Thursday, August 2, 2012


 Somewhat similar to yesterday black and white with Fedora combo today is all white. The inspiration was below:

I liked this all white with a white Fedora to top... I actually have white linen pants that I love but the thought of hand washing then ironing them pushed me towards wearing my sweat pant comfy Kika pants which are just machine washable.

The pink is fading fast as you can see. I think I might go for something different next time around...

Tank - Forever 21
Pants - Kika Paprika Bootcut Tencel
Hat - Target
Purse - Thread Show
Sunglasses - House of Harlow
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

Created an activity out of going to sport's chalet to buy goggles for the kids, followed by car wash, stop at the frame store and lunch. My mom joined us so that made it all easier. After quiet time they tried out their new googles with a swim in our pool!
Afternoon family came to visit to hang out.

Spoiled Rotten

 Today's outfit. Wanted to wear these and get them off of my folder....

This coach purse is soooo old. In fact when I pulled it out of my clutch shelf it was covered in this mold looking stain. I just wiped it with a damp cloth and it was fine. Freaked me out though.

Hat, shorts - Forever 21
Tee - Ann Taylor
Cardigan - Guess
Purse - Coach
Sandals - Boutique 9
i-phone Cover - Henri Bendel

We had a very nice playdate at my friend's complex pool. The pool was only slightly heated and our spoiled kids who are so used to heated pools took a bit to warm up but then they were totally fine.
After the most unpeaceful visit to the lab for my blood test we came home to rest but the kids just would not quiet down so we gave up.
Catching up on True Blood and Game of Thrones with my friend tonight...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Girls of Summer

 Today's outfit for during the day to a playdate at a friend who just recently moved in!

Blouse - H&M
Shorts - Forever 21
Jacket - Marshall's
Necklace - Thread Show
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

Went to a playdate at my friend's new house they just bought and moved in a few weeks ago. The kids loved the big open spaces and being with their friends and so did we as mommies.
After coming home and meeting a client. I took the kids to my hubby's work so he can take them to come back home while I continue on north to meet my girls for a birthday happy hour dinner followed by movies in the luxury theaters!
The place we went had great ambiance and of course the luxury theaters are just awesome. The seats are a dream and the fact that waiter service comes right to you throughout the movie including drinks and food makes it all worth it. The birthday girl had picked the cursed movie Dark Knight so that is what we saw.


The pink and pink combo was inspired by Bee's post in her (Atlantic Pacific) Blog:

Jacket, top, peach pearl necklace - Forever 21
Jeans - Newport News
Heels - Boutique 9
Purse - Mulberry for Target
Pink necklace - gift from my Sister

Photos from the Night:

With the Birthday Girl Below:

Luxury Theaters.... The way to go....

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Making a Splash

 Today's colorful combo was inspired by a photo in Last year's (July 2011) People Style Watch:

For the pool b-day party I swapped these blue high heels for blue beaded flip flops!

Hat - Asos
Babydoll Tank - Victoria's Secret
Jeans, necklace - Forever 21
Scarf - Mom's (probably from Turkey)
Heels - Coach

We did a much needed Costco shopping in the morning. I have been holding off to go with my hubby cause I knew it would be a lot to carry and load and unload. As a group it was much easier.
We then had the kids do early quiet time so we can go to their close friend's b-day party at 3 pm.
Although it was a pool party just my hubby going in the pool with the kids was enough so I enjoyed sitting out with the other mom's. Met a couple new ladies even.
Kids had a blast of course and my friend was again out of this world with her 'monster' cup cake creation.

Oh, and here are some photos of the kids yesterday playing at home:

And a fun b-day party today:

 Amazing cupcakes!

Kids give it two thumbs up!