Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going Mini

This is my 1 of 3 skirts I bought this season. Since this a-line full skirts are in style I looked for types that have pockets and made of material or cut that will not fly up in the wind. This one came in white as well but I loved this dark jean color. The tone on tone flower stiching adds inderest. The elastic waist is perfect and comfy. I have 4 looks that go with this skirt. It is shorter than the hot pink one I wore a week ago though so I think I will reserve these looks for weekend where I have my husband to help with the kids. I had to make sure I didn' bend down straight but compeletely bent my knees to go down to not falsh anybody. The sheer peachy pink blouse is an H&M purchase from NYC from years ago where we didn't have the store in San Diego. The brown goes very nice with that peachy color as well. The suede flats were purchased when I bought my tigh high boots from steve madden as part of a 'get the 2nd pair 50% off' so they came out to be $15! I was going to go with a brown bead necklace but then I noticed this bone colored one in the back and thought it added more interest. Although it looks like one of my original exotic pieces it is actually from F21. The cream/bone colored bangles (again from F21) compliments the necklace. And of course must have a cardigan (I am always cold) and this shrug number pulled all the cream pieces together.

Jean colored a-line skirt - Charlotte Rousse - $15
Sheer Blouse - H&M
Cream Shrug - can't remember
Belt - The Limited
Necklace, bangles - F21

Today's Activities: Kid Ventures with family, playtime at UTC mall followed by lunch where we were joined by my husband's parents (as well as his grandparents who are staying with us until Monday) who drove from LA. After unsuccessfull naps, where this time neither kid slept! we went to Coronado island's ferry landing area to watch the boats, birds and play. Dinner at home with the family. Hate no nap days. The kids are a basket case! Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Grape Jelly

Today's outfit was inspired by a look I saw in Lucky magazine 2 months ago. Lucky did this editorial on creating something like 25 looks using a set of pieces. I loved almost every look. So you will see a lot of looks in the upcoming weeks inspired from that section. I included the photo from the magazine below. They listed where you can get each item but I like to find cheaper variations and of course a lot of the looks are shown with heels so I always substutied with my flat sandals. This layered look will only work in a special weather. It can't be too hot as the layers and the scarf can get too warm. It can't be chilly since it has shorts. Today's weather worked great for this look. The purple top actually is a really dressy corset top I bought for a club outfit from Bebe. It was cool to wear it during the day and since it is covered by layers you can't see it is dressy. That is why I liked this outfit when I saw it cause it gives me a chance to use something I own and don't wear that often. I also realized I can totally adjust the tightness of the vest from the last time I wore it. Looks much better fitted this way I think. This vest is a great layering piece. Over dresses, shorts dresses etc... I love it. The scarf in the magazine photo is from Old Navy but i couldn't find it there. I found mine at Gap. It is still more than I would like to pay for a scarf but I liked it. Since the scarf is enough of an accessory I went with no jewelry. My denim sandals as usual also add embelishment as well.

Here is the inspiration photo...

Khaki Shorts - JCrew - $39
Purple Blouse - Bebe - $60
Navy Vest - F21 - $24
Scarf - Gap - $10
Sandals - Steve Madden - $60

Today's Activities: Playdate at a friend's house with my mommy group. Took our visitors shopping and ice cream (for kids) in the mall in the afternoon. Dinner at home.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hiking Queen

Warned you guys yesterday today was going to be casual. Went on a mini hike with my son's toddler class today. It was his first hike on foot. Now even though I am a born and bred city girl, I am no stranger to hiking. I have traveled to some amazing places and have done some beautiful hikes. Therefore, I have a nice selection of adventure clothes and shoes. From stores like Eddie Bauer and REI that I would have never stepped in otherwise. But, since today's event  was nothing seriuos I still kept my top non hike material. I also like collecting locally made exotic jewelry items from the countries I visit. The necklace here is from the Amazon region of Brazil, the cuff bracelet from the Masai tribe of Kenya, Africa, the rings are from Costa Rica and the green evil eye bracelet is from my home country Turkey. These hiking shoes have been to so many places and have been washed many times. It was nice to take them out from their box they have been sitting since I got pregnant and we stopped our crazy adventure travel (at least until our kids are old enough to appreciate it with us).

Cargo Pants - JCrew
Grey Top - From a bazaar in Turkey
Short Sleve shirt - Eddie Bauer
Utility Shirt (worn like a jacket) - Gap
Hiking Shoes - Merrel - REI
Jewelry - collections explained above

Today's Activities: Hiking at Mission Trails Park with our Mommy and Me toddler class followed by a nature talk and craf time. In the afternoon we welcomed my husband grandparents and all went to the kids Music class followed by dinner at home.

Here is my son (in the gap hat) and my friend's son checking out a caterpiller on our hiking trail.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rosey Dreams

Well, I am back to dressing up. At least for today as tomorrow will have to be casual since we are going on a nature hike but that is tomorrow's blog...
So, this whole outfit was put together actually to wear my really pretty pink/grey lizard Kate Spade sandals. However, since I had no evening plans that required heels it was worn with these flats. These shoes and this top has been sitting in my closet for I don't know how long. The top was one of those pieces that I thought would be great to have. It is linen on top and silk on the bottom. And the ruffles are so girly (totally me!) But never figured out exactly what to wear it with. The shoes were a bargain find at TJ max and liked the pretty stiching and the fact that they were flats. But don't think I have worn them more than once. I was happy to create an outfit that used both pieces. The wrap around cardigan is very versatile. It looks great open or wrapped around. It was a great purchase since I seem to wear it a lot. The necklace is another item I wear it all the time. If you have not noticed I love pink so this necklace is my go to accessory whenever I wear pink which is often.

Pink linen/silk camisole top - La Radoute catalog
Wrap around Cardigan - F21
Dark Grey Skinny Jeans - Closet
Pink flats - I can't make out the brand as it is worn out
Necklace - Betsey Johnson - Nordstrom's

Today's Activities: Indoor toddler class with the kids. After naps (which my son did not nap!) took them swim class followed by grocery shopping. After dinner their uncle and grandpa (my dad and brother) came to entertain them.

It is probably time I should mention the blog will be going international very soon. Me and the kids are leaving for Turkey in less than 2 weeks and might stay up to 4 months. It is a family emergency there so we are going in a rush. I am in denial still that we are leaving so soon and for so long and the fact that I am taking two toddlers in the middle of a city. These kids as you can see from our activities are spoiled to death living in sunny San Diego and belonging to every kid activity/park that is available. I think the concept of a 'park' in my city (Izmir, Turkey) implies a nice clean grass area. I am hoping the busy crowded city streets in itself will be an entertainment for them. We shall see. They will get ton of attention from family and the language and culture will become concerete in their character so for that I am very happy. I just hope they behave and I get to spend time with my sick Grandpa.
As far as the blog is concerned, the outfits probably will go up a notch. This is a city and culture where 'not wearing sweats' is not a challange as no one wears sweats unless they are exercising which they rarely do. You know those TV shows like Sex in the city and Lipstick jungle where the women wore cocktail dresses to day time lunches etc... and you thought who are these people? Well, that is my city. Last year I took all my dressy evening clothes and they were totally appropriate for day time gatherings. Very dressy and modern so should be cool to dress up. But,  I will still have the kids full time so lets see how I manage.

Casual in the Wild

Wild Animal Park that is...

Continuing with the casual style this week. By the way thank you so much for hte supportive comments on my casual outfit yesterday. I thought if I didn't dress up I would get nothing it was nice to see I had support. 
Found this combo in an old outfit list on my computer. I have always loved mini skirts but with kids it is not a concept that can be pulled off. So, I like the idea of wearing leggings underneath. I do this same style with jean mini skirts as well (sure to come up in the following weeks). I don't usually wear sneakers. When it is cold I go with uggs, but since it was a warm day and I needed good shoes to tackle the hills of Wild Animal Park needed an outfit with sneakers. I ordered a new pair of converse slip on sneakers for this purpose but they haven't arrived yet.

Top - Polo - TJ Maxx
Corduroy Mini Skirt - can not remember where I got this
Brown Leggings - from Turkey
Cream zip up hoodie - Delia's catalog
Sneakers - Saucony - TJ Maxx
Double brown belt - F21 - $9

Today's Activities: Wild Animal Park with a good friend and her kids. I love this city I live in. There is so much to do with kids and a weather that allows you to do them all year round. I am spoiled but I never take it for granted. So, all these activities you see like Sea World, Zoo, Wild animal Park, Aquarium are all parks we have annual passes too. That way we can go as much as we want and it is very affordable. In the afternoon had to run errands and Dr appointment. Met my husband by his work to swap the cars (with kids) so he can take them to the park and home and I can go to my Dr's appointment.

How to get the 'half tucked' look...

When I was dressing today, I wore my shirt in a 'half tucked' style which I love and thought I could do tips on how to achieve this look.

The key ingredient is a belt. Must have a belt tied around your waist hips so you can use it as an anchor.

If your top is somewhat short ending at your hips you can leave it un tucked but just fold one half of the front part to fall over the belt buckle. The buckle will hold it in place and half exposing the belt creates the look. See my photo...

If the top is long, start with tucking it in and then pull one side or both sides a little out. Again the front can be anchored by the belt.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bright Casual

So, yes, today was my first relapse of not dressing up. Mondays are tough. If I have a productive weekend where I at least finish the laundry and do half the grocery shopping etc, I start the week much more motivated. But this Easter weekend was one of those weekend where nothing got done for the house. Hence, I woke up this morning with 2 loads of laundry that needed to be folded and put away. Fridge that needed to be cleaned and grocery list that needed to be made and shopped for. And no other fun plans plus a rainy weather so wore leggings and a sweatshirt. I figured I should at least wear something bright on this cloudy and rainy day. I bought this sunny yellow sweatshirt couple months ago. It has a pastel blue, candy pink and black logo on the front and back. So paired it with a pink polo underneath but it was never even warm enough to take off the sweatshirt all day. And my trusty uggs are just perfect on days like this. They feel like slippers and I forget to take them off when I get home. So comfy and warm.

Sweatshirt - Roxy - Costco - $25
Pink polo top - VS Pink - VS catalog clearance - $12
Black leggings - F21 - $13

Today's Activities: Housework, then grocery and errands in the am. Waited for the cable guy in the afternoon (can you beleive our cable went out again! AT&T and I are not best friends let me tell you that.) Went to a friend's house for a nice playdate in the afternoon.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sometimes it is pretty just the way it is

You know lately, I am all about layering, adding accessories and pairing unexpected combos. But this should be left as it is. It is just one of those dresses that will always stay in style and needs very little. I bought this 5 years ago. It is one of those items you remember exactly where and how much because it was a great steal. Perfect for summer day weddings or cocktail parties. I wore it two weddings. And it was a good choice for our Easter brunch this morning. I tried it on with other shoes (platforms) that are more in style now but this classic pair still looked the best. The dress is such a focal point that shoes should be invsible. These brown sandals are so thin in every way they are pretty much invsible. This dark brown clutch looks great with this outfit but to tell you the truth, I only took it out for photos. When going somewhere with kids, 'clutch' is a lost cause. You do not have a spare hand to carry anything without a handle. Previously I had worn the dress with a dark pink stone bead necklace but liked how this brown madellion looked.
My son of course insisted he poses with me as my Dad took the photos before we left.
Oh, I should add that I used total of 6 safety pins on the dress, 3 on each side! They were needed to make sure the dress stays put on top. I pinned to my bra in 3 symmetrical spots. You will see in the action photo at the bottom, it was sweet success...

Dress - diane von furstenberg - TJ Maxx - $80
Shoes - Ann Taylor
Necklace - F21
Clutch - BCBG - - $100

Today's Activities: Easter egg hunt followed by brunch with family and friends at the Catamaran Hotel. Very late naps due to late brunch. Tried to go shopping for shoes for my hubby only to realize stores are closed. So visited my sister and went out to dinner with her. My son who is riled up on candy and choclate was a handful tonight. Finally he is in bed and hope a good night's sleep will reset his mood and behavior.

Here is my little Juliet 'trying' to hunt for eggs.