Saturday, May 10, 2014


 We have arrived in Hawaii (Oahu island) on Thursday. This is what I wore at night to dinner…

The inspiration was from Anthropologie's lookbook:

My chiffon paisley pants are very comfy and perfect for the resort atmosphere….

Doubled up the cookie lee necklaces in coral and turquoise...

Top - forever 21
Pants - Threadsence
Sandals - C Wonder
Necklaces - Cookie Lee

Had a smooth direct flight to Honolulu and the kids did great in the plane. We are traveling with another couple and their two kids of the same sex and age so the kids swapped seats so the girls can sit together for a while with us while the boys sat together for a while with our friends then they swapped etc…
We arrived to the beautiful island and its tropical warm weather. After getting our bags we were transported to the Aulani (Disney) Resort in a very big van shuttle just for the 8 of us.
The resort was breathtaking and of course they greet you with flower Leighs and necklaces for the kids and water infused with fruit. After a brief description of the resort we made it to our 2 bedroom suite.
Each family took a room and the ladies started unpacking while the dads took the kids immediately to swimming. We decided to get the grocery shopping done right away before entering vacation mode so while the kids swam we jumped in a cab to the super target that was close by.
Bought a whole a lot of snacks and alcohol and food for 2 dinners and some lunches for the suite and came back. What was nice is the bell boys carried it all back to our suite in crates.
After that we were starving the other had eaten already so my friend and I had a dinner together then we went to see the hula dancing show in the lawn! Before crashing very late our time but only 9 PM local time!

Look at those same eyes!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just keep pushing on

Wednesday's outfit was inspired by December 2013 issue of In Style magazine:
 I didn't spend anytime on the hair and it shows… I am a bit under rush and stress getting ready so this the best I could do...

Jacker, Top (cardigan worn backwards) - Forever 21
Pants - J Crew
Loafers - Victoria's Secret (xmas present from my Dad!)
Purse - Thread Show
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

Went to my daughter's preschool. We are going to be gone then the teacher is going on vacation so we won't be back to that class until May 28th!
Afterwards went to lunch then to the library to return our books and get some chapter books for the trip. Then picked up my son and came home. My mom had come and cooked dinner for us and she took the kids to the park so I could pack in peace. Then she and my stepdad took them to swimming and my sister came over to see everyone and gave me the cutest Kate Spade clutch for Mother's Day!
Had a family dinner then cleaned out the fridge and started on the laundry and showering etc…
My daughter was way too excited for the upcoming trip that she had a hard time going down to sleep.
I am staying up super late finishing everything.
Going to schedule this post….
Will periodically post during the vacation!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Tuesday's outfit… Inspiration from Boden Catalog:

I just swapped the polka dots for the top and the yellow for the bottoms. And added red booties for pop of color. The top is actually a v-neck cardigan I am wearing backwards….

 Top, Pants - Forever 21
Jacket - Vince
Booties - Shoedazzle
Sunglasses - Wild Fox

Skipped the outdoor class as I have so little time to get things done before our next vacation. Tough life I know. :)
Cleaned up a few emails in the morning and lined up the stuff I need to run all sorts of errands and loaded up the car.
Started with Nordstrom Rack to exchange the stuff I got for my husband that did not fit.
Got done quicker than we thought so found a Chase bank near there and took care of the money order I needed to send to the consulate.
Then went to my mammogram appointment which they gave me hell for brining my daughter but somehow made it happen and got it done with. I was just super annoyed with one of the ladies who went as far as to say that if my daughter walked out she would just let her because she couldn't take on the responsibility. Even her colleagues were appalled and embarrassed for her.
After that we actually had enough time to hit the post office to mail packages then to the grocery store for a very quick shopping trip to get enough food for the next two days.
Then picked up my son and came home. While the kids played and did their own thing I went through the outfits I plan to pack for our Hawaii vacation. I tried on the outfits I would wear at nights and made sure each piece was used in two outfits with minimal number of shoes.
The day outfits I just laid out simple short top combinations.
Then decided to go big and packed a different swim suit for everyday and two cover-up's!

Here they are all laid out:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coral Reef

Yesterday's Outfit was inspired from 'Who What Wear' site:
Very simple but chic right? 

Denim Jacket - H&M
T-Shirt - Kika Paprika
Capri Pants - Forever 21
Scarf - Coach
Sneakers - Converse

Well, the next morning after our Vegas weekend we had a field trip to Sea World with the preschool class. But didn't want to miss it cause we no longer have passes and it is only $8 a person with the school which is a killer deal.
And my princess had been waiting so anxiously to go as well.
We mostly saw the same stuff but a few things were new.
First of all I was so excited I got to ride the Manta roller coaster ride. There was no line and my friend kept urging me to go while she watched my daughter. Then another friend after me. It was a blast.

The other new thing was these amazing sculptures made out of trash and recycled materials!
I took lots of close-up photos to show you.

And the final new thing was the coral reef area right by the entrance and they have a pool of those fishes that nibble off the dead skin off of you. Such a weird feeling. I forgot to take photos of those….

Being a dolphin during the dolphin show...

After the manta ray grabbed the fish in her hand...