Saturday, March 31, 2012

7 year itch!

 This was my outfit last night to celebrate our 7 Year Wedding Anniversary!

The inspiration photo was super old. I think from Sept 2009!
 Remember this Juicy Ad way back when? I had always loved the idea of dressing down a suit with a print tee and adding punk accessories. I guess the issue with having soooo many inspirations and not enough days in a year to wear them all is that some don't get worn for a long time...

It is hard to believe this was one of the first two suits I bought when I moved to NYC after graduating college. Just like the red suit I always mention when I wear the jacket or the skirt this one has been such a favorite. I am glad I never got rid of it and amazingly still fit in it. Although the high waist cut of the skirt was not as comfortable as it used to be.

 The outfit was also perfect for our night. I never needed a jacket as we walked outside and since we didn't really dance that much and the club was outdoors I didn't get warm enough to need to take off the jacket.

Suit - Ann Taylor
Shirt - Thread Show
Booties - Juicy Couture
Accessories - Forever 21

We had a blast checking in to Hard Rock Hotel downtown. First time staying at a hard rock. The whole hotel is geared towards people there to party. They even charge a $100 deposit in case of damages!
Out what was advertised as 'posh suite' was a bit smaller than we were expecting but had a cool view of the pool/club. We enjoyed some wine on our patio before going downstairs for happy hour then to dinner to another restaurant downtown then back to checking out the two clubs of Hard Rock.
And the best was sleeping in until 9:30 AM the next morning!

7 Years!

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hunt Begins

 I am just on a roll now, not only caught up but posting mid day... Only cause we are going to be leaving for a little get away very soon... 

Today's outfit inspiration came from Lucky Magazines December 2011 issue:
 This is just very simple but anytime I see simple combo's that uses pieces I don't wear often I jump on the opportunity to re-create... Plus it is so easy for me to get ready if I have a visual of the inspiration...

The simple 'slip' dress from Mango purchased when i was in Turkey 2 years ago...

Added this colorful and big scarf. Also serves the purpose of covering the a bit too open cleavage of the dress...
 Notice the double strap neon pink watch! That is a relatively new purchase from Asos...

 Boots with socks was perfect against the not so warm weather and still be able to go bared legged with a sun dress...

Dress - Mango
Scarf, Denim Jacket - Forever 21
Boots - Madden Girl
Watch - Asos

Again woke up in a daze this morning overwhelmed with all that needs to be done before I am even out of the bed. But you just get going and thank goodness I am fast. Managed to put away all the dishes from last night, clean -up the rooms and stuff 2 dozen plastic eggs with cut up stickers and left for pre-school.
Made the mistake of signing up for the art project which was making bunny baskets from milk cartons. Man, was that a messy task. :)

Then we took the kids to the back field to hunt for easter eggs and one mommy dressed up as the Easter Bunny. Kids loved opening each egg when we got in the car and cherished their goodies. Amazing how 5 pieces of cheerios can seem so cool when they come out of a plastic egg!

And We bid farewell to our good friends as this was their last day! :)


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Everyday is a winding road

 Today's bohemian looking outfit was ensembled after I saw this inspiration photo in the Anthropologie catalog:
 I thought long and hard to figure out how I could re-create this look without owning a cardigan like this one. But figured if I combined by ikat print tank and scarf with this very very old maxi cardigan over flared chiffon pants it might work. Add the floppy hat in the blue collar and it totally worked! right?

For even more color I added the fun trimmed sunglasses I scored at the last Sassy Chicks event...

I love this hat but it is a bit big on me and the flaps don't stay up so it is not very practical to wear it out with the kids. 

 I have to say this outfit does not make me look slim but that is OK. I don't have to look slim everyday. I kind of like all the layers...

I don't think I have worn this maxi cardigan for at least 8 years!

Cardigan - Forever 21 (when it had a 'Reference' Branch!)
Tank, Scarf - also Forever 21
Hat, Pants - Asos
Sunglasses - Sassy Chicks Event
Boots - Madden Girl

It was a crazy crazy day. I don't think I sat down for one minute other than driving.
We started laundry and then left for a big costco shopping. Met my stepdad afterwards for a quick lunch and gave him the kids and came home to unload then quickly left to register my son for kindergarten. Such a big moment marking that my little boy is now growing up. Immediately bonded with every parent there feeling the same twinge in their heart as they sign up their kids for school. Then it was rush to the regular grocery store to buy the rest of the items on my list then come home to unload, cook, set the table and fold laundry. My husband went to pick up the kids and we hosted a big family dinner at our house.
I am now finally getting back to emails and work. Tomorrow is the easter egg hunt at preschool and although I bought the eggs I have not stuffed them yet. It is all a bit too much this week it seems.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catching up

 Going to be a two outfit post today as I just want to catch up... This was my outfit Tuesday. I had black tall but flat boots during the day (to Wild Animal Park of all places!) and high heels at night when we went out to dinner with family with no kids.

The inspiration was from People StyleWatch's November 2011 issue:
 Just simple and cozy outfit but allowed me to wear these super cool lace shorts that I have not worn many times...

Jacket, Scarf, Hat, Shorts, tights - Forever 21
Top - Gap
Booties - Michael Antonio

Went to wild animal park with our outdoor class. This was a back to back field trip week with Sea World on Monday and this park on Tuesday it was quite tiring. Kids have a great time and I love seeing their reactions but it does wipe you out.  And I am so busy with work that just struggling to catch-up and do everything I want to do.
Afternoon my parents came over to babysit the kids while my husband and I joined my dad and brother and the family visiting from Turkey for a dinner out and adult conversation.


This was my outfit today! Yeay, I am actually posting on the day of wearing the outfit!

The inspiration was from Lucky's November 2011 issue. I guess I was on a November 2011 kick these two days:
 Again very simple but combining a summer dress for winter wear... I like these simple inspirations when I don't feel like fussing with my outfit but still look a bit unique and stylish...

Added this silver and nickel chain necklace I just bought to sell with my clothes over the scarf:

And this glam ring:

Striped tank maxi dress - Soprano (Marshall's)
Jacket, Scarf - Forever 21
Necklace, Ring - Cookie Lee
Purse - Thread Show
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

Normal preschool day. I was dragging my feet this morning. The schedule is getting to me a bit and I am hanging in there but feeling really worn out. After pre school we decided spur of the moment to go out to lunch to a diner that opened up near the pre-school. It was great way to wind down and actually eat a meal. 
I had a business meeting during kids' nap time working on organizing a multi host spring fashion bash in May. Then took the kids to the indoor play area to get a bit more work in.