Saturday, August 7, 2010

I had tried to wear this outfit couple days ago but there was an unfortunate incident with my daughter which caused the dress go back to the hamper within 5 minutes of me putting it on. Getting to wear it now. This dress is usually to mini to wear on its own but put this on for hosting a dinner at home so it was fine. I wanted to pair it with my gold bib necklace and mom's chunky gold wedges while I had access to them. Added the chunky gold chain watch to compliment the look.

Green graphic print jersey dress - Mango
Gold bib necklace - Kohl's
Gold wedges - Steve Madden (My mother's)
Gold bracelet watch - Ed Hardy

Today's (Saturday's) Activities: Woke up super late (had someone to wake up with the kids) so went to the beach somewhat late but that was OK as we were invited to lunch to relative's house which is right near the beach. Tried to get my daughter to nap there but no luck. So had them stay up later and had a good time there. Came home to put them down for a very late nap. Tried to kill time after they woke up but it was still early so went to the beach again. This time my uncle came and the kids enjoyed playing/swimming with him. Came home to shower and change and wait for our dinner guests. Kids acted pretty OK and gave me enough time to eat with the guests before putting them down to bed. Went to bed early (midnight) while my family went out. I was too exhausted.

Having fun with a flower

Finally got a chance to wear this combo. I was very proud to think of wearing my silk red and cream dress blouse with cuffed casual white summer shorts.  The blouse is stretchy silk so it is pretty comfy. The leather belt and high heels keep the dressy look while the shorts make it a bit more casual and very summer appropriate. Added a simle 3 tiered gold necklace that just somewhat blends with the chain like pattern of the blouse. A white watch was the only other accessory.

Had fun during this photo shoot as my cousin kept making fun of how I was holding the flower.

Silk red and cream blouse - Bebe
White Shorts - Target
Leather Belt - Limited
Brown Heels - Michael Kors
White watch - Michael Kors
Gold necklace - Forever 21

Thursday's Activities: Totally behind this week, internet connection and being busy with kids are the causes. Wore this outfit on Thursday. Went to the beach in the am, in the afternoon took the kids to a relative's house for pool and dinner. Kids swam twice as it was super hot. They had fun playing in the yard. Came home and put them down and just stayed home to chat.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grundgy Plaid

I bought this dress at the bazaar to do this 'skater grundge' look by pairing plaid dresses with schiffon tops and tights etc... But figured I should also wear it as is while I am here. To add a bit of summer grundge went with the opend toed boots and chuncky chain necklace and a stretch belt. The dress has cute details like ruffled front and a skirt where the two sides are a bit longer than the front and the back. These self photos do not really show much of this but had to do a quick shoot before the sun set and the kids were about to get real fussy.

Plaid Dress - from Turkey (Bazaar)
Stretch belt - Forever 21
Chunky chain necklace - Forever 21
Open toe and heel boots - Juicy Couture (
All black watch - from Turkey

Today's Activites: Went to the beach this AM, it was super crowded with more kids than usual. The sand was covered with beach toys and kids. They had a blast of course. (see photo below). During the kids naps I got my hair colored and cut. We asked the hair dresser to come down for a day to swim and to do our hair. It worked out great. In the late afternoon had over 4 mom's with kids for a playdate. It was chaotic but fun. After dinner and kids went to bed went out for some tea and dessert with my mom and aunt. Late night uploading photos and checking emails.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Having fun on the boat

Today was a fun day on a friend's 70ft yatch. After a long day of swimming and switching from various swim suits and coverups, I put on this outfit as we had back to the marina. This skirt is so fun and bright it is perfect for the boat. Kept it simple by adding a white tank and cute plastic beach shoes. These shoes are so cute and as you know a lot of designer made jelly/plastic models this year so it is totally trendy. We heard they sell this identical model at the famous dept store here for 80TL, we bought them for 9 TL at the bazaar. Bought 3 colors in red, grass green and these white ones. The tank does have sequins on the neckline so it is a bit dressier than a plain one. To compliment that added the silver/white ring and a what watch.

Nice waves in the background....

You can really see the color of the skirt in the right photo...
Would have been better if my legs were not covered with mosquito bite marks.

Highlighter bright skirt - from Turkey (Boutique Agu in Alacati)
White tank - Alloy's Catalog
White plastic shoes - from Turkey (bazaar)
Silver and CZ anklet - from Turkey
White and nickel ring - Swatch
White watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Left at 10 AM this morning with my mom, aunt and son for the port. Left my daughter at home with the nanny since I knew she would be a disaster on a boat all day and totally not safe. My son was very excited. This was a super nice boat, 70 ft with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and fully staffed with a Captain, skipper, houskeeper and a cook etc... We left for a beautiful cove as coffee and tea was served over snacks. The water was georgous, lightes shades of blue and green and so bright you can see all the way to the bottom. It was icy cold of course in the open waters but since it was so hot it was nice to dive in. My son though thought it was way too cold for him and did not swim much. He did enjoy going up and down and around the boat and eating all sorts of things. We had steamed fish and veggies for lunch and just chatted and listened to music. Came home early evening to spend a little time with my daughter before the kids went to bed. Stayed home tonight.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

All White

Inspired for this outfit by a photo in a magazine ad.  She had worn all white with just touches of greys. I decided to use touches of tan color instead and I really wanted to use this woven thin belt I found in my mom's closet. It would have been better if it was skinny white jeans but I left them in the states so these capri's had to do. I really miss having access to my full closet. I am so tired of the same shoes and pieces I have packed on this trip. Even when I add a few new things I can't make the combo's I want. 10 days left now. Oh, decided to go with no necklace to not take away from the tulle neckline of the blouse but went with these big dangly earings. The leafs cascade from silver to gold to bronze. The two pearl bangles I found at the bazaar were the perfect compliment to the all white get-up.

White bloue with tulle neckline - from Turkey - Koton
White tank top - Closet
White Capri Pants - D&G
Woven tie belt - Mom's
Tan suede ankle cuff sandals - Victoria's Secret
Dangly earings - Mango
Pearlized bangles - from Turkey (bazaar)

Today's Activities:  Had another rough night with my daughter again so woke up not feeling great but still managed to get to the beach. Of course she was all fussy and not very happy there so we came early and put her down for an early nap. Hang out around the house in the afternoon till the weather cooled down a bit. Then went out for a little while. After the kids went down went to my mom's other cousin's house for a family gathering.