Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Ugly Bug Ball

 This was my outfit today (Saturday) which was a jam packed day full of activities...
 Photos taken at the 1st Bday Party house we went to...

This is a top I got on the sale rack from Anthropologie. The navy stitching worked perfectly with the navy jacket...

I forgot to grab my purse when we were taking the photos but can you see how absolutely perfectly it matches!? I bought this from Target for the summer to use as a cross body bag I use everyday. The fun colors and the tribal pattern looked very fun. Also the shape and the pockets inside were very practical. But today the colors seemed to work just way too perfect with the outfit!

I loved wearing my 'Joey' jacket from the 'Kika Paprika' line mixed up with my other clothes:

Jacket - 'Joey' in navy by Kika Paprika
Top - Anthropologie
Capri Pants - vintage D&G
Flatforms - Vera Wang for Kohl's
Earrings - Webster Miami for Target
Ring - H&M
Bangle Set - Ruche
Purse - Target

Today was insane but a lot of fun.
We started to morning in two teams. My hubby took my son to sign him up for Soccer for Fall while I brought my daughter to gym where we met for both kids' gym classes.
Then we went to our first B Day party. They had this 'lizard lady' come with all sorts of amazing and sometimes scary animals. The B-Day boy was in heaven showing no fear what so ever:

This is my friend the b-day boy's mother!:

That is a scorpio on her lap on the towel and he is petting a madagascar cockroach!

My son was not into all these animals and watched it behind the living room window:

Then it was Mommy's turn to hold the boa:

I was doing good as long as I didn't have the head part:

but then the snake kept turning his head towards me and that is when I started screaming!

What a fun party!

After this action packed party my daughter as we wished fell a sleep in the car. So we kept on driving and ran couple errands to keep her sleeping until we arrived at our next b-day party which was in an indoor jumpy venue. Can you imagine?  The kids of course were not phased and full force. I personally was feeling exhausted. We met up with all our friends and they all had another morning b-day party like us. We all laughed that the 'birthday season' has officially started!

I am sure you can imagine our exhaustion at the end of this day. We came home for nice baths and some calming TV...

Duty Calls

My outfit yesterday... I like mixing dark army greens with white jeans...

Jacket - Romeo and Juliet Couture (from TJ Maxx)
Tee - can't remember either from Turkey or Target
Jeans - Forever 21
Wedges - Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses, Earrings - Thread Show
Bracelets - Charlotte Russe & Forever 21

FRIDAY: Had a nice day at PreSchool but then something horrible happened. I dropped my iPhone in the toilet!!!! It was in my back pocket if you are wondering how. I was devastated and of course it wouldn't turn on. I immediately went to the Verizon store and after discussing all sorts of alternatives at the end we had to subscribe to a third line (new contract) and get a new phone. What a mess. I really need to buy insurance on every single electronic I buy cause something always happens.

At least one thing that made me super happy when we got home was opening the mother's day gift from my mom!
She got me this gorgeous Kate Spade purse! Don't you just love it?