Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Fair to Remember

Wednesday's boho outfit was inspired by this Nordstrom Look:

I had a lighter colored kimono top but it wasn't as long as this one and I liked how this longer one looked. Paired with the hat and fringed suede booties created a very boho look. And Since my kimono wrap was darker color I went with a navy tank instead of a white one…

 I had absolutely no time to change when we came from our day time event and before I went out for may plans that evening. The good thing is where we were going was casual so the outfit worked and here I am at night in the same get-up. Hat and all… Actually got comment on my hat when I was walking on the street. :)

Hat - Sole Society
Tank - Kika Paprika
Kimono - Forever 21
Jean Shorts - TJ Maxx
Boots - Mia
Purse - Thread Show
Necklace - H&M

Well it is the start of summer. I help organize two playdates groups where we fill out the summer calendar with fun events so we don't wake up every morning and wonder what we should do. Our local fair is going on so before our trip we decided to do a big playdate together. It is always a fun but very tiring day. And now our kids are older so we had to go to two different ride areas and half the kids were alreays a bit upset cause they weren't tall enough to ride etc… The youngest was so cute at one of the rides when he got rejected he came crying and said 'I don't have enough inches'!! 
At the end I barely made it home in time to wash up two very dirty children and took my daughter to my mom's while my husband came to take my son to his tennis lesson…

Cotton Candy Madness...

And at night met my girlfriends to take my best friend out for her birthday. She picked 3 very cool foodie type places well actually the first one was a bar that specializes only on whiskey which is her favorite…
Everything walking distance we had a fun night…

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Artist's Corner

Tuesday's Inspiration was from this Nordstrom Look:

Tee - TJ Maxx
Jeans - Victoria's Secret
Plaid Shirt - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelet, Necklace - Cookie Lee
Sandals - C Wonder

My mom came to the rescue and took both kids for a day at a ride park while I started packing for our big east coast trip. Planning all the gifts and the gift wrap and kids clothes.
Then when they came dressed my daughter we went to her friend's birthday party at the park…
Kids had a blast during this 'art' party painting owls on canvas and having fun with friends…