Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pairing Pears

 Today's semi summery outfit was inspired by a look from Harper's Bazaar who knows when as I didn't note that….

And when it was warm I took off the bordeaux top….

Top - Kika Paprika
Eyelet Blouse - Lucky Brand
Shorts - J Crew
Wedges - Dolce Vita for Target
Necklace - Bauble bar

We had my son's baseball game early in the morning and it was our snack day. My poor husband got called into work so he was bummed. We came home and relaxed and had lunch then dressed the kids in swim suits and went to my friend's house for a pool 6th birthday party. These are the friends I no longer see often so it was great catching up. And the fact that my kids are pretty great swimmer I could get away without going into the pool with them. One of the Dad's is an actual lifeguard so we felt pretty safe having him in the pool anyways. I am still not feeling great and when the temp dropped in the afternoon and I felt so chilly and sick at the time. I hate this sick feeling. I hate not having the high level energy I usually have and absolutely need.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Say It Isn't So

 My outfit today to attend my friend's mother's funeral…

The inspiration was from The Zoe Report website:

 Culotte pants are back in style and luckily I had a pair soooo many years ago and knew they would come back so they were just waiting their time in the back closet…
This silk shirt is also an old timer I even remember the day I tried it on at Bebe and bought it. 
And you can tell from the brands that they are all high quality, you see back then even though I was closer to the age of 21 I rarely shopped there! Kind of ironic...

It was quite chilly in the morning so I added my black trench on top...

 Blouse - Bebe (very old)
Pants - BCBG (very old)
Purse - Chanel (very old)
Necklace - Zara
Heels - Rock Republic
Trench - Andrew Marc (also old)

Today was tough. I took my daughter to school and left her with my friend whose daughter is good friends with mine. Then went to the funeral. Turns out it is the same company that had handled my Dad's cremation so right there the pain came flooding back. I felt my friend's pain but like everyone in the room I also re-lived mine. But I knew how much it meant to me when people were there for me when my dad passed away so I wanted to be there for her.
Husband and wife take oaths when they enter a marriage but friends don't have such thing and yet the good ones do everything they can to show their support and love. I am blessed with so many such friends and if I can be remotely as good to someone else I would try.
The service was very nice then there was a lunch outing.
I picked up my daughter and we stopped at home for a fraction of a second then picked up my son. I had been feeling down all day and started feeling absolutely horrible by this time so came home and barely held on in bed for my parents to show up then crashed for a nap.
Still cooked dinner and with help got the kids ready for bed but definitely sick! :(

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Makes me want to take the back road

 Today's casual chic combo was inspired by the Victoria's Secret Catalog:

I re-created this look with my Peter Pilotto sweatshirt and fedora. I actually had a tan colored one but it didn't go with the sweatshirt. It went great with the tee but not the sweatshirt….

 I decided to rim my eyes all the way to the inner corners. Have been seeing this in the magazines in all sorts of different ads. It is quite dark but kind of cool I think.

Sweatshirt - Peter Pilotto for Target
T-shirt - J Crew
Jeans - Forever 21
Sneakers - Superga
Fedora, Necklace - Target

So, I am totally off the wagon this week. Did not go back to the nutrition plan or the exercising. Which actually totally has me on low energy. Hence I skipped running during my daughter's ballet. Instead read in a nice scenic spot… I already finished the April book for our book club and bought 4 new books from Costco yesterday based on reviews I had read. My reading has gotten so much faster so I feel even if the group does not pick them I can read them after I read the group book.
Currently started reading 'Astonish Me' by Maggie Shipstead. I love ballet and the book is about a professional ballet dancer…

After Ballet we went to the indoor play area which I am so bummed will be closing end of next month due to city zoning issues. 
We then picked up my son rushed to kids' haircut appointment then bribed the kids with McDonald's and took them with me to visit my friend in the hospital who had an emergency Appendix surgery last night! The kids did OK with their ipads. Then came home and shower and bed!