Saturday, May 17, 2014

All good things must come to an end

Final outfit post from the Hawaii vacation was inspired by Anthropologie Magazine:

 I didn't really have any sandals that matched the outfit so I borrowed these great sandals from my friend. Isn't great to be the same size? 

Tank, Skirt - Forever 21
Necklaces - Cookie Lee
Sandals - Vince Camuto

Our Last days were Hawaii were a dream…. Time flies by fast when you have the best vacation…
 Took this tour when the kids were at 'Aunty's House' it was so serene...

 Using the template to discover mysteries around the resort. The kids loved getting clues and figuring out where to go next and the fact that weird things happened just blew their minds...

The resort had over 200 idols around the property. The kids had a blast spotting them as we were walking around… This is one of them...

The hubbies BBQ'd steaks one night… 

 This splash area was right by breakfast so one day we brought the kids down sunscreened and in swim suits so they can start the fun right after breakfast while we finished sipping our morning coffees….

Then hit the beach where the kids had hours of fun digging giant holes and playing in them...

 This girl was interesting…Not sure what her deal was but sure got a lot of attention from people. Especially our girls...

Hit the Adult pool as soon as the kids were checked into their club by mid afternoon...

We ventured out the nearby Mariott resort for dinner our last night while the kids ate at Aunty's House

Friday, May 16, 2014

Paradise Cove

 This was my outfit Monday night to the Luau during our vacation…

Dress - Kika Paprika
Earrings - from Turkey
Sandals - C Wonder

Here are some more great Vacation photos from Monday and the Luau:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ever Changing

Last night's outfit was inspired by one of H&M's recent catalogs:

I packed this liquid leather look pencil skirt for the trip with plans to wear with 3 different tops. So here is outfit #2 with the skirt. Simple graphic grey tee and gladiator heels.

 Found this super cute photo shoot spot on the resort and have been wanting to utilize it. Since it was Mother's Day my husband couldn't reject and took my photos there before we started our evening…

T-Shirt - Stylemint
Skirt - Forever 21
Heels - Nine West

Saturday we rented a car and left the resort to hike the Waimea Valley to the waterfall which is the only hike the little girls could probably endure. We had swim suits on so when we got to the waterfall we put on the required life vests and dove into the icy cold fresh water. The rocks were brutal but once you got in it was amazing. My friend couldn't get in with her 'boot' so she took our photos from the top instead

Then we drove to various beaches along the route to find turtles on the beach. One beach they were clearly seen riding the waves but they remained in the water. The kids had fun getting close to the waves and watching them
Finally we found the beach they were on the sand but that wasn't nearly as fun for the kids cause they weren't allowed to play in the waves there