Thursday, January 23, 2014

I tell myself that I am not afraid

My outfit yesterday… Inspiration was from Atlantic Pacific:

I had saved this inspiration years ago I think. Even though I am somewhat getting dressed every other day. My heart is just not in it. I feel out of shape and blab and mostly the emotional drain inside totally shows on the outside I feel.

Blazer - Gap
Top - From Turkey
Belt - Vintage
Necklace, Leggings - Forever 21
Flats - Tilly's

We try to create joy and fun during a very difficult time and there is nothing like family to do that...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Candle in the Wind


Hat, Necklace - J Crew
Shirt, Jacket, Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden

I have been absent for quite sometime. Today was the first time in 9 days I think I left the house as I have to return to my mommy duties. My dad is still hanging in there but trying to describe the emotions we have been and are still going through as he is deteriorating right in front of our eyes are impossible to describe.
My sister in law was still in town with my little nephew so she joined me as we went on a field trip to the Japanese Friendship Garden and Timken Art Museum with my daughter's outdoor class…