy boots and a cute hat.  I got my inspiration from another blogger I think can't remember exactly who wore shorts with a big floral (or sheer) top. I made this more my own by adding fun colored tights and a thin belt. Since there is some purple in the blouse I wanted to pick up on that and went with purple tights. I also wore sage green ankle socks that were suppose to peek from from the boots but they kept sliding down I guess since they are not visible in any of the photos. Obviously this would look very sexy if worn with just a (purple lace perhaps) bra. But as a mommy doing kid stuff with kids I was a good girl and wore an army green bra top tank underneath. I just got this hat the other day and love it. At night I tucked my entire hair in the hat (see concert photos). It is going to be a life saver on those bad hair days. I tried other cool colors but they just did not look good so I went with basic black. No accessories today just my huge statement ring in green.

My parents stopped by for 5 minutes to say 'hello' befor we headed out so my mom did my photo shoot today...

On Mom's Car...

Other than boots and hat everything is old...

Sheer floral top - Mango in Turkey
Cut off denim shorts - TJ Maxx
green tank top - Eddie Bauer
Purple tights - not sure from where
Double thin belt - Forever 21
Hat - Forever 21
Lace up boots - Steve Madden
Ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Fun fun fun day today. Morning was spent at the kid friendly mall for some playtime, then train ride, than kid concert, than lunch at food court with rides and watching ice skaters. Had daughter nap, son spend quiet time in stroller while I tried on some cosmetics. Afterwards more fun at the jumpy. Afternoon, hubby came early so we could attend a new decked out kid concert at our indooe play club. They made it like a real rock concert and had kids walk on red carpet, get photos taken and backstage passes etc... see photos below

So, I am used to standing out with my clothes, but anytime you switch from basic jean combos to shorts with boots or tights, skirts with leggings the stand out factor triples. But that is ok. Cause under the funky clothes I am just the same. Someone who is 100% mommy and all about kids, but you know in interesting clothes. :)

Here are the kids' entry photos. I tried to pick 'rocker chic' outfit for my daughter and a cool top for son...

Here I am dancing with Juliet during the concert (there is my socks!):

Mommy & Daughter:

My son laying on daddy's legs...

Kid Dancing...

Trevor balancing his glow stick on his nose....

Love this pose, too bad the color is off...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cutesy Pink

I had an inspiration photo for this outfit but can't locate it at the moment and I am too lazy to look for it. I have been wanting to try the socks with shoes look for a while. I bought these socks at 'we love colors' but they are too big so look a little baggy I think (as baggy as a sock can look I guess). I was going for the play on different hues of pink with gold look. This tee is OK but feel a different t-shirt (one I do not own) would have looked better.

Everything except the shoes are old...

Crop pink cardigan - Arden B
white tee - from Turkey (last year)
Boyfriend Jeans - Newport News catalog
hot pink belt - Forever 21
ankle socks - we love colors
brown mary janes - zappos
cuff watch - Betsey Johnson (gift from mom)
Charm bracelet - Victoria's Secret
Heart earings - Betsey Johnson (gift from mom)

Today's Activities: Swim class in the am followed by lunch at McDonald's (which has a big play structure) with a friend. After nap/quite time (my son has officially dropped the nap) we went to music class. Ran a few errands and came home to a nice family dinner. Watching 'Blind Side' with my husband right now which is why I have little to say. We are happy to have squeezed in a movie for us between peter pan and land before time...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pink Rain

Thunderstorms and rain in the forecast today. So got all prepared by putting on my rain boots and my cute pink trenchcoat. As I had explained a few posts ago I can't really carry or use umberellas with kids/stroller/bags etc.. So this hat is perfect. On the inside I wanted to add a bright pop of color to go with the black and white boots. Hot pink was perfect. I always wear hot pink under this teal and black hoodie so went with that. Added to it my funky charm necklace and all set.

everything today is old...
Pink Trenchcoat - Newport News Catalog
Teal zebra print hoodie - H&M
Hot pink button down - limited
skinny jeans - Forever 21
rain boots - Target (they still have this in stock I heard)
charm necklace - Betsey Johnson
Hat - Dooney & Burke

Today's Activities: Our pumpkin patch field trip was cancelled due to weather so we went to class again instead. At this point everyone agrees wit me that my 1.5 year old daughter is crazy. She is a serious dare devil who gets into everything and does it all looking righ into your eyes with the cutest smile and defiance that you can't even get mad. Oh, she is going to be so much trouble her teenage years I am so not looking forward to it. After naps (or no nap for my son) my mom and step dad came over to hang out with the kids while I ran errands and grocery shopped. Amazing how fast I can get through things if I am not taking two kids in and out of car seats in every stop. My dad took over just a bit before I came home. I cooked dinner while dad played with them and we had a nice family dinner.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going casual

It is storming here today and we had no plans so no motivation to dress up. Went very casual. Everything except for the jean jacket felt baggy today. Not sure why. I thought these leggings with the side design would go great with my red cardigan since it also has similar designs. I bought this cardi couple years ago before blogging. It is a nice cardi but I have never wear it other than casual outfits.

Black yoga pants - Closet
Purple tee - Forever 21
Red cardigan - Ed Hardy (from Costco)
Crop Jean Jacket - can't remember where I got this.
Boots - Ugg

Today's Activities: I honestly tried to stay at home today as long as possible but by 10 AM my daughter had it. She got so fussy that I knew we had to leave. We headed to a mommy cafe that had changed location and we had not visited it yet. It has a nice indoor and outdoor play area and a good menu. Had my friend meet us there and we even got the kids to play outdoors before it started pouring. Stayed there a while before heading home. It was a slow and dangerous ride in stormy weather (well as stormy as we get it here in Southern CA). My mom came over and we just hung out at home since it was too nasty to go anywhere.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Soldier on the go

Loving this outfit today. I got this military style jacket last month from TJ Maxx. What I loved the most about it is it is made out of sweatshirt material so it is very soft and comfy. Normally jackets feel bulky and uncomfortable when I am indoors with kids so I love ones that are like this that feel more like a top than a jacket. It is pretty crop though so I am glad I wore this simple black top underneath. These boots are super old. The reason all my boots are in great shape is because I have too many of them. I just checked out the top boxes in my closets and remembered I store all of them for when the style comes back. I have 10 pairs of tall boots! 6 of these are black! BUT to my defense they are all different. I have flat over the knee and tigh high high heeled ones. I have pointy toe stilettho and round toe and simple flat leather as well as a gold zippered flat leather one. So, you can see between these and my calf and ankle lenght boots it is easy to alternate and ensure none of them gets too worn out. I do love this pair but wish the heel was just an inch shorter. Than I could wear it so much more. Today I didn't have much walking so it was OK but they are too high normally for kid time. I tied the scarf by pushing the long ends to the back so the jacket can be seen. However, this style does not really work with the kids as every time I bend down the ends come to the front. So I dithced it indoors. Wouldn't have worn it all but the outfit needed a color to break the black and green monotone. The hat I think looks great with the look and perfect for today where there is misty rain and I can never use an umberella when pushing a double stroller and lugging diaper bags and jackets etc... so hats are the only way to protect from the rain.

Military Jacket - Romeo and Juliet Couture (TJ Maxx) - new
Black LS top - Gap (old)
Blue skinny jeans - Forever 21 (old)
Scarf - Forever 21 - new
Hat - old not even sure how I have acquired it, possibly for a halloween costume
Tall high heel leather boots - J Crew (super old)

Today's Activities: Went to preschool as usual. Fun day. Tried to get things done during nap time but very short lived, especially since my son again did not nap and comes out of his room a few times there are lots of interruptions. Somehow managed to pay the rest of the bills with myd daughter on my lap after they woke up. Came to the indoor play area in the late afternoon for some free play time. For the first time brought my laptop so I can continue working. Might do this more often.
My husband has after work meetings so alone tonight.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkins in the rain

Today was a debut of my tucker blouse. I have many combos with this lovely blouse and for today chose the one with orange in it to match our activity at a huge pumpkin farm. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy and very muddy. Had to wear an oversized rain jacket of my husbands I keep in the car for emergencies all day long and this outfit was never seen after these photos.  I wish I had anticipated this as I could have worn a very cute outfit with my own fitting rain coat and cute rain boots. Oh well... Also this was the first time I was wearing this orange tunic sweater. It feels baggy especially over the blouse. I tried to fix it by adding the belt but not sure if it did. I also originally wanted to wear my slouchy cognac colored tall boots but knew at least those would not be good in the mud.

Silk Blouse - Tucker (Target)
Oranse SS tunic sweater - Mango (thrifted from my sister)
Skinny jeans - Forever 21
Lace up rugged boots - Steve Madden
Double thin brown belt - Forever 21
Watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Left as soon as the kids woke up and dressed (in costumes). We had breakfast at a local bagel shop and got on the road for the pumpkin farm. It is a place we started going every year since my son was born. It is a 45 minute to an hour drive but it is different than a regular pumpkin patch cause it has a giant field of actual pumpkins middle of corn stalks. You go on horse wagon and hay rides and see more fields of pumpkins, sunflowers and squashes. It is a lot of fun. We met two other couples with kids over there. Had the kids in costumes but of course as I said they were covered with jackets and boots after we did a quick photo shoot. They had a blast in the midst of all the mud running between and over pumpkins, going on pony and hay rides and having fun in the petting zoo and jumpy's. Had a pot luck picnic lunch before heading home. Both kids crashed on the ride back. Took me forever to clean up all the mud from everything from shoes to jackets to stroller tires but it was worth it.

My son (Pirate) with his buddy who is wearing a handmade spider costume by his mommy...

Trevor having fun with the pumpkins

Juliet the Tinker Bell... She had wings but it wasn't worth putting them on today...

My daughter and husband (don't they look alike?)