Saturday, February 6, 2010

Matching Daughter

Hosted my daughter's 1st Birthday Party. Thought it would be small if I only invited 8 of her friends but since each baby is from a family of 4 plus our family hosted a 52 people party at our house while it was pouring outside which means no outside space could be used.

Dressed my daughter in the puffiest and cutest ballet tutu, so had to wear something that wouldn't clash with her. Was going to wear a really cute white dress but it was too cold for a summer dress.

Outfit: black leggings, grey tunic lenght sweater that has a pictures of two legs in black fishnet stockings and chains on ankles but in pink ballet shoes on point. Ballet shoe necklace, ugg boots.
I wish I could come up with a flashier outfit but didn't have time.
My mom's outfit on the other hand was very creative. She had this light blue top with rosettes peeking under the pink flowered cardigan. Light colored jeans, with a pink studded belt and bronze pink wedge loafers. Very flashy stylis but yet appropriate to the ballerina b-day girl.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nice to get compliments

So even though not much on the agenda worth dressing up for, figured I should wear something nice anyway...

Here is a trick I follow, as I browse through fashion magazines (late at night before going to bed), or looking through catalogs or windows of stores I get inspired for outfit ideas. I will either cut out the page of the inspriation outfit, or write down the outfit idea in a small notebook I keep that I write all sorts of notes and to do lists. I obviously do not have time to confirm if the idea works in adavnce so I just have to wing it last minute and if it doesn't work it gets annoying but what can you do?

So, currently I have a list of outfits that I wrote down but have not tried it out yet. I picked one of those today... I also feel I need to wear all the semi- cold to cold weather outfits soon before it warms up too much here in San Diego.

Outfit: Dark Grey skinny jeans (can you tell I love skinny  jeans?), black and red plaid gap collored shirt with a little ruffle on the front, black leather soft wide belt cycnched at the waist, steve madden flat suede tigh high boots. Dark brassy gold hoop earings to match the dark brassy gold buckle of the belt. Would have loved to match a purse too but my juicy diaper bag will have to do since I have no room for an additional purse.

Activity: Play time at Kid Ventures then Hullaballoo (kid band) concert at gym ventures.  After naps, taking daughter to swim lesson. Since I have to go in the pool with her I ditched all the accessories, the suede boots (not water friendly) and the shirt (who has time to button up a shirt).  I put on a grey cotton t-neck topped with a cropped grey sweater since it got super cold in the afternoon and of course the trusted black ugg boots.

Oh so the title comes from the fact that I got compliments on my first outfit from the girls that work at kid ventures. Now getting compliment on your outfit from a young girl who is single with no kids is saying something cause it means you are dressed cute even by their standards. That was nice.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wrong Choices

So, obviuosly need to think about your day's activities when putting on outfits in the morning.
I thought I was dressing appropriately with my light yellow gap khaki pants, dark blue japanese design Tee, grey and yellow striped long belted cardigan and rocket dog white sneakers for the Outdoor toddler class.

Boy, were the light colored pants a mistake. The art project of markers and stamps with a toddler whose hands were all over my clothes did not make a good combo. At least the shoes were a right choice and wearing layers was good cause running after my speedy crawler daughter and lugging two kids, diaper bag, two lunch bags, stroller and a picnic blanket is sure to give you hot flashes.
Next time, outdoor class = jeans...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lack of sleep = lack of motivation to dress up

Got no sleep last night. both kids were up in the middle of the night and just when we though they were a sleep my son got up for good at 5 AM!
Not very motivated to wear anything nice when you are trying to survive on 4 hours of sleep.

Put on an outfit I have worn before and know it is comfortable.

Outfit: black leggings, dark grey tunic top with a black tree design on it, black uggs. To force some sort of style put on a chunky multi chain necklace.

Activities: Indoor toddler class, taking both kids to swimming, hosting in-laws for dinner.
My daughter turned 1 today!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lacking Motivation

Today was tough. The first half of the day I was in workout clothes since miraculously I managed to get out of the house in time to make it to gym for the 8:30 AM kickboxing class. And amazingly both kids did OK at the kid club house. Then ran around in the same clothes to two different grocery stores.

After coming home, lunch and putting both down for their naps and showering I had very little motivation to wear anything but sweats.

But managed to put on an ensemble I had worn last winter and beat the temptation of putting on my sweats.

Outfit: Brown leggings, burnt orange tunic length fitted sweater top, leather slouchy cognac colored boots, brown wide belt. The belt just did not look right but I didn't have to time to fuss with it. Managed to put on a Betsy heart shaped necklace and brown tone watch.

Activity: Taking kids to Fleet Science center at Balboa Park to take advantage of free museum Tuesdays. Packed place. The outfit held well. The boots have a slight heel but they are comfy (not as comfy as uggs of course). The leggings were comfortable to sit on the floor and constantly pick up my daughter to stop her from putting disgustingly dirty toys in her mouth. The belt was annoying as it kept moving up but oh well...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Running around with both Kids

Keep forgetting to take a photo of the outfits... Hopefully will remember at least once this week.

I find it is very hard to be motivated to dress in anything stylish at 6 AM. So, even though it will save me time to be dressed and ready, I opt to stay in robe and slippers and do other chores early in the AM. That way I am more motivated before going out to dress in something other than sweats.

Today's Outfit: Skinny jeans (figured would wear it one more day before throwing them in the wash), white tee with zebra design (forever 21 item), Yellow long cardigan (Victoria's secret). Would have looked much better with gray patent leather ankle boots but I went with black uggs for comfort. Until it warms up I always go with uggs it seems. Chunky multi-chain necklace.

Take daughter to swim lesson, take son to hair cut, playdate at a friend's house.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comfy but Chic

Today's Outfit: Dark Blue skinny jeans, black ugg boots, white tee with a black girl silihoute with some stone detail, argyle green/cream/black crop hoodie zip up cardigan. Big chunky black and clear necklace.
Like how the argyle goes with the graphic design tee and the chunky necklace adds some style while the uggs bring it back down to earth. If it was warmer I could have also gone with black suede ballet flats but uggs are just so comfy.

Activities: Visiting grandparents house, park, lunch out, lots of grocery shopping.

A lot of these items are from forever 21. That store can be intimidating cause first of all you think to yourself you are no longer '21'. Second of all it is a total chaos in there. Way too many clothes, packed racks and a lot of crazy items some of them very cheap looking. You have to be able to see each piece on its own somehow to figure out their full potential. Some of their pieces have so much good detail that it is hard to beleive how cheap they are. The trick is also pairing couple pieces from there with expansive pieces you already own. Then they blend. Now that I am a mom I do not have the funds to spend on brand names from head to toe. I tend to buy the most stylish pieces cheap as they only tend to last one season or so. I invest in classic items and never buy cheap shoes as they hurt your feet.