Saturday, January 11, 2014

Give a little hope

 This is what I wore yesterday. So much has occurred since then …

But here was the inspiration from September 2013 issue of People Style Watch:

Jacket - Mom's (vintage)
Sweater, Skirt - Forever 21
Purse - Arden B
Booties - Steve Madden

The days are blending to each other and we are going through a very trying time right now with my Dad but we are certainly trying to make most of our precious time together. The kids and my husband are so happy to have him in our home.
Yesterday (Friday) it was a crazy day with hospice paperwork and meetings and stuff going on and I never got a chance to really get dressed and on top of everything else it just made me more depressed and emotional. May be it is kind of a self therapy for me to feel like myself when I dress up.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

To the Point

 Yesterday's comfy outfit came together so cute…

The inspiration was from Lucky's September 2013 issue:

 I love this 'fisherman' sweater. It is thick so I save it for those cold days. It has the right amount of bulk to contrast with the tightness of the leggings. 
And my leather front legging s with zipper detail I felt was cooler...

 My super old work shoes from the past...

 Sweater, Leggings - Forever 21
Hat - Thrifted (was purchased for a costume)
Heels - Steven
Purse - Thread Show

WEDNESDAY: I had my own infusion appointment in the morning so dropped off my daughter at my mom's so she can take her to pre-school. Afterwards they kept her for the day so I rushed back home to be with my dad. Getting him to go out mid day so he can get some fresh air and vitamin D from the sun and a change of pace from the bed. After I picked up my son he even laid down in the living room to play Chess with him as he dictated the moves. 
Then my daughter came home and we did swim practice and back at home for a nice dinner together. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moody Blues

 Yesterday's outfit didn't come out as I imagined… 
The inspiration was from Victoria's Secret Fall (2013) edit:

 As you can see I actually own this same tank from them but even in size small it has too much material and the whole looks a bit too baggy/frumpy… Oh well. You know me for an everyday look, I stick with the outfit even when it is not my favorite. I honestly do not have time to change.

 This is a very old skirt from Banana Republic. I used to wear it to work. I am not crazy about the cut as it has no shape but it is a high quality fully lined maxi skirt with two side slits so I keep it for those rare combo's I need such piece...

Jacket - Forever 21
Tee - Victoria's Secret
Skirt - Banana Republic
Sneakers - Converses

We went to the outdoor class which was quite small as people are still struggling to get back into routine I guess. The weather I thought was supposed to continue warm but the park was right on the water and it was soooo cold I was freezing. Couldn't wait to get back to warmth. Had to go pick up my dad's prescription at the drug store which was a mess cause they didn't have it ready and we had to kill 30 minutes in there where my daughter had two potty accidents and every time we went to the restroom I couldn't hear the announcement so had to get in line to find out if the pills were ready and the girl kept acting like she had never seen me. It was one of those scenes you see in a sitcom I have to tell you.
We did have just a little bit of time to go to the indoor play area then it was picking up my son and coming home for homework and dinner and baths...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Take a Bow

 Last night's outfit going out with the girls for an 'anniversary dinner' special at one of our favorite restaurants. As I said yesterday I didn't have to change but wanted to try out this funky combo…

Got the idea from the Mosschino Ad in Vogue's Sept 2013 issue:

It was more of the concept of mixing red plaid tartan and black and white together.. Any new idea to incorporate my lita's which I absolutely love… I feel 6'9" in these things and they are so solid and comfy...
So I layered the tunic length button up blouse with a faux leather collar under the short sleeved sweater which is part of a twin set from sooooo many years ago.
Then I added the plaid and studded leather bow barrette's as pins and also this military looking necklace...

Oh and this is a new addition to my hat collections. Called a 'boater' hat. Has a much different feel than a fedora. 

 Hat, Blouse, Pants - Forever 21
Sweater - Express
Purse - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 
Necklace - H&M

I left after the kids were bathed and eating dinner. My son ran up to pose with me in his PJs. He is getting so tall even with my Lita's on. :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

You're a good girl and you know it

 Today's day outfit. I will probably change into something else for going out with the girls. Not because I need to but because I have so many inspirations I want to try out so any opportunity is good enough as long as I have time…

Today's combo was inspired by another Forever 21 'shop by outfit' look: 
 This was years ago. I had purchased the tee actually after seeing this look. It is one of those cute and funky graphics that make it very cool. I didn't photograph but the sleeves are actually ruched and the material is a higher quality lycra not their thin t-shirt material. I think my sister owns this tee too…

I paired it with a skirt I haven't worn I bet in the last 10 years. It is one of those classic cuts so you don't get rid of it. I had purchased it for work years ago cause the material did great during travel and never wrinkled. I traveled quite frequently back then...

Cardigan & Tee - Forever 21
Skirt - DKNY
Belt - Limited
Booties - Steve Madden

Ah it is always so hard to get back into routine after a 2+ week break during the holidays. Waking up around 6:45 was like someone holding a gun to my head. I tried to argue with my husband in a not awake yet state that didn't I usually wake up at 7 AM which he reminded me I did not.
So I hauled my butt out of that bed and got ready. It is ridiculous freezing in the mornings. So even though I know the weather is going to warm up 20 degrees it is so hard for me to wear something that shows skin. Especially barefoot. I just can't go without socks and boots during winter. Unless I can stay in my PJs until 11 AM and get dressed while it is warm.  So even showing this much skin was hard to bear but I stuck it out until it got warmer…
We went to my daughter's pre-school. It was nice to see everyone after a long absence. Then back at home she dressed as a diamond fairy and danced to classical music while I made phone to calls to make my Dad's dr appointments and we ate lunch. Then it was already time to pick up my son and come home to homework before going to his swim practice…
After we came home my husband took over while I got ready to go out with the girls! :)