Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Language of Flowers

Friday's outfit was inspired by this look from pintrest:

Loved this combo of polka dots with green plaid blouse and burgundy pants and brown boots…
Also notice my new haircut….

This is actually a cardigan. I buttoned it up and wore it backwards! :)

Cardigan, Blouse, Pants - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden

Crazy busy day of running errands to get ready for the big weekend….
But the morning started nice and sweet listening to my kids entire school sing holiday songs in the auditorium under the leadership of the music and drama teacher. They handed out the lyrics to everyone so we can sing along and it was just so peaceful and happy….

Our wonderful Principal

Then I went around town like crazy alcohol and grocery shopping, finishing wrapping at home and putting away all the wrapping papers, cleaning up and then met my parents for lunch by the school and the afternoon was spent watching my daughter's kindergarten classes perform their 'winter sing' show…
Followed by class parties as kids break for 2 weeks.
My friend and I swapped children as she took my son and hers to basketball practice I kept the younger girls at home for a playdate while I continued getting ready…

And at night I had my bookclub meeting as we finished 'The Language of Flowers'….

Friday, December 19, 2014

This is the moment, Tonight is the night

Wednesday Night's outfit was inspired by this look from the Bloomingdale's Fall 2014 Catalog:

 This look reminded me of this retro velvet top I have in my closet from my mom… Even during my cleansing project it made the cut stayed….

I changed up the outfit and went with shorts instead of skirt for where I was going and keeping the shorts, tights and boots black made the colorful top pop even more….

Top - Vintage
Shorts - Express
Belt - Thrifted
Boots - Ivanka Trump
Bracelets - Baublebar and Forever 21

I am pretty much going on 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night this week. The days are busy getting ready for holidays with making lists, shopping, gift wrapping, mailing cards and so on. While at night I have all these events…
Wednesday night was the crazy event… My friend who is on the mailing list of everything hip and cool in the city got invited to this event at a downtown bar where you get wristbands before 11 PM and they have a drawing at 1 AM for give aways. Last week was $50 MAC gift cards and the night we went was Kate Spade purses. The catch is you can't leave the bar once you get your wristband. So you have to kill hours at a club before the drawing. Given our age and week night it was not the best scenario but we decided to do it because we are crazy. And it was 'Industry' night so all the staff from other bars and clubs were there which made it an interesting crowd. The irony for me was that I was in a class room earlier that day helping kids make 22 gingerbread houses while dancing at a club at night. Felt like I was in two different universes. We made the best of it though and enjoyed the hosted champagne bar and danced all night until the drawing.
And sure enough as luck would have it both myself and my friend's sister won! So sad my friend did not…
Went to bed at 2 AM!



Thursday, December 18, 2014

Faux Real

Tuesday Night's festive outfit was inspired by Atlantic Pacific:
 I have been wanting to wear this for quite some time now. A holiday dinner with the girls was a perfect setting. Chic but lady lux and the fur just makes it all very festive and I added pearls...

When I took off the fur scarf I wanted to have some pearls underneath for the restaurant...

Jacket, Shirt - Forever 21
Skirt - Nordstrom's
Scarf - Asos
Belt - vintage
Booties - Juicy Couture
Purse - DKNY
Pearls - Cookie Lee & Zara