Friday, August 10, 2012

The fun never ends

 Simple outfit for yesterday's Legoland Outing...

 Top, round sunglasses  - Forever 21
Shorts & Sandals - TJ Maxx
Bracelets - Target and from Turkey

Spent the day at Legoland with  my Cousin and her husband. Trying to get the most done before her baby is due! We used our 'bring a friend' passes to let them in for free. It was so hot though so a bit tiring for all of us.
Here are some fun photos...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A little peace and quiet

 My outfit yesterday to head out to a Dr's appointment with my Dad...

The inspiration from May 2012 issue of People Style Watch:
 I like saving these simple but a tad unexpected combination inspirations cause with being a Stay Home Mom I have a lot of those days where not much is going on but I still want to wear something a bit original and fun but not over the top. Pairing a simple dark grey top with leather jeans and brown boots and a fun purse was a perfect example...

 My Dark grey tee was too crop to wear over this ridiculously low rise lavender jeans so added a bit longer lighter gray tank underneath. The fact that that tank had sequined straps worked beautifully...
 I love these double zipper details on these jeans...
 Chunky layered gunmetal and dark silver bracelets and rings.... I ordered some spectacular sets from Cookie Lee for my upcoming season can't wait for them to arrive...
 This fun purse was just perfect to add a very subtle pop of color and print...
The boots I realize a bit odd for August but my defense was they are 'summer boots' ! :)

Oh and the spiked earrings...  Had to do a ponytail to show off the earrings...

Cropped Tee & Jeans & Earrings - Forever 21
Sequin Strap Tank - From Turkey
Purse - Target
Boots - Madden Girl from TJ Maxx
Bracelets - Tilly's and Asos

My cousin and her husband took the kids to Sea World for the day. My pass has expired but my son's is still good so that is how they went.
I went to my Dad's Dr appointment and then got some work done at home.
We swam in the afternoon in the pool which was so nice and warm.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Welcome to the Festival

 Very festival inspired outfit yesterday. 

The inspiration was from a small Essie Ad Campaign inset in the June 2012 issue of Elle Magazine:
 I liked the floral maxi dress with leather boots and fedora and a light touch of crochet to top it off...

Floral Maxi - YesStyle
Crochet Vest - Marshall's
Fedora - ASOS
Boots - Via Spiga 
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

It was a lazy start for the day as we didn't have concrete plans. Did some painting art with the kids than my friend came over with her kids and swam with all 4 children while I ran to my Dr appointment and did a light grocery shopping. Cooked dinner at home and had the husbands babysit while I showed my friend and my mom our new Fall/Winter line.

Oh, and Here is the outfit I wore on SUNDAY:
Sunday I completely slept in since the kids were at my mom's house then went to lunch with my hubby before picking up the kids. We had plans to go to a concert in the park but everyone was out of it so stayed home instead and had the dinner we were going to take to the park. Then my cousin started having contractions and we got ready in a frenzy thinking this might be it but after 3 hours at triage found out it was a a false alarm!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ocean View

 Went to the beach yesterday afternoon to do a photo shoot for my cousin and her husband expecting their first baby. We also had plans to meet friends for dinner and then bowling right after so had to pick an outfit that would somehow work with all of this as I wouldn't have time to change. This was it.
For the night I added brown wooden platforms and a dark rinse jean jacket and my brown chloe purse.

The inspiration photo from last year:

Layers of my various blue necklaces...

And a few chunky silver chain necklaces over my silver watch. The girls and I were talking how we wear our watches totally as accessories never checking to see if they still have battery or set to the right time! :)

Since we were already on the beach, handed the camera to my step dad to snap a few shots for the blog and also gave some tips on posing to my cousin. :)

Top, Jeans - Victoria's Secret
Turquoise Necklaces - From Turkey, vintage & Forever 21
Bracelets - Tiffany's, Red Envelope etc...

We had thought about taking the kids to the beach but since they spent hours the day before at the beach they said they rather swim in the pool. So we called a few friends to see how was available last minute to come to swim...
The kids swam for hours took a break for lunch then swam some more!

Then my cousins and parents came over to head over to the beach for a photo shoot. Of course when I did this from my brother and SIL it was winter and there was no one on the beach. This being prime time summer and all the beach was filled with people and it was very hard to get shots without others in it. But we managed...

My favorite shot below:

Some group shots with my Mom and Step-dad as well:

After this photo shoot we came home so my parents can take the kids to their house to spend the night and my cousins went out for date night downtown while we went to meet our friends for dinner and bowling...
It was a very fun night bowling for hours and having a blast....