Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm Almost Not Crazy

 Today's Sequined skirt combo was inspired by a photo in the Victoria's Secret Catalog:
I spent 20 minutes this morning looking for my silver sequined skirt. I was certain it was in the bin where I keep evening gowns on top of my daughter's closet. But it wasn't. Then searched all the extra closets in the house and no luck. In all honesty I don't remember when I saw it last so for all I know I might have given it away years ago. So, had to settle to wearing my black sequin skirt instead. This is the famous skirt I wore to my prom and  I have worn a few times to a club with my hubby. This is the first time I am wearing it during the day. And to pre school of all places!
But as I always say people expect nothing less form me so my outfits no longer have a shock effect on people that do know me. And I have to admit this stretchy mini is quite comfortable to move around and since it is high waist it does not ride up.
To make it work for the day I went super casual with everything else!

And all this was so I can participate in
Bloggers Do It Better
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 When I saw this tee on another blogger I had to visit the mentioned Stylemint website....
 I wrapped the multi chain alex & chloe necklace around my wrist like a bracelet...

Jacket, Necklace (worn as Bracelet), OTK polka dot socks - Forever 21
Tee - Stylemint
Skirt, Ring - From Turkey
Boots - Madden Girl (TJ Maxx)

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Go Fly a Kite

 Today's outfit was way beyond my expectations. It is just one of those combinations where I had very little confidence that it would look good. Since didn't have any major plans the the outfit was somewhat comfy picked it for today and it came out so much cuter than I ever thought possible.

The inspiration was from this Chictopia Post:
This was posted/saved back in February of last year! It took me this long to actually wear it!
I really need to get a new pair of these sweatpants. As my friend pointed out mine look more like baggy and saggy leggings than the slim sweat pant look I want! :)
But I think my argyle vest and bowtie pin worked really cute with the whole look...

 It helped that the blouse I picked for the outfit has very cute details like pleated shoulders and tiny sequined diagonal striped front detail... And I just love this bow pin which turns any outfit to extra ordinary...

Vest - J Crew
Blouse - La Redoute 
Sweat Leggings - Forever 21
Bow Pin - Asos
Hat - Thrifted
Boots - Steve Madden

My friend came over today with her boys and we had a day long playdate together. Amazing how easier it is to entertain kids when they are with friends. I had to stay home in the morning to wait for the garage people to come and finish the cabinet work. Once they left we took the kids to the park to play and ride their scooters. But it was so hot that they opted to play in the shade under the trees for a while than wanted to go home. We had them play in the backyard and fed them lunch. With the exception of her little one no one napped but we managed to keep them in their respective rooms for quiet time while I put away all the remaining stuff in the garage. Afternoon was spent with more playtime outside followed by dinner and baths and early bedtime.

And now the long awaited Garage Remodel:

 Notice the 'only' set of cabinets we had were the ones you see on this wall. They were narrow and falling apart. We basically kept things we rarely need in there...
Also, realize this was right around Christmas time so everything was taken out to access the Christmas boxes and we didn't bother putting it all back. We also had a huge table that worked as an open pantry but since we used it for dinner parties during holiday everything on that table was put on the floor. Hence the mess...

Imagine having to empty the entire contents! We used our driveway and patio and took the opportunity to weed out everything and got rid of 2 truck loads of stuff. Mostly leftover items from our house remodel...

Installation process. The whole thing took only 1 day but they had a few shelves and doors missing so today they finally finished it all....


 The cabinets above replaced the old cabinets. I should have taken photos with them open cause you can see they are quite deep and very wide so they fit huge rubbermaid bins and nothing is 'stacked' anymore...

 The cabinets above are brand new... They work as pantry and storing costco purchsed paper goods etc... The bench is for folding laundry and/or gift wrapping....

And the best thing nothing on the floor!
All cabinets and design by my Mom of Closets by Design!

I color outside the lines

Actually when it comes to coloring books I love to color inside the lines but when it comes to clothes and life in general the statement holds true!
Today's outfit felt cooler than the photos so not sure which is the true image.

The inspiration came from this cute Tommy Hilfiger Ad:
I kind of switched around some stuff like the plaid colors of the purse for my scarf and using red fingerless gloves instead of adding another undershirt...
I was going to wear this outfit with a navy blazer but it was too warm. This vest is the matching piece of that blazer (from my Mom's closet) 

Blouse, Pants, Scarf, Gloves, belt - Forever 21
Vest - Mom's
Boots - Newport News

First day of PreSchool today. It was great seeing everyone and catching up. We stayed home in the afternoon so we can finish putting away the Christmas lights and cook dinner. And also attempted to watch Star Wars Episode I with my son. With so many of his friends into Star Wars I thought he would want to know what it was all about. But had a hard time following the whole storyline. At least they were occupied with shelling fresh almonds and pecans...