Saturday, July 3, 2010

Romper Style

I bought this romper back in the states but never had a chance to wear it yet. Just ripped out tag tonight before putting it on I love everything about it. The one shoulder style, the silky satin fabric, the cute bow design and mostly the drapey cut on the one shoulder. My husband thought it was a designer piece and was pleasantly surprised when I told him I bought it for $19! I tried this on with three different kinds of shoes and decided on the ruffle zipper heels at last for this dressy look. The fring necklace is perfect. Since this is a dinner and going out outfit for tonight decided to pair with a chain strap patent leather purse. The rhinestone ring was just enough as an add on accessory.

Satin one shoulder romper - Forever 21
Stretch Belt - Forever 21
Blk leather heels with zipper ruffle detail - BCBG
Chain strap purse - Chanel
Fringe Necklace - H&M
Rhinestone Ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Went to the beach and met some old highschool friends and their kids for a nice beach playdate. Sent daughter home to  mom and kept my son there longer so he can have lunch on the sand and play a bit longer. In the afternoon went to visit my mom's aunt over tea and snacks. At night was our date night. Unfortunately my daughter was a sick a bit so first had to call a Dr and get medicine but were able to go out afterwards. Went out with another couple to a nice American restaurant right on the water with live music in the background. Afterwards we went out to a club first time in a long time for all of us 'parents'. The 30 TL (approx $25) cover per person was steep but the new club right on the water decorated in Morraco style was nice to see.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Castle Explorer

I got inspired for this combo from a page in a Victoria's Secret catalog. They had paired a similar schiffon top with jean shorts. I would have preserved this top of mine for fall/spring but when I saw the combo with shorts decided to bring it here for a summer look. Although it was a bit hot for today but I survived. It is also not the most practical top with kids as the neckline is very loose and when you pick up kids it can easily slide to show off your bra  so I always had to check myself.  These denim shorts are super comfy and provide the needed coverage but still show off plenty of leg.  I used my denim sandals to pick up the blues in the top. Tried on some necklaces but they were taking away from the top so nixed them all and went these funky earings. My mom was once again not surprised when I picked these out among all the other (normal) accessories in her drawer to barrow from. But then again since starting this blog I am now alwasy drawn to the unique and unusual. They are made from simple leather strings and I think some cheap tin circles. To complete that somewhat hippie look picked this hand crochet purse. This and another one similar to this were found in our summer house. I think they belonged to my grandmother. I kept them and this one was perfect with the outfit. Since we always have to walk and frequently use a lightweight umberella stroller I stopped taking huge diaper bags and instead stick absolute necessities in large normal purses like this one.

Schiffon Top - Anthropologie
Denim Shorts - TJ Maxx
Denim ankle cuff sandals - Steve Madden
Funky fringe earings - Mom's
Crochet Purse - Grandmother's
Sunglasses -Chanel
BACKGROUND: Cesme Castle

Today's Activities: Went to the beach in the morning and met some relatives/friends who have a grandaughter a year older than my son. After swim time invited them over for lunch and play. Of course my son did not nap as his playmate did not nap. When they woke up although it was warm we decided to explore the castle of our summer town before dinner time. My son was so excited and my daughter loved to walk the long castle corridor's. Lots of stairs and scary lookout points but beautiful water views. My husband is afraid of heights so he was constantly on the verge of freaking out. I did manage to convince him to take a few photos but I guess the sun made them too washed out. The inside museum photos came out the best. Afterwards we went to a cafe that has a nice size 'ride' park. Kids had a good time trying out bunch of rides. We came home for a quiet dinner and put down two exhausted kids to bed.

Here is our one and only family photo on Turkey. Taken on one of the castle towers. Too bad the kids are so unahppy to be posing...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Layering handmade necklaces

I put together this combo just so I can wear these beautiful necklace. They are both handmade from a street vendor I bought in the city. I wanted a layered look so tried many pairs on her table and thought this was the perfect combo. One is chain with beads which is not all that great but has this super cute butterfly made out of felt material. The other is made from green silk with hand made crochet balls and flowers. Their orange and light green tone looks great I thought on this cream colored understated sundress. I bought this dress as a layerin piece and have worn it under other dresses and skirts this past month. But it is also a great simple and pretty summer dress on its own. It is lined and has pockets. I love the a-lined skirt. To keep the simple look I went with flip flops and the orange color goes with the necklaces.

Cream sundress – Mango
Handmade crochet necklaces – street vendor in Turkey
Orange flip flops with gold sea star - Twiggy in Turkey

Today's Activities: Left early this morning to drive to a my mom's cousins' house to go to their beach (Boyalik). Their beach is similar to the 'Big Beach' lots of white soft and fluffy sand and clear rock free waters. But it is a bit windy and therefore tiny waves break. Kids had a great time. We had lunch and a beach cafe right on the sand so they could eat french fries between swims. My son loves 'doner' (gyro) and eats a whole adult portion by himself so he was in heaven when we ordered that for lunch.  After nice and long naps we drove to another neighborhood (Dalyan) in the summer town to visit another relative. They live here year round and have accumulated lots of animals: A Dog, Cat, bird, 2 turtles, fish and chickens. The kids loved collecting a fresh egg from the chicken coup and our host cooked it right away for them to eat. We then had take out and came home to eat dinner. At night after the kids went to bed we hosted a couple friend of my mom's for drinks and a nice chat.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twist on a White Maxi

So, I think this is the third time I am wearing this dress. Firs time I wore it with a white scarf, stone necklace and ankle cuff beige sandals. The second time was with chain necklaces and denim chained sandals. The thing is it is a maxi dress, not much you can really do with it. I got the inspiration for this combo from Zara's window. They had dresses like these with brown leather belts. Of course those dresses for 90TL where as I got this one for 35 TL (approx $25). I was going to wear my own kors heels but they are more mustard color were as these heels of my mom's were a better match. Added my street vendor bought hand made leather and bronze coin necklace and my beach bag to complete look.

White Maxi Dress - from Turkey
Leather Belt - Limited
Brown leather strappy heels - Mom's
Straw and leather beach bag - Zara
Leather and coin necklace - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Went to the beach again (which is going to be a pretty much standard activity for us here). After lunch and naps went to the beach again. Kids just burn so much energy playing in the sand and swimming and getting fresh air without feeling hot it is the perfect and only activity during day time hours. We came a bit early though and still had to kill 1.5 hours before dinner so immediately called around and went to a friend's house for an afternoon tea. It was a house with kids so they had a good time. Stayed home tonight after dinner to play cards over cocktails.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Got inspired for this outfit when I saw all the crochet dresses in the new Chanel line. I was super excited when I saw this vest in my mom's closet. She also gave me this cream lace looking top which was perfect to wear underneath as it was the same color. It would have looked killer if I had black shorts but the only black bottom I had here was my jeans. These boots look a lot sexier on bare legs. My mom also gave me one shell necklace and one mother of pearl pendant necklace she was not wearing. I layered them here for a great summer look. Also wore my new and early b-day gift from mom which is a large scroll cubic zircone ring.

Crochet Vest - Mom's
Cream lace corset top (worn underneath) - Mom's
Dark grey skinny jeans - CLOSET
Booties - Juicy Couture
Leather Purse - Thread Show
Shell Necklaces - Mom's
Cubic Zircone Ring - B-day gift from Mom

Today's Activities: Went to the beach in the morning and met some friends for a fun playdate. After lunch and naps decided to ditch the beach and have a backyard 'slip and slide' party instead. Kids had fun and the grass got soaked. Late afternoon left the kids to my mom and the housekeeper and went for a date night. Had dinner at a new port (photos were taken there) then visited another cool beach front hotel but finally went to downtown 'Alacati' for dinner. This town is georgous all historic white stone buildings and cobblestone streets. The restaurants and shops have the cutest themes and decorations. Must go there during the day for a photo shoot one of these days.

Here we are having a drink at the Alacati Port. There was ton of fish in the water below we can feed and watch...

Monday, June 28, 2010


This was a combo I had put together when I first bought this tee from Anthropologie back in the states. It definitely goes with my bright orange shorts. But to really make it over the top I decided to add the hot pink belt. There is both pink and orange in the tee so it works. Here I also added my new yellow watch a gift from my sister and a gold charm bracelet and a gold evil eye ring. I love the denim sandals due to their color with this outfit. I realize the silver chains on them doesn't really go with the gold in the belt and jewelry but oh well.

Flowery Tee - Anthropologie
Orange Shorts - Forever 21
Yellow resin watch - Venigner
Gold charm bracelet - Guess
Evil eye ring - boutique in Turkey
Denim ankle cuff sandals - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: Went to the biggest beach in the summer town this morning. Since it was a weekday the mostly over crowded beach was empty and was beautiful. Miles of soft and fluffy white sand and rockless smooth bottom light blue water. Kids once again loved it. After lunch and naps we all got dressed. Dropped off my mom at her cousin's house and went to the famous 'Golden Dolphin' hotel. It wasn't as exciting as I had imagined. We just strolled around for a while and had tea and dessert. Came home to allow the kids run around and play in our yard before dinner. After a choatic dinner (which is always the kids with our kids for some reason) we had more playtime and finally put them to bed. Had a nice quiet evening chatting and playing cards over cocktails.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Straw Fedora

Since today was again an overcast day and last night I was freezing in my short outfit decided to dress warmer today. Unfortunately all that is left in my outfit combo list is short outfits this had to be put together adhoc. Even though this tee is pretty cute with just jeans it was too boring. I added this super cool straw fedora I saw in mom's hat ract and thought it brought the whole outfit together. My husband brought all my fashion magazines and I was reading the June/July issue of People style watch and saw a whole page on straw fedora and cowboy hats being in style. It was great that she had this hat. I love this tee as well. Other than being stripes which is totally in style it has this 'I heart IST' wording on it with silver studs. IST stands for 'Istanbul'. In the afternoon I added more accessories to the outfit. Tied the hand made crochet red necklace as a bracelet around my silver watch. And wore simple silver hoop earings. On the other arm was a charm bracelet my husband brought for mother's day gift that has my kids names and birth dates engraved. Will take a photo of that on another day.

Thought this rusty door was a cool background but might be a looking a little to rundown.

Straw Fedora Hat - Mom's
Striped Tee - LC Waikiki from Turkey
Skinny blue jeans - Forever 21
Slip on converses -

Today's Activities: Too overcast and cool for the beach so took the kids for a stroll instead and played with some new toys at home. After lunch and naps my uncle and cousin came to visit. When the kids woke up we went to a relative's house and played in the playground etc.. in the afternoon. Was home at night for a quiet evening.