Saturday, March 22, 2014


 Last night's outfit for my son's school fundraiser Gala…..The theme 'Imagine'….

You probably remember this dress I wore before for my mom's 60th b-day party… This time I added the Juicy booties to make it a bit more edgy. Paired with a bronze metallic jacket when it got chilly and a knuckle clutch and statement earrings….
The dress is just so gorgeous you don't need to add much. The white motif is in velvet so it has a 3D effect. I love this dress…. Best buy ever on a clearance rack obviously recently returned exactly my size for $50 (for a $250 dress)….

Dress - Anthropologie
Booties - Juicy Couture
Jacket - Trina Turk
Earrings - H&M
Bracelet - Forever 21

Went to the school Gala with my son's classmate's mom. It was very close by right on the coast overlooking a gorgeous beach and pier right at sunset. Just beautiful. Live band, delicious dinner, open bar and great silent auction items and live auction of class art projects some of which went for thousands of dollars. It was great to chat with some of the parents from this year and last year and I can see in a few years we'll know so many more people. 
I didn't take my SLR with me (as that would have cramped my style) and we just did one professional photo which we'll get later so no other photos to post. :(

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Jet Set

 Today's day time outfit was inspired by a look from 'who what wear' website: 
 I love finding inspirations with sneakers cause they always fit perfectly into my active 'mommy on the go' lifestyle… I wish my top was a bit more boxy but this would have to do….

Silk Blouse - Vintage
Leather like leggings - INC from Macy's
Purse - Charming Charlie's 
Sneakers - Converses

My daughter had snack day at preschool. Which means I get to bring snack for the whole class and set-up and clean-up snack while she gets to be the teacher's helper during the circle times and ring the bell etc… Kids look forward to to this day while moms dread it but it is the way it goes.
We took bananas, go-gurts, popcorn and fruit snacks. The popcorn and fruit snacks were a big hit.
After class hit them all for an errand then came home. I was so lucky cause my parents could come and take my daughter then pick up my son and take them both to his baseball team practice while I got to fit in a 25 minute workout and shower and get ready for the Gala I was going at night!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

City Girl

 Yesterday's outfit was inspired by Zara's lookbook:

Vest - Forever 21
Tee - From Turkey
Tartan Jeans - Rock Republic
Booties - Steve Madden
Bracelets - Cookie Lee and Baublebar

Went to my daughter's class and then came home for lunch and filling out paperwork then went to the Elementary school to register the princess for Kindergarten! Still feels surreal that she will be starting school. We finished up right when it was time to pick up my son. Went to the frozen yogurt place for a little treat before swim practice. My parents met us there and came back home as I cooked dinner.
Still working out every night. I love the feeling I get after I finish the work out and shower and put PJs on and come down to sit! Best feeling ever…
To ensure I don't flake I put on the exercise clothes when we get home late afternoon so I am ready to hit 'play' as soon as kids go down…

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I know what you could be

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by a shopbop look: 

The idea is a maxi dress with a cozy cardi, tan wedges and tassel necklace….

Cardigan - Victoria's secret
Dress - Marni for H&M
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Wedges - Victoria's Secret

My daughter wore a new summer dress in the morning from her Grandpa Neal and she looked so pretty.

Posing with Mommy….

Went to the outdoor class at the park. The teacher had the kids make medals for art then set-up an obstacle course for them to run through at the end of the class….

We left the class early and went to costco to grocery shop and also get snack for the class for Friday. Then it was coming home to unload and put away all the stuff we got which is the part that I hate and takes forever.
By the time we made lunch and ate it was already time to go pick up my son. When we got home there was homework and cooking dinner and after they went to bed working out…
I can already feel stronger as I enter the second week of working out. I am modifying a lot less. Or at least I start the moves the same intensity then modify towards the end etc…