Saturday, November 9, 2013

You are living your story

 Today's combo was inspired by a shoedazzle look book. But instead of wedges I went with my tribal print ankle cuff sandals instead….

My son jumped in as I was taking off my jacket...

Jacket, Jeans - Forever 21
T-Shirt - from Turkey
Sandals - TJ Maxx
Necklaces - Bauble Bar
Bracelets - Bauble Bar, Cookie Lee

Had a full day and unfortunately it was so full that I never got a chance to take photos.
After pre-school, we ran around town like crazy shopping for snacks for the next day then ordering cupcakes then coming home and preparing this 4 clue photo thing for my husbands gift and packing the car with all the gift and my daughter changed into her ballet clothes and off to pick up son then in rush hour traffic to downtown for ballet rehearsal. After we head straight to dinner but had time so even got the car washed before meeting the family for a birthday dinner for my hubby and lil sis!

With my dad and cousin…

He had to open 4 clue's with photos and at the end this was the final collage presentation of the horseback riding, wine tasting, brunch excursion I purchased which we will go in January with 3 of our couple friends!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tough Girl

 This was yesterday's outfit. Inspired by this Chictopia post 
from can you beleive it July of 2011!: 

I actually had a similar different toned kimono top but the style just didn't go. It was the same length as the vest and too boxy. This long and more slim cut one definitely worked better. Just stayed in the totally black and white color combo.

T-shirt, Shorts - TJ Maxx
Chifon cardi - Romwe
Vest - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Purse - Thread Show
Necklaces - vintage
Bracelets - Cookie Lee, Bauble bar….

Finally made it to preschool after missing a few days. Still dealing with identity theft situation talking to more creditors and closing out cards they have opened. THe classic, Electronics, jewelry etc….
Here is the kicker. I got a 'Thank You' card from the sales associate at Zales today saying how happy she was to help me and my fiancé find the perfect timeless pieces!!!!
I can't wait to call them tomorrow to let them know. I already had Citi close that card and removed from my record. I am not sure who is out of the money in these situations. I assume Zales is going to be the one.
I had to run crazy errands for my mom related to her tenant so she can pay her rent then went to pick up my son and after frozen yogurt we went to my son's swim class. There was a big water polo game starting so our section got invaded by about 20 high school boys which my daughter was super scared from. After his lesson we killed time until the swim team try outs and HE GOT IN! We are all so excited. Of course my excitement might die after 3 days a week of practices but we shall see….

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We are all mad here

This combo was inspired by the recent (Oct 2013) J Crew catalog:

I just love and have been collecting outfit's with bordeaux's and tweeds…. So get ready to see some similar color combo's….

Blazer - H&M
Top and Scarf - kika Paprika
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Bracelets - Cookie Lee, Fossil, Etsy
Necklace - Bauble Bar

Oh my goodness, this was a crazy day. My son complained about a tooth ache so I had made a dentist appointment in the morning. But then last night we discovered a rash on him so since he was already missing school in the morning I added a pediatrician appt to.
While we were there we also decided to get their flu shots which turned into a nightmare when my daughter found out she was getting a shot. (We have to do a shot so we don't get my dad sick).
She was hilarious as she left the dr's office and then hung onto the shut door so we couldn't open it to get her. It took two nurses and myself to hold her down to get the shot. My son on the other hand just made this silent scream face for a second and it was done. Afterwards she was telling everyone how it just hurt for a second and it wasn't a big deal!
After barely getting my son back to school by lunch time we went home for lunch ourselves then went to pick up the new prescriptions and I got my flu shot at a drug store clinic. Then it was to the lab. Lots of needles today.
After all that we only had an hour before had to go back to pick up my son. THen we got his hair cut and by the time we hot home and started this complicated homework that involved playing dominos it was dinner time and I hadn't cooked. My hubby came to the rescue with take out greek and we called it a night!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby it’s the Truth

Today's simple yet cute combo was inspired by Kristy from Monochroma.chic blog:
 So simple yet the brown belt over black pants and the pop of yellow was so cute….

Jacket - Victoria's Secret
Tee - stylemint
Jeans - Closet
Belt - Limited
Flats - Paola

We had to skip on school today as we just got back from our trip to find out our fridge door was left ajar so everything in it went bad. Plus unpacking and laundry it was hectic.
My son had his play date with his buddy this time at our house. It was short but they were both so excited.

OH, and I found out someone stole my identity and have opened a line of credit for $9000 to buy furniture and who knows what else. Spent an hour on the phone with the bank to cancel the line of credit, the police to start a case and with the credit bureau put a fraud alert. What a mess.  I hope they are caught very soon as there were cameras where they shopped and they gave a deliver address for the furniture they ordered. The lady felt something was wrong and found our land line through a directory and that is how I was notified. I can't take her enough for going the extra mile.

Heat Burst

Today's combo was inspired by a very old saved photo from Newport News catalog I believe….

Shirt - Mango (from Turkey)
Tee - kika Paprika
Pants, Belt - Forever 21
Necklace - from Turkey
Sneakers - Superga

It was awesome to have an extra hour to sleep this morning with the time change.
Plus my husband did not have a morning match so he took the kids to the pool while I packed and took it easy. We had an early lunch with last night's left overs before checking out of the resort and heading to the tennis center for his last match of the tournament.
They played a contender team from Irvine for the 2nd position in their skill level. The kids were very hard to entertain and keep quiet during the match. Their interest in watching daddy lasted just about 5 minutes out of the 2.5 hour match so it was quite tough. Plus they have to be absolutely quiet during the entire time so that makes it even harder. The final match we broke out the ipads as last resort.
And my husband and his team WON!
We celebrated with some ice cream to cool off from the scorching dry heat then got on the road for our 3 hour ride back home with a stop for dinner….

And here are the kids self entertaining with boxes from the trash then with Ipads: