Friday, December 20, 2013

Step It Up

 Sorry for the couple day absence. It is Christmas time and we are so busy that I have been spending the last two days in jeans and sweaters still cute but not blog worthy. So I was very ready to dress up today and feel like myself. It is amazing how much I miss that feeling of looking chic and pulled together.

Today's inspiration was from District of Chic:

I got these red tartan pants from Kohl's clearance so many months ago and I have about 10 different outfit inspirations but just hadn't gotten around to wear them yet. Started one today at least….

Scarf, T-neck, Jacket - Forever 21
Pants - Rock Republic from Kohl's
Boots - They are brand name but I can't remember at the moment :)

Today actually is going to be a full day but I am posting this early cause I won't have time in the afternoon/evening. We are going to my son's winter sing concert at his school followed by their holiday cookie decorating party. Then we'll have his swim practice. Sometime in the late afternoon whenever my husband can take over I plan to go meet the girls for a dinner and a movie at a newly remodeled theater near me which is supposed to be semi-luxury. So looking forward to that. We are going to see American Hustle. Ulta is in that shopping center so I am planning on some xmas shopping if I have time before meeting them. We'll see. The weather is back to very cold (for us anyway) and it feels very holiday like again.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Don't let the sun go down

Tonight's outfit was inspired by J Crew's October 2013 catalog:

I scored this (real) leather top on an ultimate clearance at Nordstrom's rack and fell in love with it. It is stretchy cotton in the back so totally wearable. I loved the idea of topping it over a denim shirt and skinny jeans and metallic heels with a statement necklace.

 Leather Top - Nordstrom's Rack
Denim Shirt, Jeans - Forever 21
Necklace - J Crew
Metallic Wedges - Guess

My mom had my daughter and my son was at school so I had a good portion of the day to get the house in order laundry done and put away and most importantly wrap xmas presents while no kids were in the house. That took a lot longer than I anticipated but I did get it done. Then ran very quickly and got my nails done which was heaven without any kids with me. Then it was a sprint of grocery shopping and then picking up my son and trying to fit in homework and his snowman art project. Then the whole family was there and the kids were having a blast with their little cousin and family members.

My mom was dressed so cool last night but she didn't want a solo photo so here she is posing with me:

My son's snowman project which we did very quickly with his grandpa's help...

 Reading the story of nutcracker once again….

 Playing with aunt and uncle in my son's room….

Opening gifts...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Light between Oceans

Yesterday's Inspiration was from Nov 2013 issue of People Style Watch:

I liked the idea of the varsity jacket dressed up with heels…
In the morning though I had no time so I wore the base of this outfit which was jeans, tee and the jacket  with the Doc Marten style boots. At night for the book club meeting I added make-up necklace and the heels. It was quite a transformation which once agin proves the power of accessories...

 These are by far the most expansive pair of shoes in my collection. I got them on clearance years ago from New York's Century 21 store discounted down many times from their original price of $1500!!!

Jacket, Jeans, Necklace - Forever 21
Tee - Old Navy
Heels - Chanel

It was the last day of pre-school and our holiday party… I picked up my sister in law and nephew to join us. He was more interested in the toys in the class but they all enjoyed doing Christmas crafts, decorating the gingerbread houses the mommies had cut and assembled last week and a visit from Santa with book gifts topped it all. We ended the party with a yummy potluck….

After class my brother picked them up and took my daughter to my mom's. I rushed home to stop for 2 minutes then to my son's school to volunteer in his class. Was put in charge of coin bingo which the kids had quite a hard time adding up the coins but it was fun teaching. Then my son and I came back home and I desperately tried to finish my calendar projects on snapfish to order before the 55% off coupon expires. Then it was to swim class where my brother came to watch and back to home. My hubby was happy he only had one kids so they did homework and went ot dinner and then watched football together while I cooked my potluck dish and went to my friend's house for our book club meeting to discuss our last book 'The light between oceans'…

My friend who loves to bake made these professional looking gorgeous sugar cookies:

It was a great meeting as always first catching up on each other's lives and eating then discussing the book. Except the discussion questions we looked up happened to be the literature lovers questions and we didn't realize until the end but all noticed how they were worded like we were in a college lit course and were laughing about it.
Next book: 

Where'd You Go, Bernadette