Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jungle Book

 Today's combo was inspired by a Forever 21 Look:

I switched the heels for booties… 

Tee - Victoria's Secret
Denim Shirt - From Turkey
Shorts - Forever 21
Booties - Shoedazzle

Another early morning start with taking my son to surf camp and we stayed to watch him once again.
They walked this super long rock formed jetty first for what purpose I am not sure. May be to teach them balance and stability or just get them fit or kill time? :)
After what seemed to be eternity they finally suited up and got in the water.
He did better today than 2 days ago and almost stood up on his knees.

I met up my friend there at the same time and took over her twin girls for the day so she can pack for her big move.

After the girls got ridiculously dirty and sandy I decided to take them an indoor play area. Since the one near us closed had to drive 30 minutes to one that is south east of us. But it was a great location and the girls had so much fun.

Another Day In Paradise

 Another swim suit cover-up/beach outfit…
This was sold as a regular dress at Express but I bought for the sole purpose of a cover-up and it is very thin and comfy for that purpose… Just can't wear it over every swim suit cause it is strapless….
Today I wore it over my basic black bikini so the straps are not weird for the dress…

 I always use a inexpensive cotton cross body bag to the beach for my most valuables (money, phone, sunglasses) and everything else goes into the giant beach tote. 

I realized my shadow was in the pool and decided to capture it on the camera… Pretty cool right?

Dress - Express
Denim Shirt - From Turkey
Hat - Forever 21
Purse, Bikini - H&M
Flip Flops - Havainas
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

We have officially started our summer playdate schedule with the big group.
My son is at Surf and Skateboard Camp all day this week so hanging solo with my princess.

First playdate was on Wednesday. Visited the Coronado Island's Ferry Landing Beach.
It is not really a beach, but this tiny sand area that is by the bay with the gorgeous view of San Diego downtown skyline and ferry boats…
The parking is right next to it and very convenient. Great spot for a no hassle beach outing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

From LA to Tokyo

Last night's going out outfit was inspired by a F21 look:

This super cool neon yellow trench was a thrift store find and I love finding combo's to wear it with….
And I had no time to do anything with my hair hence the addition of the hat! :)

Trench - Nine West (thrifted)
Tee, Pants - Forever 21
Booties - Juicy Coutre
Clutch - Kate Spade
Earrings - Cookie Lee
Hat - Vintage