Thursday, September 9, 2010

First signs of Fall

As I was dressing this morning with a totally different outfit in mind I was startled by the sound of rain drops outside. Since the open toed gold flats were probably not the best idea for a rainy day immediately decided on this outfit. Happy to be picking a combo from my ‘fall/winter’ spreadsheet for the first time. I am up to 117 outfit combinations already! I purchased these pants couple weeks ago at Target. They are the perfect casual black skinny pants. They are styled like cargo pants but fit like leggings. These boots have been in my closet for as long as I can remember. I always wore them under bootcut jeans or pants as an alternative to high heeled pairs when I traveled for work. With their calf high length and triple buckles they are totally in style this season and can be displayed fully over skinny pants and jeans. Even though they are in decent condition after years of ownership I doubt they will survive this season as I have them under many many combos. On top I paired the zebra print tee with the striped wrap around cardigan. I like the mix of stripes of both. This cardigan is so comfy and just adds style to whatever I wear it with it seems. To accessorize going with all black jewelry. The huge onyx necklace is a gift from my uncle’s mother. It is engraved in the back and I always remember her sweet face and kindness whenever I wear it. The ring is another vintage item from a relative who has passed away. The cuff is a new purchase from Forever 21. At $12 it was a lot pricier than their usual items but I really like it.

What was hilarious is my daughter now leans to the wall like me when I set up the camera on the tripod across from her.

Zebra print tee - Forever 21
Wrap around cardigan - Forever 21
Black cargo skinny pants - Target
Boots - Steve Madden
Necklace, ring - vintage
watch - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Another super rough night where my husband ended up leaving for the guest room and I slept with both kids in the same bed which results in needless to say not much sleep. We had a long talk with our son and hoping the daughter sleeps through the night. I had all sorts of ambitous plans like getting my car cleaned inside and out before the swim class but since it was rainning that was out. Stayed home and took our time getting ready. Had a nice swim class then grocery shopping than lunch out (greek) just me and the kids. Amazingly they behaved. I fought all the urge to nap while they were napping and showered and cooked instead. Good thing cause they woke up early. Had a quick snack with friends than drove to music class but first got my son a haircut at a kid salon. Will do a photo of his new do soon. Attempted to have much needed coffee at a starbucks afterwards. Only 3 mom's and 6 kids can't say it was relaxing but we inhaled the caffeine anyway. Had a short playdate at our house before Daddy got home for dinner. Planning to go to bed early to recoup.

Here are the kids blocking the photo shoot:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Totally Casual

Going very casual today. This is a combo I came up with recently as I was browsing the VS catalog. As I was looking for the right necklace for the outfit I came across this tribal piece which was a gift from my best friend from one of the south america countries she went to. Can't remember which one. I think it is made out of painted coffee beans and the center is a pit of some fruit. I love it and never had a chance to wear it before. I think it adds that pop of color to this blend combo. And for my bracelet I went with the 3 piece set one of my good friends hand made for my b-day this year. The purplish hue blends somehow.
Cameo Capris: Victoria's Secret catalog
white strapless top - Alloy catalog
denim vest - forever 21
cameo flats - rocket dog
necklace - tribal
bracelet - handmade

Today's Activities: Went to visit a friend who has moved to a new house this morning. Kids had a fun playdate and we stayed for lunch since it was quiet far. While the kids were napping our afternoon playdate guests arrived. We had fresh cookies and fruit and tea and a fun indoor playdate as it was too overcast to swim again. Tonight was my husband's night off so stayed home with the kids rest of the afternoon. As they were playing though I got to move some stuff around in my closet and dig out some older clothes out of their closets. I had a 'faux fur vest' on my list of items to buy this fall and I was so happy to find a fur shrug like jacket in my bin of evening gowns. I remembered it as super dressy but it is actually exactly like the ones they have in the fall fashion catalogs. I am sad to say it is not 'faux'. I am totally against fur but this one was handed down from my grandmother so I have to think of the owner's memories instead of where it came from originally. It looks amazing on jeans or over a cocktail dress. I also discovered this amazing looking gold cocktail dress where for the love of me I can't remember where it came from. Might be prefect for a company xmas party. Very happy with my free finds in my own closet! :)

Here is my daughter in her new denim tiered mini skirt with a tulle underlay...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red and White

So glad I got to wear this combo before the weather cooled off. I got inspired for this look from a photo where I saw a model wear a long pearl necklace over a scarf. I just love the idea of bright red with crisp white. Added black touches with the shoes, clutch and leather jacket. Of course forgot to do a photo with those items! Of course this was my night outfit for dinner with girlfriends. See day outfit below.

Red Tee - Forever 21
White Linen pants - Target
White scarf - boutique in SD
Pearl necklace - gift from husband on an east cost trip
Platform heels - Boutique 9
Pearl and rhinestone ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Got up super early and made it out of the house by 7:30 AM with both kids to get in line for the state funded preschool classes. The key to getting out at such an early time is to skip breakfast at home. My husband was great running to get bagels and cream cheese for us to take before we left. Of course anytime you have to go somewhere that would be the time kids will sleep in. Had to wake up my daughter to make it out on time. Needless to say we were 4th inline and got in. Kids loved the classroom setting and all the play areas. After naps took them to the mall to do some fall clothes shopping. Told myself to stay away from the girl isle so I can focus on my son. Lately I have been buying only clothes for my daughter. It is just so tempting to get sucked into the girl section. Bought him some very cool items. Another key to shopping with the keys is peppering fun activities between each store. Kid had fun getting their hands wet in the dolphin pools, than jumpy, then train etc... I even managed to run into Forever 21 for some accessory shopping. Bought a whole pack of assorted ankle socks. I am determined to follow the ankle sock fashion this fall so needed some fun colors to try out. Also bought this cute silky skirt and a fall colored scarf and some rocker bracelets. When we got home got the dinner on the table and left the kids with my husband to meet my two mommy (Turkish) friends for dinner.

Here is the day look (quite casual since I had to leave at 7:30 AM)...

Grey Hoodie - Forever 21
Marilyn Tank - Forever 21
Jean mini skirt - Closet
Black leggings - H&M
Necklace - Betsey Johnson

Monday, September 6, 2010

Anna Sui Find

Today the weather is not cooporating today. Supposed to be a pool BBQ party at my house but it is overcast and chilly. To still give it a summer feel I am wearing the cut off jean shorts but to not freeze to death decided to go with this top which is warmer than your normal tank top or t-shirt. Plus gives me a chance to debut the top I got months ago at a bazaar in Turkey. A great find I must add. I like the contrast of the dressy top with the cut off's. I had these shorts forever but have not worn them in a long time. They are a bit too short to run around after kids but since I was at my own house today I took the chance. They are also made out of this hard denim so not all that comfy compared to my other stretchy ones. Instead of flip flops I went with the ankle cuff sandals to add more ruggedness. For jewelry this leaf necklace made out of lava rock goes great. Plus an all black watch and a touch of evil eye on the other arm.

Sheer top with green stiching - Anna Sui
Cut off denim short shorts - Lucky
Ankle cuff leather sandals - Boutique 9
Lava rock leaf necklace - gift from Mom from a trip
Black watch - from Turkey
Evil eye bracelet - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Woke up early to finish unpacking and laundry and get the house ready for a series of parties we are hosting today. Our first set of guests arrived at 10:30 AM. We were total 4 families but that equates to 8 adults and 8 kids (all 3 and under)! Can't imagine the loudness of 4 pre-school boys and 4 toddler girls. But it was fun. Since it wasn't even warm (it was actually chilly) there was no swimming or water play but kids kept busy anyway. As they were leaving around 1 PM our second set of guests arrived (those without kids hence no nap schedules).Grill was going on pretty much non stop. Got to sit and chat for couple hours with friends and family while the kids napped. Just as they woke up had more people arrive with kids. As crazy as it sounds to host close to 30 people throughout the day it is actually fun for me. I love entertainning. We do it all the time so I am very used to it and I try to be a relaxed host and enjoy the company at the same time. Last guests left late evening. We heated up leftovers for dinner and had a nice time with the kids. 

So, these are my final contenders in my search for a new fall/winter wallet purse and a diaper bag.

1. As I mentioned in previous blogs I use a wallet/purse that hangs across my shoulder to carry all my valuables including money, phone, camera, CCds and even sunglasses. That way when I walk away from my stroller or diaper bag to run after kids, all my valuables come with me. I have been using an electric blue patent leather one from Poppy by Coach the last year and a half. It has worked out great. But for fall I wanted a change. Seeing how animal print is so in right now thought it would be great to find with that pattern. Found a cute one at Juicy as well which I might consider what do you think?

This is a coach one which of course the coach store did not have it but Nordsrom's did. I like this a lot. The only down side is it has no pockets inside. Just one back open pocket. I tried to find a link for this purse but can't even find it on Coach's website!

2. So instead of using a traditional diaper bag I would like to just us a cool tote bag. It needs to be something that is comfortable to carry and roomy enough to fit the things I need. I didn't want something too big as that would get too heavy. I wanted a hip style and color that would go with almost everything. Here is my contender. This is Marciano (by Guess). All leather. I love the colors of lavendar, purple, pink and burgandy. It would go with blacks and browns and colors I think. The style is adorable. Just not sure if I can fit everything I need. Also not sure if the chains add too much weight.

What do you guys think????