Saturday, March 30, 2013

Monkey see Monkey do

 Today's outfit was inspired by the most recent Anthropologie catalog. I loved the mix of aqua with red and peach and pops of yellow....

My sister got me this bling backpack for xmas from my pintrest wish list. I loved using it for the trip to the zoo. Now that we are starting to ditch the stroller actually need a backpack to carry all the stuff that would originally go into the stroller. And of course classic backpacks really cramp my style so this is going to be perfect.

Jacket - 'Daphne' in ocean by kika Paprika
Pech tee, Red Jeans - Forever 21
Sunglasses, Earrings - Thread Show
Purse - Kate Spade
Sneakers - Converse

Today was the first day of my son's spring break so took both kids to the zoo and met my friend and her daughter there. The kids were like little monkeys literally hanging from every single pole, rod, fence they could find. The zoo was so ridiculously packed due to spring break so the lines were huge but they kept each other entertained...

 my little monkeys!

Animals were more calm and easier to photograph today!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

not going to feed into your drama

 Last night's outfit to go out with the girls for the 'Sassy Hour' at the 'Strip Club' downtown. You know the strip club that is the steak restaurant (not what you are thinking).

The inspiration was from the March 2013 issue of In Style Magazine:

I absolutely love this Prada skirt I scored at 'My Sister's Closet' vintage store but haven't come up with too many combo's to wear it in... So this was perfect....

Lace Top - My aunt's
Skirt - Prada
Scarf - Express
Purse - Marc Jacobs
Cuff - Stella & Dot
Shoes - Aldo

Took the kids to the indoor play area after we picked up my son from school then it was to swim class and then dropping them off at my mom's house so I could meet the girls for a happy hour and steak dinner downtown. Of course took advantage of this 'sassy hour' deal and our entre's were only $10 and the martini's were half off!
We then scoped out a venue for my friend's 40th b-day that is coming up early July and had dessert there.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stripes and Neon

 Yesterday's outfit was inspired by the Vince Camuto ad in the People Style Watch April 2013 issue:

 My inspiration folders were getting too big so I decided I am going to start wearing the latest stuff I have saved so it is more on trend and recent and easier for me to choose from.
I liked this navy and white bottom combo with pops of neon and khaki.
The new flared striped pants I got from a thrift store with their original Ralph Lauren tags on!
I originally topped it off with my khaki trench but mine was too girly and it was too warm for it so the sleeveless one was more practical...

 sorry my close-ups are never that great because I don't have a remote for my timer on the camera. And they really should be taken by someone else so it can re-focus. Oh well, you get the jist of it. :)

Trench, tee, necklace - Forever 21
Purse - H&M
Bracelet, Heels - Shoedazzle
Pants - Ralph Lauren

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My daughter is on spring break this week while of course my son is not! But yet he has half days. So we stayed home in the morning so I could finish 4 loads of laundry that I didn't have the energy to do on the weekend then picked up my son and treated them to lunch at Rubio's. Then we drove to my friends house for an egg coloring/decorating playdate.
I say this again and again but I can't voice how blessed I feel to be surrounded by mommy friends who are like minded and just as crazy as me and are willing to do such fun playdates and outings even though it takes so much effort and all our energy we enjoy it so much.

 My son came up with this half and half coloring idea which was a lot harder than it sounded but the yellow combos came out so cute....

This is what happens by the way if I dress her in pants and a top. She then insists on wearing a princess costume on top of it all! Too bad cause the the mint pants and the pastel plaid shirt she had on from H&M was so cute.

 We set the camera on a high table to take this but I didn't realize there was a light right on me!