Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mad Prints

 This fun and interesting mix of prints and pieces was inspired by the August 2012 issue of the In Style Magazine:
 I love the idea of pairing a graphic tee with a dressy skirt like this silk pleated one... Adding the oxfords totally took it to a whole other level. Funny to think couple years ago I would not have the guts to wear oxfords like these under a skirt never the less, but now I feel totally comfortable with the concept.

Argyle Cardigan - Forever 21 
Tee - Target
Skirt - La Redoute
Belt - From Turkey
Necklace, cross bracelet - Cookie Lee
Ring  - Park Lane
Oxfords - Bass

And at night I went out with my bf for happy hour and to see 'Cloud Atlas' at the luxury theaters. Oh my goodness that movie was long. It was interesting but a bit hard to follow. Amazing acting for sure.
 Another inspiration from the same magazine (August 2012 In Style):

Top, Pants, Clutch - Forever 21
Booties - Michael Antonio
Necklace - Cookie Lee

Friday, October 26, 2012

I am in over my head but it feels nice

 Casual outfit for my crazy busy day today...

Inspiration photo was from a few months ago showing the whole fashion sneaker trend...

I love this peplum top from the Kika Paprika Collection. So cute yet casual...
I think it would have been better if I wore a open neck top underneath...

These shoes sure got A LOT of attention today. I guess they really stand out.

Jacket - 'Kacie' in black by Kika Paprika
Top - Target
Pants - Forever 21
Sneakers - Steve Madden

Our day started with dropping off my son at school coming home to meet my friend and her daughter for a mini playdate and her checking out my clothing line. Then ballet class then drove 45 minutes south and east to meet another group of friends for a Halloween party in another indoor play area.
Drove home to meet another client for a photo shoot while the kids ate dinner.
My mom had picked up my son and taken him to soccer and he came home with my hubby.
It was crazy busy but fun....

Strike a pose!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Natural Wonders

 Today's bright combo was inspired by this:
 It was a Mary Kay ad inset in a megazine:
 I am already too cold to go with sandals so I switched to boots instead...

 It is almost impossible for me to focus on my accessories with the camera when I am wearing them so I take the photos separately.

I LOVE this new eagle necklace I got from F21. The bronze, brass and silver combo is so cool. Very heavy metal too. 

Hat - Asos
Boots - Steve Madden
Accessories - Cookie Lee
Rest from Forever 21

Stayed home to catch up on some work and cooking then picked up my son on his half day and took both kids to another pumpkin station with rides. I have been feeling bad that we have been going to all these pumpkin patches with my daughter while my son is at school. Just went with the kids myself and it was nice to hang out just the 3 of us. Until my daughter had her 3rd potty accident of the day. Lost it a bit at that point but recovered. Porter potties with no running water and hay on the ground did not make it any easier either.
Cooked like crazy when we got home to line up dinner for the next 3 nights.