Saturday, August 28, 2010

Utility styling a summer dress

Happy to be wearing this summer dress again. I really love the colors, fit and material of this dress. I have worn it a few times before but in a more dress fashion. Today, I decided to make it more casual by adding a utility shirt (worn like a jacket) and flat ankle cuff sandals. I still couldn't resist adding the coral belt and necklace as they go so well with this dress's colors but they do bring more dressiness to the outfit. The shirt/jacket was a great choice today as most of the morning was overcast and chilly.

Dress - Anthropologie
Utility shirt worn like a jacket - Gap
Ankle cuff suede sandals - Colin Stuart from Victoria's Secret
Coral stretch belt - Anthropologie
Coral bead necklace - Charlotte Rousse
Evil eye bracelet - from Turkey

Today's Activities: My hubby woke up not feeling great but was a trooper as he dragged himself through our busy day. Went to two 3 yr old b-day parties. Great to be getting back together with all our mommy group friends after such a long absense. Love to see how much the kids have grown and developed even more personality. Our younger ones have changed drastically and fun to watch them imitate their older siblings. We divided up our time by having lunch at one party and cake at the other. Kids took a hard and long nap after we got home a bit later than usual.  After naps we had no plans and it was too cold to swim. Went over to my Dad's so kids can play with Grandpa. Afterwards went to McDonald's for dinner (horrible I know) but the one we went to has a real cool tunnel slide climbing structure so it was fun for kids. Came home and cozied up to watch our most recent netflix rental of 'Surf's up' as a family. A sad 'saturday night' for the young and single crowd but it was perfect for me. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tie Tee

Giving this funky tie tee one more turn in my outfit combo list. I felt it was somewhat long enough to wear on top of leggings. Due to the design it has to be pulled all the way down so it has to be topped something skinny and form fitting, hence leggings seemed like a good choice. I tried them on with peep toe lace up boots but it felt too black with the pants so went with these platform heels that have a hot pink stiching which goes great with the pink polka dots on the tie print. I acessorized with silver charm necklace worn as a bracelet, all black watch and a silver and pink heart ring. Of course these heels have no place in my mommy day so I wore my converses instead most of the time (see last photo)...

Vest and tie print tee set - from Turkey - Vena
Black leggings - H&M
Platform heels - Boutique 9 (TJ Maxx)
Silver charm necklace - Betsey Johnson
Black watch - from Turkey
silver ring - gift from Step Dad

Here is the outfit with converses:

Today's Activities: Another rough night with my daughter waking up before we event went to bed and no matter how strong I tried to stay I gave up after 1 hour and took her to our bed not much sleep. Had no set plans this morning so took our time getting ready. Did a quick run to the grocery store. This is my new thing now, we go to the store and I drive back home but do not get the kids out of the car and rush in the food and quickly throw the perishables in the fridge and go. With some snack cups I can accomplish this unloading with no crying and under 5-8 minutes. We then went to the indoor play club. Kids had a great time there as I downed two cups of jasmine iced tea. Then and this is creative planning on my part, took our packed lunch I made in the morning to the car shop. After a super complicated schedule of having my paretnts come twice to get my car diagnosed to discover it needs a part replaced that will take 20 minutes decided  to just bite the bullet and go there with the kids. They actually did fine since they had food and the car was done just when we finished so it was perfect. Came home for naps. I turbo cooked and even set the table for our dinner party tonight.  When they woke up it was still warm so we swam in the pool again which is always such a fun actvity for them. Then we hosted another mommy and her two kids for a playdate. They left when our dinner guests arrived. Hectic but a productive day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little Romanian

So, this is a blouse my grandpa had brought from Romania for me when I was I think 10 or so. Somehow I can still wear it as a 3/4 sleeve crop top. Just added a tight red tube top underneath to help with the cropness. I think the blouse is a perfect match to these adorable clogs. When I saw these on the clearance rack in my size! I had to get them. I mean where would you ever find a pair like these? Loved it when my son screamed 'Mommy who put these rasberries on your shoes?' Cut off distressed jean shorts contrast with the sweetness of the top and the shoes. Kept jewelry to a minimum with heart loop silver earings and evil eye anklet and a watch.  It was one of those rare days where I actually wore the same outfit all day!

Blouse - gift from Grandpa from Romania
Red tube top - super old from a store that is no longer in business
Cut off shorts - TJ Maxx
Clogs - Anthropologie (of course!)
Heart loop earings - baby phat from Macy's
Anklet - from Turkey
Watch - Bulova

Today's Activities: Went to a friend's house for a water table playdate. Took the kids in swim suits and allowed them to get and dirty as they pleased. Just hosed and dried and changed them into PJs before coming home all ready for naps. During nap, had to have my stepdad come over so I can take my car to a shop then have him and my mom come over couple hours later to drop us off at the car shop. Just a simple task of taking my car in to get checked is an absolute nightmare when you have kids. Rushed to our second playdate afterwards. Met this mommy on our plane ride from Turkey to San Diego. She is Turkish as well, her husband is Italian and they just moved to SD from London. Their 5 year old daughter is trilangual. Kids had a great time playing with her. Came home late just in time for dinner (good thing I cook dinner during nap times!). Costco tilapia was a big hit with the kids. Had a fun bath time before bed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Librarian in Stripes

Put this combo together after getting inspired from the photo in Aug Lucky below. Obviously had to turn it more mom friendly with flats instead of heels but got to utilize everything that was already in my closet which I love. I am getting so much use out of this $14 top this spring/summer. I hadn't worn this khaki skirt in such a long time but goes great with the top. Although I must admit pencil skirts are not the most kid friendly clothing items in the world as they limit your ability to climb. But for a museum visit they were just fine. Still getting into my high X5 driver seat I had to pull both legs at the same time! Adding brown tones was my idea and I think it works. I own 3 pairs of eye glasses but since quitting my job to become a stay home mom I haven't used them and I think my eyesight got better. I did take out this red/burgandy pair just for the outfit. You can see I am trying to follow the curly hair method I learned from my aunt here as well just not as often. I know go even heavier in serums and curl enhancing products so I think I am able to get a frizz free hair for a change.

Here is my inspiration photo:

Boxy red and white striped knit top - Forever 21
Khaki pencil skirt - Bebe
Brown suede flats - Steve Madden
Tortoise and black resin link necklace - super old can't remember
Brown and gold watch - Michael Kors
Red eye glasses - DKNY

Today's Activities: I am not sure if I shared but I have rheumatoid arthritis and my last lab results showed some activity so my Dr put me on a steroid taper and a booster shot last night. Hence I am wired and full of energy (love it). Woke up at 6:30 AM before both kids! After breakfast, pruned my front patio plants and watered them. Then put away laundry and cleaned the rooms got everyone ready, took my blog photos and was 10 minutes early to the 10 AM museum playdate we had scheduled! Met a friend and her daughter there to tour the aerospace museum which is free every 3rd tuesday of every month. Kids loved the open patio section with huge real airplanes hanging over head the best. Had our packed lunch in their patio cafe before heading home for naps. Treat today as my girlfriends came with a gourmet sushi lunch and japanese beer to eat and swim at my house. Got super lucky with the kids taking a longer than normal naps so got to swim with friends for an hour before they woke up. After snacks left for the park/beach to meet another friend and her kids. Let the kids play and get dirty and wet then had them enjoy slides and swings afterwards too. The beach showers only got half the sand out so came home to take a full bath. My Dad stopped by to play with the kids than had dinner and bedtime. Phew! Busy Day! Plan to catch up on my missed episodes of 'LOST' now.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday at Sea World

Finally figured out a combo for this skirt. I bought this skirt a while back and thought it was a great purchase. Except never figured out what to wear it with and every combo I put together was just mediocre. Plus it is now 2 sizes too big so I pinched the waist in the back with a safety pin! This combo is not that great either but at least I am getting to wear the skirt. It is also a bit dressy for sea world but since it was a confortable outfit it didn't matter. Simple tank top and sandals make it down to earth. Added brown belt and necklace to bring some interest.

Even though I have a few more summer outfits on the list, I am getting really excited about fall combo's I have already started gathering. I love browsing the Sept issues of the fashion magazines and getting inspired for combo's I can put together with the stuff in my closet. I am definitely going to need to purchase a pair of rugged flat lace up boots for sure. They would be perfect with leggings, skinny jeans and under dresses over tights.

Skirt - Anthropologie
Tank Top - Alloy (Catalog)
Belt - Limited
Sandals - Charles David
Necklace - Betsey Johnson

Today's Activities: Had a rough night last night. My daughter started fussing around 2:30 AM. Made the huge mistake of bringing her to our bed by 4 AM since she wasn't settling down and we were wide awake listenning to her. But, it was worse in our bed and she didn't sleep until 5:30 AM. Finally put her back in her bed and she crashed so we got a total of 2 more hours of sleep. It was exhausting. Got ready in a daze and made it to Sea World with my sister.  Kids had a good time but after couple hours my daughter was done after her rough night. After a family nap we made the most of sunny and warm afternoons and swam in our pool than played at home. 

At Sea World in front of the outside penguin exhibition with my daughter and in front of Shamu pool with my son...