Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rainy Day Style

Suppose to rain today so decided to wear an outfit that would go with my classic khaki trench. I got this from a banana republic sale for $99 about 10 years ago! It never goes out of style and because I own way too many coats and trenches especially for a person living in southern california it has not aged at all. My inspiration came from another magazine page where they showed this type of a trench with 'skinny jeans', over a lacey dress or with bare legs and heels. I liked them all. Would love to find a lacey dress to do the other look as well.

Outfit: Dark grey skinny jeans, brown sheer paisley top, khaki cropped military vest (again very old), brown suede flats, brown ethnic bead necklace (from Turkey), Chloe purse and khaki classic trench coat.

Activities: Taking son to dance lesson. Meeting hubby and daughter at tennis courts to show my son tennis before the rain starts. Lunch at Broken yolk. In the afternoon went to Verizon to upgrade phones and stopped by sister's new house. I carried my uggs in the car in case we were out when it was rainning hard as the suede flats would not have been appropriate.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Peachy Chic

So, this is one of those outfit ideas I had on my list for quiet some time but never got a chance to try it out. Today was a good day as it looked somewhat warm but not too much where a jacket was still necessary. This peach color is totally in now. It can be worn with black grey tones like I did here. Also goes great with khaki and military green colors as well. To keep it casual I tucked the jacket's belt in my pockets. When you tie the jacket it looked too dressy. I also thought it would go well with my grey booties but it was too much. These new rose colored (which is so in now) flip flops from BCBG girls (TJ Max find) went pretty good with it. Jacket and top are both from Forever 21. Jeans are from Closet. But I don't think they show their price at all. Accessorized with the simple necklace from H&M in peach/pink/orange tones and rose gold colored thin hoop earings.                                        Outift:  Dark grey skinny Jeans, peach schiffon top, white/black/grey animal print jacket, rose metal colored leather flip flops with silk flower detail, necklace and earings.     Activities: Playtime at Kid Ventures followed by kid concert at gym ventures in the AM. Visiting grandparents and shopping for kids at Kohl's in the afternoon. It actually got too cold in the afternoon and I swapped the flip flops with leather flat knee high boots.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Layered look in the AM, ballerina inspired in the PM...

So, another sleepless night therefore not much inspiration. Wore my old cords but decided to do 3 layers on top more to match the ever changing temp during the day than a fashion statement. If you are wondering when I put these outfits together and take the photos, it is always in the morning during my daughter's morning nap. My son is alwasy at my side playing. He is used to the tripod picture taking now and always insists I take his photo too. Couldn't resist including today's. :)

Outfit: Blue cords, brown tank top, white shirt with blue/tan flower design, brown belt, tan hoodie, brown/blue street sneakers.

Activity: Outdoor toddler class.

Sneakers were very comfy and the layers worked out OK.

At night went to a chairy fashion show event at Neiman Marcus with free cocktails and appetizers. Can't beat a night out with the girls at a cost of $0 thanks to my friend who is always aware of events like this.
Wore my ballet dress but this time with the boyfriend blazer. Instead of sticking with just black and pink, added grey/silver to the mix to keep it interesting.

Outfit: H&M pink tulle strapless dress, black boyfriend blazer, grey tights, grey booties, black belt, grey/black/silver scarf, black fringe purse.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too tired to be inspired...

No new outfits today... Both kids kept waking up through the night and by morning I was too exhausted. Thought about cancelling all the plans but the idea of trying to console to tired and cranky kids when I am exhausted myself made me change my mind. Wore the same outfit from Sunday (ballet sweater with leggings and uggs). Instead of a pink scarf though I put on a pink cardigan and a pink designed headband.

Activities: Toddler class that was supposed to be indoors was moved to outdoors (to a very lame park) due to flooding. Swim class and grocery shopping in the afternoon (so tired of grocery shopping almost everyday! keep going to different stores to take advantage of specials and get different snacks but it is tiring)..Thank God my mom came with me so it was a bit easier, and dad stopped by during dinner time which also helped. Glad to have parents in the same town!

Hopefully I will be more inspired tomorrow. Will make a point to think about some ideas before I fall a sleep which always helps.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Inspiration Creation...

So, now I am all for utilizing what is already in my closet and turning summer dresses into items that can be worn in winter (San Diego winter anyway)...
I even took a photo of the magazine (InStyle) that inspired me to show how I use the photos I see to work for my own clothes. The idea was wearing a long sleeve top under a short sleeve dress and adding a belt. Instead of wearing a cardigan over it.
I had this H&M dress in my closet for a while now and have worn it only a few times. I could have worn a black top underneath but thought that would be too predictable. So, I wore a purple one. And looking at the photo it actually totally blends. Instead of platform heels shown in the magezine I opted for suede slouch boots (this time I was happy that the tigh high boots slouch all the way down). And I was even more excited when I found a suede belt in my closet. The fit is wrong but I simply tied it tight and it stayed put all day!

Outfit: Short sleeve wrap around dress in jewel tone colors from H&M, purple top underneath, black slouchy suede boots and black suede belt tied at the waist. Black lava rock necklace was a perfect match.

Activities: Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, Playdate at a friend's house in the AM, Natural History Museum in the afternoon.

Now, this outfit obviously would not work at all if I was going to a sandy park or anywhere where I had to bend down a lot and sit on the floor. The wrap around skirt does not provide a lot of coverage in those positions. But it was perfect for a house playdate and an afternoon at a museum.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Flower Belt

So, I had ordered this blue suede flower belt soooo long ago from the La Radoute catalog thinking it would be such a cool piece. I never figured out how to wear it. I saw in the March people style watch magazine Claudia S. having a similar belt and wearing it with a number of outfits. So, today tried to put together my own with the belt.
I figured how to set  the mini tripod and take my photo on my bedroom balcony with the timer. My son who is always there when I do this insisted today he is in the photo too.

After the photo though I realized it looks even cooler if I roll up the cuffs of the pants just enough to show the ankle piece of the new sandals.

Outfit: Khaki pants, blue suede flower belt, burgandy/pink top with stone neckline (also very old but back in style) tucked in, my new steve madden jean sandals.

Activities: Took the kids to PB boardwalk in the morning, than hit Trader Joe's for groceries. In the afternoon we visited the nobel library than met a playgroup at the adjacent park.

The sandals exceeded my expectations. They are really really comfy even when walking long distances. And at the park they were a breeze to shake off the sand. I love them.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ballet Dreams

Wanted to be comfy today and this outfit is super effortless and very comfy. I got the sweater from forever 21 of course and since I love ballet it was a must have the minute I saw it. You can wear it dressier with and cuter with skinny jeans, black chain necklace and pink/black high heels. But I seem to be always wearing it with leggings and uggs and a pink pashmina scarf.

Outfit: black leggings, grey ballet tunic sweater, black ugg boots, pink pashmina scarf, betsey pink necklace underneath when the scarf gets too hot.

Activities: Zoo with the kids in the AM, park in the afternoon.