Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fox in Socks

 This cozy layered combo was inspired but no other Bee from Atlantic Pacific:

 I wish my gingham button down was longer so it would peak out more...
I am also wearing a very tight bondage mini skirt but with thick tights, tall boots and additional knee high socks I think it totally worked for my day at preschool...

Isn't this sweater darling? It was the result of my search of a cute print sweater less than J Crew prices... From Asos during their take add'l 30% off sale.

Sweater - Asos
Gingham Blouse - Thrift Store
Jacket, Skirt and Tights - Forever 21
Socks - Marni for H&M
Boots - Henri Bendel

Another non eventful day. Went to my daughter's pre-school then ran errands like crazy from returns, to getting gas to costco shopping to lab appointment. Just had enough time to come home unload and put away everything then to go out and pick up my son. Another quiet evening at home...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Silent Night

Yesterday's somewhat retro looking combination inspired by the Ralph Lauren Ad a few months ago:
 I even had a lace top to wear under but it was too chilly so switched it with a turtleneck instead...

This H&M top has cute bird print on it. The neckline is so low though it has to be topped over a top like this....

 Black fishnets with booties...

Top - H&M
Sweater - Gap
Hat, pants - Forever 21
Booties - Steve Madden
Necklace - Cookie Lee

We had nothing planned today so fit in some grocery shopping and then spent the majority of the day in the indoor play area so I could work and got so much done.
After we picked up my son came home cooked dinner gave the kids a bath and had a quiet night.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making the Cut

 My outfit yesterday as I took the kids to a Jr. Theater ballet with my daughter's class...

The inspiration was from the J Crew Catalog:
 My pants are from their last season collection but the concept of pairing silky pants for day wear is the same...

 Initially I put on the gorgeous J crew statement necklace my hubby got but then decided to to go with the blue theme to pick up the navy from the pants instead...

For practicality during the day I switched to silver ballet flats instead of these... but it was totally pushing it to be without socks.  My feet were freezing.

Blouse - Lucky
Pants - J Crew
Watch - Target
Sweater, necklace, shoes - Forever 21
Bracelets - the charm one is from India and the others I can't remember....

For 2nd time in this semester I kept my son home from school so we can all go to the Jr. Theater play of 'Go Dog Go' inspired by Dr. Seuss's famous book. The kids got such a kick out of the silly play laughing hard. Although my son felt it was a little below his age but he liked it regardless...
Afterwards I wanted to just go to the indoor place and work while they played but they wanted to hang out with their friends so we went to the near by large park and they played to their heart's content for an hour....

Do you like this new hair style I came up? I started doing my classic front braid and then decided to continue all around like a tiara. She loved it. It was her idea to add more flowers. Also her idea to wear her 'sugar plum fairy' dress up dress to the play. She originally thought she was actually going to star in the play and had a breakdown when I told her she can't go on stage. Kids. :)

Notice the tiny ice cream cone in her hand and the mouth covered in chocolate!? She sneaked into the deep freezer and stole one!
Got to love the missing tooth smiles! 
He will think he looked so dorky when he is grown looking at these photos but as mom's these days are just the most precious....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 Going with some cozy combo's this week while it is cold as this type of weather does not last in San Diego so must get most of my thick winter combo's out of the way. But of course the weather warmed up so much mid day that I shed all the way down to my third layer which was a brick red top which you can't even see under the sweater!

 Tried on a different style by blow drying my longer bangs to the back and puffing them up. You know just for something different because I just crave change.
I really must remember to put some sort of gloss or color on my lips. I look so pale. All these things I notice when I actually post the photos!

Coat - Old Navy
Sweater - Forever 21
Pants - Bebe
Boots - Steve Madden
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

Not much to report on today except that we did make it to our outdoor class but I wasn't feeling great so spent the afternoon at home and my husband got out of work early to pick up my son. He had his first day of 'after school science' which he loved as they experimented on what sinks and what floats. 
We could be labeled as bad parents but we started getting the kids into the sci fi type fairy tale movies. Started chronicles of Narnia and now ventured to lord of the rings. The kids just eat it up and for some odd unknown reason do not seem to be phased by any of it. I mean they don't show an ounce of fear. When we tried to fast forward they yelled at us to stop. 
My son says he is totally aware they are all pretend. We watch it with them and they ask about a million questions at once but amazingly grasp the complex stories and the character names. May be it is the end of stupid cartoon era. Who knows. I was so critical of people that brought kids to the movie Hobbit but now I realize if your kid is not afraid and interested, why not?

Pink Puffer Vest

I got this combination idea from the J Crew website:

The kikaPaprika t-neck and skirt were the perfect colors but my vest is more of a fuchsia pink while theirs is bubblegum. Still cute idea though I thought.

While the J Crew vests are in the $100 range this one from F21 was $15 and came in 6 colors. Super soft too. I kept it on all day like a top. 

I am so glad I got these boots. I keep reaching out for them more and more for outfits I never thought I would pair them with. They just add that grunge look with vibrant shine and such deep color. Plus unlike the real Doc Martens these have a size zip so I never have to worry about the ties!

 T-neck - 'Erin' in bordeaux by kikaPaprika 
(now part of a buy 3 get 30% off sale)
Skirt - 'Simone' in winter white by kikaPaprika 
(part of the same sale, items can be mixed and matched)
Tights - we love color
Boots - Target
Earrings - Betsey Johnson
Bracelets - Fossil and Etsy...

My son is back at school today so we are officially back in our routine. I am still playing catch up with my annual photo album project and emails and work. Hoping to catch-up by the end of this week. May be then I can set-up some solid goals.