Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bazaar Warrior

I know I got inspired for this combo from a fellow blogger or a photo in a magazine but can't remember which. The glitter tank with the thin denim shorts is cute but an expected pairing, however adding a brown belt and tan colored shoes makes it interesting. And I have to admit I took off the shoes after the photo shoot and put on brown flip flops for majority of the time when I was with the kids then put them back on when going out at night.  I used hardly any jewelry. Just the all black watch which goes great with the black writing on the tank top and the thin evil eye bracelet on a red satin string.

'Back to Rock' Tank - From Turkey - LC Waikiki
Thin Denim Shorts - From Turkey - Jei WEIL
Brown Belt - Limited
Black watch - from bazaar in Turkey
Evil eye bracelet on red string - from Turkey
Tan sandals with gold studs - Michael Kors (from TJ Maxx)

Today's Activities: Went to the beach by myself with the kids. Had a good time with a friend there.  The water was beautiful and flat. Brought back the kids and left with my mom to the saturday bazaar again. Probably our last time so we shopped our hearts out. Even managed to find an authantic Anna Sui top! You have to search for 30 minutes before finding those one of a kind pieces of course so not that easy in the boiling heat. But, mom and I are experts at this so walked away with great stuff. After we got home we hosted a playdate. Kids had a blast running around and had a chance to chat and drink tea. After the kids went to bed went to my mom's cousin's house to chat and play cards.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I can't say this was the most successfull combo. I wanted this look of lacey skirt peeking out of a simple t-shirt but this is actually dress and since it is a-line it somewhat bulks under the tee around the waist line. Oh well. I piled on all my gold chain necklaces (total of 3) to compliment the light golden design on the t-shirt. To continue the off white look went with a bone ring and tied a cream scarf around my wrist. I realize now it somewhat looks like a bandage than an accessory. Like I said not my best. Finally finished it off with my rose gold flip flops.

Off White tee with gold design and a knot - Forever 21 (mom's)
Cream summer dress - Mango
3 Gold chain necklaces - Forever 21 (bought at different times)
Bone leaf ring - from Turkey, gift from my aunt
Cream scarf tied around the wrist - from Turkey (bazaar)
Rose flip flops with silk roses - BCBGirls

Today's Activities: Had a good night, woke up at a normal hour. My daughter actually slept in with my mom until almost 10 AM! Went to the beach a bit late but the weather was perfect. All our friends and family were there, so stayed longer and had lunch there again. Hope to try to pack lunch tomorrow. After naps we went out to eat 'lokma' (syrupy dessert) and also bought some books for my son. He talked non-stop during the whole outing asking about every little thing he saw. His brain is like this sponge that is just dying to absorb everything around him. Cute but also exhausting. My daughter choses to explore and learn by touch so she is constantly on the move, quietly getting into trouble. We came home early evening to play in the yard under shade. Had dinner late and stayed home to play cards/dominos.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Got this cute tank top at the Bazaar last saturday and put this combo together with the items I have here with me on this trip. Due its design it is best worn when pulled all the way down so you can see the full photo and writing. Either skinny jeans or tights. Might also go over skirt (will try soon). 'Izmir' is the name of the city I am from and where I am visiting now. On the top it has names and photos of its famous landmarks and neighborhood names. Loved it. For 5TL (approx $3.50) great bargain too. I kept the whole look casual with the black converses but to contrast added the bead bib necklace. I remembered later to also wear my new all black watch which went great.

'Izmir' Tank Top - from Turkey
Dark Grey Skinny Jeans - Closet
Slip on shoes - Converse
Black Bead Bib nekclace - Forever 21
Black Watch (not shown in photos) - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Had a rough night with the kids last night, my daughter did not go to sleep until 4:30 AM and woke up my son on and off during that whole time. Even though the lady and my mom tried to help neither kid would go to them so I ended with both in my bed and did not fall a sleep until 5 only to wake up at 7 AM! Brutal. Went to the beach in the AM but it was windy and my kids refuse to go in when there are waves so we cut it super short and came home. Let my daugther take her nap before lunch so she can catch up. Went back to the beach (no kids) to meet the family and have lunch. When we got home kids were awake. Hung out around the house. Had a mini playdate with a neighbor and hosted some relatives. Hoping for a better night and day tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poolside Ease

This was a simple get up put together for an after pool outing at a friend's house. I actually wore this over my bathing suit as I was going there. Put the necklaces in a bag with kids dry clothes. After the pool just added the necklaces for a cute outfit put together. Bought this dress at a bazaar for under $10. I plan to do a combo with it using it as a skirt with a blouse over it when I go back to states. It had straps but they are oddly placed so I just tuck them in and use them to hang the dress only. The bead and wood necklaces are from the bazaar as well. They are super long so you can layer then anyway you like. Don't expect them to last long with the kids but for $2 each it doesn't really matter. These sunglasses are my beach pair. I don't dare take my chanels to the sand.

Purple dress - from Turkey (Alacati Pazar)
Wood and bead necklaces - from Turkey (Alacati Pazar)
Orange flip flops with gold sea star charm - Twigy
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

Today's Activies: Went to the beach this morning, it was nice weather and calm waters, perfect beach day. After lunch and naps we took the kids to my friend's house for a pool playdate. She has a daughter close to my daughter's age. The kids loved the non salty pool water and jumping in and out. They served goodies and tea right by the pool. Their place is great for kids with a huge grass area where all the patios of the surrounding houses face. Lots of room for kids to run around and play. Afterwards we hung by their house and let the kids have fun. Below is my son running between my legs which is an odd game! :) We got home for late dinner and after the kids went to bed played cards.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Orange Inspiration

Got inspired for this look from a photo in the July issue of the Lucky magazine (inspiration photo below). And luckily I had all the necessary pieces with me in Turkey so could wear it here. I like the cream and bronze with the bright orange. To accessorize (which you can't see really well) wore all my beaded evil eye bracelets over a D&G gold watch. The bronze thongs complete the look. And this purse with the blue and orange and gold was perfect for the outfit.

Cream Schiffon top with bronze sequins - DKNY
Orange Shorts - Forever 21
Bronze glitter belt - Forever 21
Bronze thong sandals - Chinese Laundry
Watch - D&G
Evil eye beaded bracelets in white, navy, orange and yellow - from Turkey
Matte gold hoop earings
Charm purse - Forever 21

Here is the inspiration photo:

Today's Activities: Went to the close by beach with a stroller this morning since my parents had to use the car. Kids did not really enjoy this beach as it was rocky and no other kids were there to play with. We came home early for baths and lunch and naps. When they woke up took my aunt and went to our usual beach club. They had a blast. My daughter now goes in and out of the water and swims freely with her arm floaties like a 3 yr old. Everyone looks at her in amazement. She gets very mad if you try to hold her. What I love is her twirls in the water and constant singing and a big smile plastered on her face. After we got home showered and dressed went to our neighbor's daughter's birthday party. Kids had fun and ate way too much sugar but luckily ate their dinner anyway after we got home. Stayed home tonight to watch Alice in Wonderland on video.

This is another art piece by my step dad. Statue of the greek island houses:

Gypsy Denim

Still behind one day but trying to catch up. This is a combo I put together just so I can wear the headband! The denim dress is my mom's and apparently it is my cousin's high school dress which she gave it to my mom. Funny how things come back in style. The headband gives it a cutesy feel so to roughen up the look went with the black sandals and my new all black watch. The necklace is also very old from the 70s (belongs to my mom), I saw a super similar necklace on the new Elle magazine for a fall look which I will adopt but thought it also went good with this dress.

The photos are taken on an all mosaic tile chair my artist step dad made for their summer house...

Denim Dress - All Star
Headband - handmade from Turkey
Necklace - Vintage
Black Sandals - Boutique 9
Black Watch - iwatch

Today's (Monday's) Activities: Went to the beach in the am with my parents, cousin, sister and my aunt. Met more family members there so stayed a bit longer and had lunch at the beach club. I did nap when the kids napped. When we woke up hosted another family member with a new baby for a little while. Played with the kids at home then went to my mom's cousins for a visit after they went to bed. Another super late night.