Friday, July 9, 2010

Wind Blown

Super windy today so hence the title. I had put together this combo inspired by a photo in the Victoria's Secret catalog. They were selling a long crochet vest and I even ordered it but returned it back as it didn't feel worth the $60 price. Bought this similar top from F21 for much much less of course. I have worn this peachy pink tee a few times before but always forget to photo its lattice back. Finally remembered today although today's outfit doesn't even show the back of the tee! These shorts are great with their silky fabric but the waist is so loose and when I tie its self tie I felt it is too bulky so I pulled the bow to the side a bit. Even though the colors don't go much I wore the lavendar and blue doll necklace as it really stands out from this combo and adds sweetness.

White crochet vest - F21
Pink lattice back tee - F21
Silky army green shorts - F21
Ankle cuff suede sandals - Victoria's Secret
Doll necklace - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Absolutely lazy and boring day today. It was super windy and cold in the morning so we didn't do anything. My son is easy to entertain with coloring, puzzle or music but my daughter is very hard at 17 mos old. She gets bored easily and wants a different activity. She eats the crayons or the puzzle pieces so you can't have her involved at the same time. It was tough. After naps we played on the grass a bit but it was still too windy for the beach. Planning to go visit some other relative or friends this afternoon. Posting early since there was some downtime.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Khakis with Yellow

Saw a similar combo like this in a Lucky magazine way back. I wish I had access to my full closet though as it would have been much more interesting with a pop of color shoes and possibly a pink bag. The brown shoes goes great with the brown belt but almost too matchy matchy. I would have liked to do something different instead. And as a pink lover I have about 4 pink purses and it would have been great interest of color with this outfit but I have limited items here so this will have to do. To avoid being even more match I did not wear my yellow watch and went with gold instead. I also chose big gold earings and no necklace and my new beaded bracelet combo with the evil eye ring.

Yellow Shirt - Mango
Khaki shorts - JCrew
Brown strappy heels - Mom's (Report)
Brown leather belt - Limited
Gold earings - Guess
Gold bracelet watch - Ed Hardy
Gold evil eye ring and beaded evil eye bracelets in white, orange, blue and yellow

Today's Activities: Had two beach outings today, both with my cousin and the kids only. Morning was the big beach but it was a windy day so lots of waves. Kids loved playing on the wet sand where the waves break but did not want to swim in them. After lunch and naps we went to our usual beach club. Spent a long time there. The club has turned into a total kid beach club. The entire sand area is covered with kids of all ages and a large array of sand toys. Parents all encourage playing together and sharing so it is great. After baths and dinner and some play time on the yard put down the kids and went out just girls (my mom, my aunt, my girl cousin and I) to the Marina to browse the shops there.
We were out until almost 2 AM last night browsing another town's shops. Went to an area with just street vendors and hand made accessories. You can imagine 4 women with no kids or men telling them to hurry up and a country where shops will stay open until late morning it was a long night of shopping. Liked sooo many itesm but refrained from buying. Did purchase the 4 beaded bracelets and these adorable hand knit slippers. See below...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Orange and Blue

Simple outfit today. This is the bazaar top I bought when I first arrived here. It was only $2 or so. Wore it with cargo pants before. Thought it goes great with these wide legged light blue jeans. The tight tube top sets off the bagginess of the jeans quite well. These pants are perfect for summer. They are super thin and comfy. The leather and bronze coin necklace has tiny orange beads so goes great with this outfit. I had this same top on when I bought the necklace and knew it would go great. To keep the look casual went with orange and gold flip flops. To add another spark of color went with my yellow watch and string bracelet that has browns and oranges in it.

Strapless tube top with bronze sequins - bazaar purchase in Turkey
Light blue thin denim jeans - LC Waikiki in Turkey
Orange and gold flip flops - Ipanema - Gisele Bundchen line
Yellow Watch - Vernier
Leather and bronze necklace - handmade bought from a street vendor in Turkey
Stringy evil eye bracelet - closed bazaar in Turkey

Today's Activities: Sent off my husband at 5 AM this morning. It was a sad day. We can't wait to be with him again in a month or so. After him my aunt and mom left for the city so I was alone with the kids with no car. My cousin and I tried the close by beach but the path through a abandoned field was not great. So after lunch and naps we called the gardener and asked him to give us a ride to the beach club we always go to. Kids had a great time there playing with other kids and eating ice cream. Came back again with the gardener and had dinner. My aunt and mom came back and after the kids went to bed we all went out to downtown Alacati (another cool area) to brows shops.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Touches

This is a very basic casual outfit. Just shorts and a tee. To make it a bit more interesting I added a shell necklace and a handmade belt made from a scarf. In the following days you will see me using this same belt as a head scarf. I got it once again from a street vendor. I love street vendors! :)
This is the second time I am wearing this tee and once again I forgot to take a photo of its back. It has a super cute lattice back which makes it bit more interesting than a basic tee. I also love its soft peachy pink shade color. The shorts are very thin denim so very comfortable for summer. Finished off the look with rose gold flip flops with a silk rose detail. Also wearing my mother's day gift bracelet. Unfortunately due to flash you can't see but it has my two kids names and on the back of each coin their birthdates. Photos are taken inside the house since it was late and dark already. Standing next to a painting by my artist stepdad.

Pink lattice back tee - Forever 21
Thin denim shorts - JeiWeil  in Turkey
Handmade scarf/belt - street vendor in Turkey
Shell necklace - Mom's
Rose gold flip flops - BCBGirls (TJ Maxx)

Today's Activities: It was my husband's last day here ! :( And since my daughter is still recovering from her stomach flu we left her at home with my mom and took my son to a hip beach club. We were worried he would be the only kid there since this club as we heard is only attended by young partying people and turns into a full blown club at night. To our surprise shortly after we arrived more and more people with kids filled up the club. It is on one of the most beautiful bay's of the summer town. Completely calm waters that are just georgous shades of light blues. My son loved to swim out on his own and climb the pier ladder to jump and swim back. We also realized how much easier it is when you have just one kid who is 3 years old. Had lunch at the club and came back with him falling a sleep in the car. In the afternoon my aunt and cousin came from Istanbul and we had a nice dinner together. Eveyrone went to bed early as my husband has to leave the house by 5 AM!

Here is my son climbing that ladder at the beach club... Check out  the color of the water...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scarf Top

I was given this beautiful silk scarf top as a gift last year. Wore it with brown leggings and gold flat sandals. This year decided to try something new by pairing them over shorts. First tried on jean shorts but they were too bulky and too short so the top looked like an odd dress. These khaki shorts I think were a better match. I love the colors of the top's design. There are pinks, reds, light green, cream and brown and this bright blue. To play those colors chose this pink and blue choker which was again a gift that I have never worn. Finished it off with brown and gold slipper sandals.

Silk scarf top - gift from a friend from her Boutique in Turkey
Khaki Shorts - J Crew
Gold slipper sandals - Chinese Laundry
Beaded choker - handmade from Turkey

Today's Activities:  Since my daughter is sick from her stomach she is not allowed to swim. so, we left her at home and took my son to a short beach outing. His new passion is now to swim and jump from the pier ladder. Not that he jumps high but he gets a kick out of his low jump and creating a splash. After naps my uncle and cousin came for a visit. It is always tough to entertain the kids and fill up the hours in the afternoon before dinner time when we don't do a second beach outing. My husband took them for a walk and throwing rocks off another pier near by. We had friends over for dinner than more friends and family joined at night for drinks and a card game.