Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prison break

Have to keep it short as it is very late and I am so behind in sleep. Gave the title cause the stripes remind me of prison uniforms. Not that they wear striped uniforms now or if they ever did, only in an Elivs movie.  Saw this striped shirt under a solid tee look in a magazine. I picked a sheer tee that is shorter than the tunic underneath so the stripes show through.  Like the slim look it creates with skinny jeans tucked in military calf high boots. Wore my chunky chain necklace long for a different effect. The huge onyx ring looks perfect with the outfit.

Not sure why today's shoot is alchol themed. Thought the brick wall in our bar area would look cool...

Here is the ring and green nail polish. Wanted to hold something to pose and thought what better than my favorite drink (patron silver)...

everything I wore today is old...

Striped top - from Turkey
black sheer tee - Bebe
skinny jeans - Forever 21
Military boots - Steve Madden
necklace - forever 21
ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Left super early (7:20 AM) had breakfast at a bagel shot and went to the Dr's for kids' flu shots. Hung out at Mom's since we were done early before swim class. Came back to mom's for lunch. I shopped in mom's closet and scored two awesome vintage fur jackets. She used to own a thrift shop in Turkey and these were left from the store. one is beige/camel color hit at the hip length jacket. The other is a crop cape in brown stripes. Both real but thrifted so I guess it is OK. Perfect for this season. After naps friend came over and we took the kids to music class followed by dinner at a pizza joint.

Killed time between music class and dinner by the shore. Beautiful spot (see photo below).

Also have to include a photo of my friend's daughter supporting this season's trend of faux fur vest:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maxed out on Ballet

Finally some true pink in my outfit for the October Challange. Now that maxi skirts are in I wanted to re-use my very old work skirt from years and years ago. It was actually hanging in my son's closet with those clothes I keep that I know will come back in style. It has huge side slits. Looks actually much better with heels but I needed flats for my day with kids. These lace up flat boots are cute actually. Bought them again years ago way before kids when I traveled a lot and needed an airport friendly pair.  They are not super tall so perfect to apply the peeking out sock look with just simple knee high socks. Tunic lenght ballet sweater is perfect to slim the skirt. I love this sweater and it is already showing wear cause I wear it so much during fall/winter months. I added the pink pashmina scarf that I was able to crinkly by keeping it twisted and knotted for months now. It accentuates the pink in the sweater. Added to that my favorite pink and rhinestone earings. I don't get to wear them often but love them.

More indoor photos in my living room. Oddly placed by the corner cause I couldn't find a good spot for the tripod without eliminiating the couch or table corners.


sorry horrible cropped photo of the earing. Totally forgot and realized after I already uploaded.

Ballet Sweater - Forever 21 (old)
Maxi skirt - Banana Republic (very old)
Black leather boots - I honestly don't remember where I got these and do not recognize the brand
Pashmina scarf - again not sure where I got this. It is old.
Earings - Juicy Couture (old)
Ring - gift from mom

Today's Activities: Wow leaving the house with no help sure is more stressfull and difficult. But still managed to get to preschool on time. Had to nap during the kids nap time. I am so exhausted. I stay up so late blogging and wake up super early with the kids and live on caffaine. I should go to bed now for example. When the kids woke up, somehow cooked dinner before leaving the house for the indoor play area. So nice to go there cause kids play independently and I can actually drink coffee and browse mgazines. Kids have so much fun there too. We came home to meet my sister. I was able to shower, and get ready for tomorrow while she entertained the kids.
Oh, so since I didn't post today I must mention that I did go to my mom's in the late afternoon and left the kids for couple hours before dinner to so I can do some discount shopping. She has a Kohls and Marshalls and a vintage store right by her house so I hit those. Scored some amazing buttery soft cognac colored leather pants at the thrift store. Plus a shawl and a plaid tie. Of course at Kohl's and Marshalls I mostly shopped for kids. I just can't help it. I did find a pair of tigh high lace trim pointelle socks for $3.99 by Jessica Simpson. They are dark camel colored. So when I got home and put the kids to bed I tried on some crazy outfits using the socks. And I mean crazy, mixing burgandy with pink, plaid with floral and shorts and tigh high socks. Given the craziness of the outfit I will probably wear it on a date with my husband. My poor husband but he is so supportive and can't wait to see what nickname he will come up with for that combo. Also, one more thing to add than I will go. I am so happy about my tucker blouse purchases from Target a few weeks ago. I definitely needed some interesting patterned blouses to use as a base. All my silk tops seem to be solid colors which worked for my conservative finance career but do little for my current outfit creations. OK, I am done now. Good night.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kicking Back

I was inspired for this look when I saw this photo below:

I even tried her pose (see below)... This was actually part of an article of a new boutique or something like that. It was a tiny corner photo.  It is a simple look but it reminded me of this brown paisley sheer top that has been sitting in my closet for quite some time now so I was excited. The top feels a bit cropped though when you move a lot such as I do when I am with two kids under 4. SoI wore my super long tunic lenght lace trim tank top underneath and wore a skinny belt to hold up the low rise jeans and I was very comfy all day long. Cause there is nothing more annoying that pulling up your pants and pulling down your top constantly. You know me I am always excited when I get to make new combinations with stuff I already own. Little photos like these inspire and remind me of my own clothes. I added the leather and bronze coin necklace and the burgandy bronze beaded bracelet set my good friend has hand made for me on my b-day.

 shots taken in my living room...actually in the corner that seprates the dining room from living room. It was rainy today so inside was best for photos.

Floral sheer top - Newport News Catalog (super old)
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 (last year)
Necklace - From Turkey
Bracelets - gift
Boots - Steve Madden (new)

Today's Activities: It was so much easier to get out the door with both my in-laws helping out. Went to school stress free and on-time. Turned in our lion art and got a lot of admirers. Although the kids were a little more clingy than usual the school went fine. Of course the day I scheduled a prof photo shoot for the kids would be the day my son did not nap and my daughter woke up totally cranky, clingy and crying. The photo shoot was not that great. My son's photos came out OK but my daughter's shots and their joint shots were not so great. I didn't buy the images just a few sheets of prints so can't share here. We had plans to eat dinner out but my daughter was so upset that we didn't dare set foot in a restaurant and just bought some take out KFC and came home. Amazingly fried chicken totally cured her and she went back to her normal happy self after dinner. Go figure.   

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Black and White

I am totally lovin shorts with boots these days. Probably because I am a type of person who feels cold if my feet are bare. If I can wear socks and boots than my legs can be bare and I don't feel cold. So this style totally works for me. Plus it is current weather appropriate at least for here. When it gets colder I will just add some fun tights to these looks but I think I will be wearing a lot of shorts this fall/winter. So anyway, back to this outfit...I love the concept of black and white, the mixture of summer shorts with a flannel shirt. I could also worn this with white skinny jeans instead of the shorts. Of course as you can see these knee high boots never actually stay knee high. I tried to tighted the elastic in the back but didn't quite work. I need to find some chunky tigh high socks for that socks peeking out from boots look. May be those will help. The suede belt looks good with the boots but it is meant to be a over the hip kind of belt so looks a little off centered. The only accessory I added was my super simple leather string evil eye necklace (gift from my sister when I gave birth to my sister).

Flannel Shirt - Target (new)
White shorts - Target (old)
Suede boots - Steve Madden (last year)
Necklace - From Turkey

Today's Activities: 'Attempted' to check out the big parent connection swap meet but big mistake taking the kids to it. My son wanted to buy everything my daughter wanted to touch everything. They would scream and cry if I put them in the stroller. My in laws finally decided to entertain them on the side while I quickly browsed. So of course didn't really find anything in that stress and rush but did manage to get my daughter a handmade tutu of black and white with a super cute polka dot bow and a matching bow hair pin. I know I can learn how to make these tutus but I just don't have the time. We had a nice italian lunch somewhere near there before heading home for naps. After naps, my in laws took the kids to a park while I got my nails done. Such a luxury being able to do this. I chose a super cute green polish (you will see it in tomorrow's post I am sure). I then came home and cooked dinner while they entertained the kids. My mom stopped by and we skyped with my husband all together at night. It is so nice to have the extra help.