Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

 Wore this Friday.

The inspiration was from Atlantic Pacific:

Very classic as Bee has the talent to be on one day and totally cutting edgy the next.
I liked the silk scarf around the neck concept. 

Scarf - Coach
Denim Jacket - very old
Tee - H&M
Pants - Boden USA
Slip on's - Sam Edelman CIRCUS

Got my son ready for school for his last day then my daughter and I met two friends with their daughters for breakfast at a tea house. It was my friend's idea and it was lovely. The girls didn't last too long at the tea table but were able to pretend play a few tables down while we chatted and drank cup after cup a tea.

It was close to my son's school so it was perfect as I went straight from there to pick up my son and two of his friends from half day school and brought them to our house.
My other friend showed up with her son and daughter and then the mother of one of the boys came with her daughter and pizza for lunch and I had salad and drinks and it was a great get together. My son and 3 of his best buddies and two little sisters who are same age as my daughter made the perfect swim playdate to mark the end of 1st grade and start of summer…. :)

Boys went between playing ball and swimming in the pool back and forth all afternoon long...

 And the girls got along so nicely...

And at night I went to the movies with my mom and sister to see 'Blended' which was better than I had expected….

Thursday, June 12, 2014


 Today's combo came out cuter than I imagined. 
The inspiration was from the H&M Summer/Spring 2014 catalog:
 Denim skirts are making a come back and sure enough I have two pairs tucked away waiting for their time in fashion…. This one has a distressed front and a slit that I had to watch for….

I bet I am not the only blogger who tries to stay in shape not for just to look good but also so we can fit in our vast collection of clothes from the past. :)
 It was too warm to wear a long sleeve blouse so I used my again a very old blouse that is just so cool and always looks unique with every outfit. It has eyelet/lace type front and tiny puffing cap sleeves. It looked perfect over this denim pencil skirt.
 I wasn't sure how my skinny legs were going to look in the booties under a skirt without the buffer of pant hems but I think not bad. Or I am just used to taking risks now.

 I owe the different photo shoot location to the fact that my mom met me at my daughter's ballet school in the beautiful balboa park. We were too busy chatting away and lost track of time but did take photos after we picked up my daughter. Every part of this park is an ideal photo shoot spot anyway….
Blouse - Le Redoute
Skirt - I have no idea. It is very old. 
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Booties - Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

So left for my daughter's last ballet class for the semester and my mom who just returned from a short getaway met me there so we can catch-up. Then she took my daughter home as I hit costco.

I am totally in a organizing mode lately. More than normal for my personality. Started with the mysterious pile ups around the house, continued with my son's room and today I hit the two cabinets that face out from the kitchen and stores kid snacks, art supplies and paper products for our outdoor entertaining. Every shelf was emptied and I created 4 bags of give aways and made room for new art supplies I ordered for the kids and got our paper stuff ready for a whole summer of pool playdates. I love the high I get when I finish an organization project. Sick, I know….

Then left early for my son's school for his class ice cream social….

At home my friend came over so we can meet to go over plans for the baby shower we are hosting for our friend week after next. Sooo much to do.

And after dinner instead of watching TV played 3 hands of a domino game called Mexican Train with the kids and it was so much fun.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mon Petit Chateau

 This outfit is definitely not one of my favorites but it was a very quick dressing…

The inspiration from shopbop look:

Top, Jeans - Forever 21
Hat - Target
Boots - from Kika's fashion show

We signed up for the outdoor class but did not stay. Instead met up with my friend and took my other friends twin girls and drove south to this indoor place we have been to once and my daughter has been dying to go back ever since. The girls played and played for hours while my friend and I caught up and my other friend painted rooms at her new house.
I arranged another friend to pick up my son that bought me a little bit of time and reduced stress as I picked him up from her house instead of school.
We then came home for a little bit of rest and got the second wind to leave again to sing up for the outdoor family adventure class. Unfortunately the sign up was quite far and couldn't find a place for dinner so we didn't stay and instead I took the kids out to dinner before coming home…

Folk Festival

This is what I wore to our big horseback riding and wine tasting trip on Sunday!

The inspiration was from the H&M Catalog:

Funny how I purchased two kimonos including the one I am wearing here 2 years ago and now they are totally in fashion and popping up all over….

Wore booties for horseback riding and switched to wooden platforms afterwards…

Kimono Blouse - Shop Ruche
Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Victoria's Secret
Necklaces - one is a gift, the other one Zapata
Booties - Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Had an amazing trip with friends on Sunday. Started ridiculously early and my wonderful husband volunteered to be the designated driver and picked up our 3 other couple friends from their houses and we headed to Temecula for our 9 AM horseback riding….
If you can believe it 4 of our friends (including my husband) had never been on a horse before! Me, the girl from Turkey that lead a city life had been on it 3 other times, always on some adventure tour in a foreign country. So I was less nervous and smart enough to ask for a well behaved horse as I had my moments with horses that loved to lead and ran ahead of guides.
The ride was nice and peaceful. And even though it sucked to get up so early we were happy we were doing the early ride before the weather got super hot and dusty.
Unfortunately though the ride was not as pleasant as it was for us for one of our friends. His saddle was not buckled in correctly and he slid off of his horse. We were too ahead to see it but heard about it. He was a trooper and got back on it but we could see that horse was at war with herself during the whole ride trying to turn and bite him and whipping her head and tail constantly. We all kept our horses at a distance to avoid him spooking ours.

After the ride and after we cleaned up our friends wounds we headed to our scheduled champagne brunch at a winery nearby. We took our time and enjoyed the food and company for quite a while.

That was followed by two tastings and time just flew by.

The trip ended with a very classy trip to 'Del Taco' before heading back to San Diego back to our kids and family responsibilities.

What a great escape….