Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cherry Bomb

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by this Chictopia Post:

A simple combo with pops of red…
 Yes, I was on the phone during this shoot. I had to do a few photos very quickly before leaving and I was talking to my Dad so did both at the same time. :)

Jacket, Tee - Forever 21
Scarf, Shoes - From Turkey
Jeans - H&M
Purse - 2651 (or something like that. I can never remember)

We spent the morning (well more me while the kids played) cleaning up the house and putting away all the Christmas decorations, gift wrapping supplies and gifts. It was a daunting tax but I like to do it before New Year's cause I am even more tired by that time plus we don't spend NYE at home.
My friends and family would tell you how I am a bit of an organizer. Ok, not a bit but a lot to the point of  being a disorder. So I get this great high from cleaning up and organizing stuff. When we finished, showered and dressed I took the kids out for lunch. My son insisted we try a new place so went to a non chain local fish taco restaurant. We had fresh fish bowls that was delicious. Then stopped at the library which was closed to drop off books/movies we are done with and headed to the rec center for the kids to burn some energy. My daughter immediately made friends and my son found a schoolmate to play two touch (a ball game he is obsessed with). After couple hours of play we came home and they played with Daddy who was early and I rested my irritated eyes then left to meet my friends for happy hour and a movie. Seeing so many movies this month but it is always the case close the Oscars we like to see all the big name movies. Tonight was 'Wolf of Wall Street'. It was excellent. Super long movie but fast paced and engaging so it doesn't drag.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Baja California

 Day after Christmas outfit enjoying our santa ana winds and mid 70s weather in sunny San Diego…

Inspiration from Forever 21's look book:

Jacket - Thrifted 
Top - Closet I think. It is very very old
Pants - Bebe (another ancient item)
Booties - Betsey Johnson 
Purse - Guess

Had a relaxing morning. Even though the house was screaming to be picked up from all the xmas stuff I didn't have it in me. We met up with my friend and her two kids at a rec center park and had the kids ride their new razor scooters and play in the playground. The weather is silly with warm dry breezes blowing. We had lunch in the strip mall across from the park then went over to my friends house as the kids begged to continue the playdate. Very relaxing day. But tomorrow I have to clean-up...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened

 This was my casual Christmas Day outfit yesterday…

Inspired by this photo of Rihanna in the September 2013 issue of People Style Watch

 Super simple allowing the coral bauble necklace to pop…. 

My mom put this 'wonder woman' bracelet in my stocking. She always things I am a wonder woman doing sooo much and I think of her that way too. :)

 Sweatshirt - Forever 21
Jeggings - Kohl's
Necklace - Etsy
Nude Heels - Steve Madden

I am sure our christmas was no different then so many other families with young children. Waking up at the break of dawn (6:30 AM for us), kids opening up gifts in a crazy frenzy with short breaks in between to eat and more strong coffee for grown ups. Then you are left with a living filled with clouds of tissue and wrapping paper and bows and ribbons all over. Gifts piling up left and right and kids who are so overwhelmed they don't what to play with first…
It is all happy memories. 
Our big family was very short numbered this Christmas with both my brother and sister and their families out of town. My in-law's away and other family members who have moved away.
So my mom and I decided to take it super easy and left over from their dinner the night before.
Therefore I had this idea of making all the xmas pintrest foods I had found…

Breakfast was Snowman Bagels….
 Bagel spread with cream cheese including the whole topped with blk olives for eyes, baby carrot for nose, cut up red bell pepper for mouth. Broccoli and string cheese ear muffs. 
And the best thing is kids did eat all of that stuff so they got a bit of veggies in the morning too...

FoR morning Apps while opening more gifts:

Green Apple Xmas Tree
 Sliced green apples sprinkled with red sugar cookie decorating topping. Raisins for lights and cinnamon sticks for the bark… The original photo had a star fruit as a topper but i couldn't find it at Von's so I made it out of red bell pepper.

Also, Fruit Santa Hats
 This was pretty easy, and the combination tasted amazing when you put the whole thing in your mouth.
Green grapes topped with half a slice of banana and a half strawberry and a mini marshmallow….

As a side dish next to our left over roast and ham sandwiches, 
Broccoli and Cauliflower xmas Tree
 The original had this raw but I steamed the veggies so they were a bit softer and easier to eat. The cauliflower is supposed to represent snow.  I also drizzled olive oil and lemon juice on top and sprinkled with sea salt which kind of looked like snow too….

And for Dinner/Afternoon Appetizers,
Santa Crackers
 These were a pain to make but delicious.  Use round crackers topped with cottage cheese for the beard. Capers make the eyes and nose and sliced celery for the mustache. The recipe called for dry salami for the hats but I forgot to buy that so used cold cut turkey instead. Putting the cottage cheese as the trim was pretty hard. And the capers were slippery little suckers.

Christmas Tree Pita Wedges
 This was also pretty yummy. The spread is made out of guacamole and sour cream and chopped parsley. The lights are cut up red bell peppers and stick pretzels for bark…

Reindeer, Snowman and Xmas Tree Cracker Platter
I couldn't find square crackers so I bought rectangle flat bread crackers and cut then in half. 
Hummus is used like a glue for all of them. Blk Olives for eyes and cherry tomatoes and bell peppers and capers and cucumbers. We topped the trees with triangle cheddar cheese.  

Mom and I had fun making these although she kept questioning why were spending so much effort to a crowd that probably wouldn't appreciate it but I enjoyed it. 

Here are some collages from our Day….

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tonight you're perfect

 My outfit for Christmas Eve…

My daughter and I bought this bright pink tinsel tree today at big lots clearance for $10. I really wanted a white but they were all out. I love the pink tree….

My friend from shybiker blog has sent me this gorgeous purple heel ornament as a xmas gift this year. Since we didn't have a tree up there was no place to put it until we bought the pink tree tonight. It totally belongs on this tree…..

Jacket, Dress, Heels & Headband - Forever 21
Necklace - Mom brought this from Turkey
Earrings - Cookie Lee

We spent the day today running a few errands and grocery shopping which was an absolute zoo but we got lucky with a great front of the store parking spot. We even fitted in a quick haircut for my son before the holiday which was great.
Then we came home and wrapped a few more later arrival gifts and got everyone showered and dressed for Christmas Eve at my mom and step dad's house.

They had a great table and feast set-up and invited our friends over too so my daughter had a friend.
We stayed until kids' bed time then came home. My daughter fell a sleep but my son wouldn't miss putting out the treats for Santa. We like to be different and put out something juicy and citrusy to off set all the cookies he gets. Tonight we put a peeled halo orange and a ginger snap cookie and some OJ. For the reindeers some celery….

 Got this headband for her at the hair cut place today. It matches her dress perfectly and so cute and unique...

They never stopped talking during dinner….

The fashion show started right after dinner….

My dad was with us part of the night as well but he was in too much pain to last the night so he is sleeping at our house gaining energy for tomorrow….